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05/27/11 08:12 - ID#54360 pmobl

what would you do ? gays

so I'm watching what would you do? the show where they like see if people will step in in different situations. they always tape in ny or nj but today they were in Texas . one of the scenarios was a gay couple with kids and the waitress either refused to serve them or was really rude and telling them they were horrible people.

so a couple of surprising things...

1. in 29 states businesses can refuse to serve gays ...astonishing
2. only 6 states restrict gay adoption

anywho back to the show. in Texas like 60 % or something of the people stepped up to support the gay couple but when they did it in ny only like15 % did. i know its totally not a scientific experiment but I was still surprised.

I love this show

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05/24/11 11:36 - ID#54343

Movie Theaters and Bridesmaids

Me and (e:mk) went to see Bridesmaids tonight at the MapleRidge AMC theater. I have not been to that theater in years I think and wow it is way cheaper than Regal. It is only 6.75 versus 10 at Regal. But it is not stadium seating and thus is much less comfortable for someone of my height. I think the 10 is prolly worth it for the comfort but still I was shocked it was so much cheaper. I don't like that there is not bucket size popcorn at AMC either. It is insane. Why not? Who doesn't prefer to eat out of a bucket? I swear popcorn does not taste even half as good out of a bag as out of a troughlike bucket! I guess it is back to Regal or Dipson for me and their huge size buckets!

Despite the lack of a bucket, Bridesmaids was hilarious. I seriously loved it! I love Kristen Wiig though but honestly I laughed a lot. Like a lot lot. I would totally see it again! It was so funny!

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05/21/11 05:03 - ID#54319 pmobl

the graveyard

wow walking around the river today with hollandaise I come across a stuffed animal graveyard

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05/20/11 12:03 - ID#54312 pmobl

where I be


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05/19/11 07:41 - ID#54310


So I heard the Rapture is this Saturday. See you lata suckas!
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05/08/11 02:41 - ID#54241


This was a beer pong everything fell off the counter disaster at my boss's house for the intern's going away party last night. We couldn't find any more towels or paper towels so we had to resort to toilet paper which just doesn't work the same

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