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01/22/13 12:07 - ID#57163

Happy Birthday Paul

Happy Birthday Paul! Just as I was then I will always be your younger brother tagging along and trying to be the center of attention but today is your day! I hope at least if you have to get a root canal , you get some good pain medications as a consolation birthday prize! I think Sara singing this song really sums it all up..


well undefined was supposed to be the video , I cannot figure out how to get it from the dvd to the computer to estrip! Maybe next time
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paul said to tinypliny
I miss you too!...

tinypliny said to paul
Oh I see the sheep are there too. Is this the entirety of your flock? :D...

tinypliny said to paul
Haha, I remember when Basra used to love these. :)...

tinypliny said to paul
How many of these dolls have you hoarded? More importantly, where do they live and what happened to ...