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05/21/11 05:03 - ID#54319 pmobl

the graveyard

wow walking around the river today with hollandaise I come across a stuffed animal graveyard

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05/20/11 12:03 - ID#54312 pmobl

where I be


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05/19/11 07:41 - ID#54310


So I heard the Rapture is this Saturday. See you lata suckas!
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05/08/11 02:41 - ID#54241


This was a beer pong everything fell off the counter disaster at my boss's house for the intern's going away party last night. We couldn't find any more towels or paper towels so we had to resort to toilet paper which just doesn't work the same

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04/29/11 11:45 - ID#54179

Royal Fever 2

Just a little must be so great to be Queen knowing everyone curtsys to you and you curtsy to noone!
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04/29/11 09:29 - ID#54178

Royal Fever

I heart the monarchy. I heart all royalty. I seriously am a big fan of royalty and wish we had some in America and more importantly that I was part of it. I don't even really wanna just be rich I really want and have always wanted to be royal. THere is something so great of not really having to have done anything to earn but just be born into it. That is the best kind of money and power to have. I like all the pomp and circumstance and ridiculous rules of who curtsies to who and who can continue to eat when other people stop and what order to enter a room in. Frankly I think I might start enacting rules like that into my daily life. I think it would be much more entertaining.


I am a little disappointed in myself that I did not get up at 4am to start watching but I did start at like 7:30 and watched til 10 and then read about it incessantly online and watched clips. IT really was awesome. I just wanted to be there so bad and not in the freakin crowd outside but inside the abbey. OH what I would have done to be there. I also love all the crazy hats the British wear. Why don't we do that here?


I did like that at work I was the go to guy for royal information about everything. Speaking of which Prince Harry's girlfriend..she doesn't look so great.

I know people think royalty is stupid and unnecessary in this day and age and everything but I do think overall they really do help to unite and build something for a country to rally around. and I just like it so I don't want it to go away. I am by no means particularly in love with just British royalty, give me Danish, give me Norwegian, give me pushed out and destitute Italian or French even. I love it all and IL ove how serious people that are within that level of social class really like follow a lot of ridiculousness in rules and whatnot and take it all very seriously! I want it! but really in the end I think I just want a fancy tiara!

P.S. Did you all see the almost emergency when the wedding ring DID NOT easily glide over her fingers, someone's hands must have been bloated even though she was such a skinny minny

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04/19/11 10:51 - ID#54099

New! Now! Next!

Everyone do yourself a favor and go to and watch the New , Now Next awards. It is the most randawesome thing ever! It seriously is hilarioulsy wonderful. It is an awards show about what is new, now and next for 2011 and features tons of pseudo-celebs and reality stars and drag queens with some real celebs mixed in. (and why are some of them there?)

The first award was for something I can't remember but all I know was the NKOTB /Backstreet Boys concert beat out angry birds, netflix, and the assistant from The A-list (which prolly noone has ever seen)! The thing about it was Joey Mcintire actually seemed really excited to win, like it was possibly the best night of his life.

Oh and did I mention it is hosted by James Vanderbeek (who is definitely not New Now or Next?) whose catch phrase for the night is Fierce Bitch and was just fondled by a drag queen. IT is only like a quarter of the way thru and I am loving it! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND WATCH THEM!

OK i swear even I , the celebrity /reality show junkie has not heard of half these people but i still love it!
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04/14/11 02:50 - ID#54049 pmobl

premier hit spot

despite what this sign says nothing about this sign makes me think premier hot spot

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04/14/11 02:29 - ID#54048 pmobl

horse drawn railroads ?

were there really trains pulled by horses ?

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04/13/11 02:30 - ID#54044 pmobl

Smooth real smooth

So after my haircut I decided to shave off my facial hair today. I am not sure how I feel about it. I look younger and I do like the change of pace but I prolly look better with facial hair. what do u think ?

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