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02/26/06 04:26 - 19ºF - ID#28955

Art Shows and Car Love and Geek Meets

Saw many an (e:peep) at the art show at the Hotel Lenox last night. (e:robin)'s room was by far the most fun, what can be better than a room full of people in their pajamas and free booze. Not much is better than that if I do say so myself. I'm sure the fun onlyc ontinued and got better after I had to leave to meet up with a friend.

So last night I ended up wihtout a car becuase I went to the mall with (e:beast) and (e:mk) and then we went to spot where (e:pmt) picked me up to go to the art show. So then I had no car for the night. That freaks me out. I don't know why but i just like to know I have a car in the general area, otherwise I feel so trapped. LIke i Know i can always stay at (e:pmts) and stuff but I don't know I just like to have my car around. ANywho it always works out either if I end up walking home at 5am or much nicer this time my friend Dave drove me home after spending the night watching his photo slideshow of Cuba. It was really cool, it was a lto of just like candid shots of the poeple and stuff which like you never see. It wasn't touristy and liek scenic things but liek the real life of the people. It was cool cuz like who goes to Cuba.Anyways, I just always feel bad cuz like I live in Kenmore, not like it is sooo far but it isn't around here where eveyrone else lives. I feel bad he had to drive me home but thanks Dave! I think it is def time to get an apt soon! If only I could win the lottery...maybe if I played it I could win it!
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02/21/06 11:08 - 28ºF - ID#28954

Pilates Kicked My A**

So first at the gym tonight I learned how to use how the muscle building machines. I did all those to the point where my arms were about to fall off. Then I did some cardio with JIll. Once we were done and ready to leave we decided we wanted to try Pilates. But it was too late for a Pilates class at the downtown locatio nso we went over to the Bouleard location for Pilates. HOLY HECK! I was thinking Pilates is like YOGA! NO IT IS NOT!!! I thought i was gonna die. First off all i can't handle five pound weights with the exercises but that is what I tried to do. Secondly me and Jill laugh a lot and cause scenes. Of course at some point I dropped the ball that was supposed to be between my knees causing others to do the same as it bounced around and lots of laughing. The teacher also called me out on not following directions, such as letting my legs touch the ground. IF THEY DIDN"T TOUCH THE GROUND I WOULD HAVE DIED!! it was fun though, she said in a funny way not in a mean way. She also started luaghing at least once at whhat me and jill were saying to each other. I also was way too close to the guy next to me and we both couldn't really stretch out wihtout hitting each other. Next time I will know to set up further away....thatassumes there is a next time....that assumes I wake up in the morning and can walk and/or move my arms....that my friends is unlikely!
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02/20/06 10:39 - 27ºF - ID#28953

Speedos to Work

So I went to the gym by myself for the first time today. It wasn't so bad. Except in the locker room i couldn't figure out how to open the locker. Am I that stupid? Why yes, yes i am. I thought they were broken and so i kept trying different ones before figuring out how to do it. Then I tried three cardio machines that I couln'dt figure out how to start befroe taking my place on the glider thingy. It was fun and I did the rowing machine too. I am super pooped. I am super out of shape. I cna't wait til Jon just tells me what to do. It will give me a goal becaues right now when I am done I don't know if i actually accomplished anything. But al lI keep thinking is how fit and hot I will be this ready..........I think if i get realy fit , i will soley wear speedos for the entire summer...even to work.

Speaking of work...a girl threw up in the waiting area today...and passed out...we called the paramedics....she may or may not have had a disease we didn't want to catch. I got to close down the waiting area and tape it all up with signs while it was cleaned. Noone wanted to wait for their prescriptio while we were cleaining out the horrid vomit work was slow and life was fun.
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02/18/06 04:34 - 14ºF - ID#28952

Clue: The Musical

So me and some friends are going to see Clue the musical at the Riviera Theater in North Tonawanda. I love Clue the game and Clue the movie so this must be good right? It is somewhat interactive I read. That's kinda cool and everytime it is performed it has a different ending. I don't now, we'll see. We also are going to try to go to eat at a new restaurant we have never been to. We haven't picked one yet, but we want to go to one in North Tonawanda near the tehater. Not that I have ever heard of any partiuclarly good restaurant in NT. We might try the HIdeaway Grill or sometihhng like that. After that hopefuly we go out to get some drinks...not as strong as the ones last night hopefully....seriously me, (e:paul), (e:terry) and (e:sarah) went out and had only one drink each I bleive and seriuly i was tipsy and paul was drunk and sarah still feels kinda hungover. THey were so freakin strong. Insanity. I honelstyl belive we eadch just got a big glass of liquor. ...lata gators.
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02/15/06 05:45 - 38ºF - ID#28951

