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11/29/11 11:43 - ID#55622

True Triscuit Story

So last night I am on facebook minding my own business in the rabbit room while Dave is sleeping when all of a sudden there is a loud, boom boom splatter splash clang from the kitchen. Of course my mind automatically goes to killer who somehow shimmied in our second story kitchen window. So here I am with the rabbit thinking , this rabbit better be ready to attack when the murderer makes it to our room. I barricade myself in the room and wait a while and of course now I start hearing all sorts of noises that in hindsight were nothing but at the time were "I bet he is letting all his murderer friends in through the front door now" ( now i know why my dad likes a door that needs a key on both sides, cuz then once the murderer is in the house he can't just let all his murderer friends in)..It was like 130am and didn't want to wake any of my friends up so I call (e:paul) who was three hours behind in vegas, but he did not answer , though I pretended he did and talked loudly to the dial tone about how tough I am to scare off the murderer.

Anywho, after waiting a while I finally decide to sneak out of the room and into the bedroom where Dave is sleeping. I try to wake him up and get him to go search out the killers with me but he just continues sleeping so I grab a stapler and the vacuum hose thing and head for the kitchen. What I was going to do with a stapler and vaccuum hose is kinda not clear but they seemed like the best weapons at the time. Staplers are kinda scary actually if you think about it. Who wants to be stapled? I sure don't? BUt then you kind have to be in close proximity to staple someone but like if they are about to stab you, a quick staple to their face might just save your life. and on second thought if they do stab you, you could staple your wound shut? So really at first I thought the stapler was a bad idea but it turns out it is prolly very useful and a good weapon/healing device.Anyway, way off track now.

So I go into the kitchen , mind you if someone was really in the kitchen I would most likely freeze in panic , fall to the ground and die. I am not what one would call a survivor. I never thought I would be. I would never be the person on those shows who fought back or last months hiding out or anyting like that, I would most likely just die of fright after peeing my pants. But anywho I was feeling tough with my stapler and vaccuum hose, go into the kitchen and....

NOONE was there. The box of triscuits just fell off of our crooked shelf and knocked some silverware on the counter onto the floor. BUT , did the triscuits fall or were they pushed over/ So now I have to search the whole apartment for the murderer but come up empty handed.

So you would think ok no murderer must mean a happy mike .NOPE. Now since there is no murderer I decided it must be a ghost and thus did not sleep well at all last night ...but as of today no murderers or ghosts so I guess it really was just a box of triscuits all along. WHo knew?
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11/18/11 09:58 - ID#55541

Goodbye Regis

So I just watched the final episode of Live with Regis and Kelly. Starting next week it is just Live with Kelly. I have watched Live for years , way back in the Kathie Lee days and then I wasn't sure how I felt about how Kelly Ripa as going to work out but she really did and was great also. I can't believe they just said she has been on for 11 years, it seems like just yesterday it was Kathie Lee (wow I am getting old). ANywho it is not about Kelly or Kathie today is all about Reege. I think he is really entertaining and a great morning show personality. I have always loved watching ths how and while lately I haven't been watching it as much as I used to when I do catch it I still really find it so fun to watch. It was like nothing classy or flashy but just good fun morning chatter and celebrity interviews and lots of games people could call in and win on. I feel like it was the perfect low budget , hosts will do anything fun but somehow came across as a little classy.

ANwyho, so today is Regis's final episode and they are doing all these tributes and video montages and y'all know I love myself a good video memory montage and I seriously was balling during Kelly Ripa's goodbye speech and when the cast of Rent sang Seasons of Love but personalized it for Regis. Ridiculous that I started balling twice during Regis's last episode but really it is a goodbye. He really is a class act.
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11/15/11 04:02 - ID#55517

Dinner Time

So my parents and (e:paul) and (e:terry) are coming over for dinner tonight and 1 of the 2 things I am making I have never made before and does not have a clear recipe....this could be a disaster
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11/15/11 12:20 - ID#55514

Sad Songs`

haha so true , I loved this

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11/12/11 07:30 - ID#55490

Dance Paul Dance

(e:paul) really got his dance on last night, hopefully hearing this song again will make him dance dance dance:

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11/04/11 11:58 - ID#55439

Hand Turkeys

So I'm in charge of making the bulletin board at work each month and usually I love doing it but we've been so busy at work and stuff that I haven't had time to do it and it is already November 4th! So yesterday I decided, I know , I will make everyone in my department make hand turkeys and that will fill up the majority of the board. I brought in tons of glitter glue and crayons and markers and everyone made a hand turkey. I think it was a much needed morale booster and everyone enjoyed doing it! And plus that will fill up a lot of my bulletin board. I think my calling mihgt have been kindergarden art teacher because it was really fun!
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