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04/25/08 03:30 - 71ºF - ID#44139

Rachel the pharmacist at works brother started this company called . I know (e:paul) was thinking of this at one point and I think it is really a great thing. I just thought (e:paul) might be interested in seeing it cuz I know he had discussed doing this at one point. It is like a one stop shopping place for you to order groceries and stuff and they deliver it to your house. It was just featured on the news. Right now they only deliver to like clarence, west seneca, williamsville area I believe so prolly not many people on here, but it seems like a good idea so I thought I would give them a little shout out on here.

The link is
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04/25/08 02:20 - 67ºF - ID#44136

I Love Lunch and Soap Operas

I love going out to lunch. Don't get me wrong I love going out to dinner and breakfast and snacks too and dessert (well not dessert as much honestly) but there is something so great about going out to lunch. It is just so leisurely and relaxing and wonderful! I love it! It is such a nice treat in the day. And then to come home and cathc the end of Days Of Our Lives...blissful. Pure blisfullness!
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04/24/08 07:15 - 66ºF - ID#44129

American Idol-Ugh

So I have never watched American Idol but I watched it the other night at (e:paul)'s and I must say HOW COULD THAT GIRL WHO LOOKS JUST LIKE TIMIKA ((e:ladycroft)) get voted off when that one guys sang A HORRIBLE MEMORIES and that other girl forgot the words, restarted and then crappily mumbled through the song from Evita. That show has no cred in my mind...but Paula..she is fabulous.
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04/23/08 05:24 - 67ºF - ID#44116

Wowser this is crazy

So the bartender the other day is telling me, (e:libertad), (e:james) and (e:jim) this story. The bar black had went into the basement where the empty bottles and new bottles and refrigerator are and there is a man down there which is creepy. So she runs up gets the bartender and they go back down and the man is COMPLETELY NAKED AND PLEASURING HIMSELF on a bottle of some sort. and let me tell you , the bottle did not have a long thin neck by any stretch of the imagination. Who does that? By the by you can now get speical shots , of course you pay a premium for the bottles previous pleasure..j/k.
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04/19/08 08:15 - 72ºF - ID#44058

For My Brother Paul

Hope this makes you feel better...

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04/12/08 06:23 - 44ºF - ID#43991

Ecclectic Music Mix

I have prolly written many times about my really random and large taste in music (and lots of times bad music). Here is my latest mixed cd I made for my car, I think it is a good example of the randomness in my music taste.

1. I, Don Quixote (from Man of La Mancha)
2. If by Janet Jackson (prolly one of my favorite songs of all time)
3.Pictures of You by the Last Goodnight
4. El Cantante by Marc Anthony
5. Beautiful by Moby
6. Retour A Vega by The Stills
7. Seasons of Love Dance Remix
8. Lechon, Lechon Lechon by Victor Manuelle
9. I'mma Shine by YoungBloodz
10. Remind Me by Royksopp
11. Kiss Me by Robbie Williams
12. Buttons by the Pussycat Dolls
13. Sixteen by Los Super Elegantes
14. Sailed On by Landon Pigg
15. We All Want the Same Thing by Kevin MIachael
16. In the Morning by Junior Boys
17. Best Days by Graham Colton
18. Sewn by The Feeling
19. Once In A Lifetime by Anthony Newley from Stop the world i wanna get off

it is seriously a great mix of m;usic that makes traveling in the car amazing. It has a little of everything. I recommend this exact mix for anyone who has a long ride ahead of them.
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04/08/08 06:41 - 68ºF - ID#43954

Is This Who I am?

I think the answer is "yeah pretty much" I got my facebook social report and it says

Here is what your friends think about you...

your strengths...

person who can drink the most
most entertaining

your weaknesses...

most likely to succeed

so i'm fun and drunk but a mean failure. I think i will take it!
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04/06/08 02:55 - 60ºF - ID#43921

My Elephants Worship Mary

So after cleaning my room i decided to rearrange all the figurines on my dresser which from past journals you have seen is quite an amount of figurines. Well this started as an accident with the placement of of one gigantic orange and gold elephant placed next to a statue of Mary and from there soon all of its elephant brethren had come in to worship also. She must be some woman!


The first believers arrive...


Then some of their friends get curious and stop by....


Soon the whole herd is there in admiration......

This isn't sacrilegious right? its not like its a Simpsons manger scene or something right?
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04/04/08 05:14 - 43ºF - ID#43903

NKOTB (New Kids for those who don't know

It's Official! The New Kids on the Block are releasing a new album and going on tour 20 years after their hit album "hangin tough" I am most definely going, i don't care where I have to travel to see them. And I am going to bring my towel and trading cards and oversized pins and what nots!!! They make their debut May 16 on the Today show with old hits and new hits! I can't wait!!!

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04/01/08 07:52 - 38ºF - ID#43867


APRIL FOOOLSSSS! happy april fools day

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