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02/15/14 06:08 - ID#58688

Soaps Part 2

Besides the slaps , soaps are just so good. Look at this montage, there's royalty, mass shootings at a coronation, car accidents, alien twins falling from space, explosions, brides in jail, brides attacking grooms, dancing, swimming and a country western bar, and of course lots and lots of sweet sweet love making. What more could you want?

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02/15/14 05:54 - ID#58687

Soap Opera Slaps

Nothing's greater than a soap opera slapathon!

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02/08/14 01:34 - ID#58650

Family History

So I started researching my family to see if they might be secret Italian royalty and I came across this. It is a Buffalo census from 1930 which has to be them but one of the names is wrong. Ellen is my Aunt Helen (e:czarkasm)'s grandmother. I think it is at least. I think they are wrong, ynless she's always had her name wrong.
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02/08/14 12:48 - ID#58649

Princess Mafalda

My Nonna used to always talk about Princess Mafalda. There isn't tons of info on her but she always had a special place in my mind. I guess she was kinda the star of the Italian royal family when she was a child and everyone loved her. She was an Italian princess from1902-1944. Her husband was a german royal relative and nazi and she was thought to be a secret anti-nazi fighter. She was arrested by German officials and was eventually killed in a concentration camp. I was kinda surprised that an Italian royal was killed in a concentration camp. Then I looked into it a little more and there was lots of princes and princesses from all over Europe who died in concentration camps. Not tons but more than I would have thought. I don't know why that is surprising but it seems like royalty , they always have a connection and a way out of any situation but I guess not really.
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02/01/14 10:12 - ID#58628 pmobl

soap opera locked doors

whenever someone sneaks into a room on a soap opera and locks the door, you never know if they are gonna kill the other person or have sex with them .

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