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01/22/13 12:07 - ID#57163

Happy Birthday Paul

Happy Birthday Paul! Just as I was then I will always be your younger brother tagging along and trying to be the center of attention but today is your day! I hope at least if you have to get a root canal , you get some good pain medications as a consolation birthday prize! I think Sara singing this song really sums it all up..


well undefined was supposed to be the video , I cannot figure out how to get it from the dvd to the computer to estrip! Maybe next time
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Never send a man to do a grandma's job...

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yes thank you!
Well, since 2018 I am living in France, I have finished my second master of science,...

paul said to sina
Nice to hear from you!! Hope everything is going great....

paul said to twisted
Hello from the east coast! It took me so long to see this, it might as well have arrived in a lette...