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05/31/13 10:30 - ID#57738 pmobl

note to self

make a tshirt that says
old people smell like the american dream...

oh cards against humanity..what an awesome game

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05/29/13 06:26 - ID#57731

Nostalgia-Highschool Slideshow

I've been feeling nostalgic lately, well who are we kidding if you know me you know I'm often nostalgic about many things but an extra lot lately for various reasons. Anywho this is the link to the video extravaganza I made when we graduated highschool. The quality is really not great at this point as it went from camcorder to VHS Tape to computer to VHS TAPE to VHS Tape to DVD to online. I remember what is in each part so even though all the video and pictures aren't clear it's still awesome to me. I am putting it here in case I ever forget the link or something , at least it will always be here.

As you can see we were big dorks but I would say we had more fun and crazy times in our own non-drinking way than anyone else. Most of it is picture slideshow to music with some voiceover but the last twenty minutes or so are videos which are a little more exciting. I don't really recommend anyone watch this because it would prolly be boring not knowing the people and stuff , it's really here more for myself to see it and not lose it.

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05/28/13 10:33 - ID#57727 pmobl

memorial day

had an awesome memorial day with great people and great food. I think this pic sums it up.

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05/11/13 01:09 - ID#57650 pmobl

watc hing movies

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05/10/13 11:52 - ID#57649 pmobl


yummo steaks on the new grill

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05/10/13 08:28 - ID#57648 pmobl


attempting to put the new grill together for the mothers day feast

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05/09/13 12:12 - ID#57635

RUnning at night

So I've never really been into exercising or going to the gym or anything of the sort. For the last two weeks I have started running and I am enjoying. I think what it is that I never realized is I should have been exercising at night. I really peak with energy and desire to do things around 8 or 9pm. I really am a night owl and prefer doing things at night. I think that is part of why I liked the casino , it was hopping alln ight long just like I was. I always in the past have tried to exercise or whatever after work or in the mroning which are just not the right time for me. I've been running at like 9pm and that really is the perfect time for me. I have energy, I wanna be doing something at that time and it is dark so noone can see me and my crazy running look.
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05/08/13 11:05 - ID#57633

goodbye facial hair

I decided to shave off my facial hair tonight after my run. I think the people at work may never have seen me without facial hair. We will see if it sticks, I usually get too lazy to keep up with shaving but maybe this time. So now I'm running three nights a week and I have no facial hair, maybe this is a turning thirty identity crisis?

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