Time to Get Physcial

So (e:paul), (e:terry) and (e:lilho) have set the bar high and set the good example for me and (e:jill) to follow. So in little under an hour me and (e:jill) will be at the BAC Downtown signing our lives away to a life of physical fitness. I don't see it going well but we'll see. I see lots of being halfway there and deciding to going out to eat instead. But maybe not...maybe in three months you will see us on the beach and be like "who are those hotties?" ...even more than you do now of course......wish us luck
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02/14/06 09:23 - 34ºF - ID#28950

Cirque de technology

Thakns to (e:paul)'s generous christmas gift we went to see Cirque De Soleil at HSBC last night. I thought it was reallly good but different than I expected. It had lots of tehcnology like three huge screens across the aud and like there were images constanly on them, sometimes just bigger sizzes of the live people , sometimes othere things completely and like at some parts the real people interacted with the screen. It was relaly cool I thought. I also can't belive the stuff the acrobats did. Like insane, I don't' know how thye do it why didn't they die kinda things. I only wish I had gotten glasses already so i oculd have seen it a little better as everyone seems to say seeing the definition of each muscle on the performers is one of the best parts. I relaly liked this one part where like water rushed across the screen and the man hanging from the balloon tossed in the waves. It was crazy cool. THanks Again (e:Paul)!!
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02/06/06 10:18 - 29ºF - ID#28949

New Job?

So I was just looking at the Independent Healh Website and I found the perfect job. It is like a job to coordinate their presentaions of Medicare Part D program to customers and other people within the compnay. That is baisclaly waht i already did for Eckerd. Now I just need a resume!

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02/05/06 05:43 - 28ºF - ID#28948

Saturday Night Fever

First off, sorry that I missed what looks like a great time had by all the estrippers last night. So last night me, (e:jill) and our friend jen met (e:beast) and her sister at an art show on Franklin and Allen. Our friend laura had a music installation there. It was 37 song clips that she wrote all of them and sang them. It was really cool but we are always so awkward at art shows. We then headed over to Nietsche's for a reggae night but soon left there and basically went to every bar on Allen St and Jim's Steakout. Lets just say Jen going to the Pink for the first time was enjoyable, if any of you know Jen you know how much the Pink is not her style. At the reggae show it was weird because it was Bob Marely's birthday and the tribute band was all old white men. Odd..

At the Pink I talked with Laura (music artist) for the longest I have in a long time. We could commiserate in our similar circumstances. So by the by me, (e:jill) and (e:jen) run into a certain someone I always like running into. But it went terrible. They are definetely not interested, I probably have not been so upset about a person in my life. Like maybe their is still a slim chance bu tI doubt it and really should just write it off and move on, but you know I won't do that. I am relaly hit rock bottom soon in this situation i think. Sorry (e:maureen) for I'm sure the wake up call at like 3am but sometimes I just feel the need to talk to you, or even just your voice mail when I am relaly upset.

Superbowl tonight...should i watch? ... i like to know what people are tlaking about tomorrow bu ti oculd really care less...we'll see..
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02/04/06 04:27 - 41ºF - ID#28947

I slept with a cover model

So today I decided I am going to make another slideshow for my friends. This one will encompass the last five years since highschool graduation. As some of you know, when I graduated highschool I made like a 2 hours mammoth slideshow/video montage presentation for my friends that each person got a copyu of and a soundtrack and i had a party with food from all the restaurants we hang out at. Like it was hardcore. Well I decided I want to do a new one but it is a lot tougher because obviously even though we stayed as prolly as close as a group of highschool friends can 5 years later we all went to different schools and so have different things from the last four years. I don't know what to include/what not to include. Maybe little parts for each persons's separate college experience and then the gropu partrs. Even the group parts are like less all together becuase it depended who was where when. I don't' know I hope it ends up good. Scanning all the pictures in is my least favorite part. It takes so long becuase you have to scan them, crop them, edit them, save them, burn them, transfer them to my labtop. IT TAKES FOREVA!!! Wish me luck...maybe i will make an estrip memories slideshow someday...we al lknow there are plenty of pictures....pletny of embarassing ones for sure....

Sidenote: The title of this post is sorta true in a kinda exaggerated way!
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