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09/30/05 07:35 - 60ºF - ID#28892

My fall from DARE Stardom

As you all may know, I was like a DARE posterchild in my day. LIke literally. I got to perform my anti-drunk driving skit at health fairs and stuff and I got to do readings of my What DARE Means to Me Speech at DARE graduation. So going through my old school stuff I found my DARE workbook from fifth grade which included all the DARE awards I won and the essays I wrote for DARE. Anyway I realized what one DARE skill I have done terribly wrong. I may know 30,000 ways to say NO to DRUGS but I had forgotten the number one rule: stay away from people doing drugs, don't associate with situations where you may be tempted. Hmm I think that would mean I would have to drop all my friends and certainly just about all the (e:strip)pers. Hmm I think I am around people doing a drug almost 100% of the time. Sooooo needless to say I guess I am not the DARE superstar I always claimed to be. How sad!
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09/29/05 06:46 - 54ºF - ID#28891


Me and (e:amanda) were discussing how clueless we are about STD's at lunch today.(P.S. Super Veggies from the Juicery are super tasty!) Are some for life? Well I know like AIDS and herpes are for life but are other ones? OR are they curable? And either way, we think we are still a little leary of anyone that has had even a curable one? Right, we should be, right?
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09/28/05 08:11 - 70ºF - ID#28890

First Iraq War (circa 1990)Journal Entry

So going thorugh my old school papers and stuff I found a journal entry from February 28, 1990 (i think 1990, i was in 2nd grade)

Today is Erin and Melissa's birthday. Erin and Melissa both got a magic nursery baby for their birthday. typeHeretypeHereLast night the war ended. I'm very gald. Last night I went to cub scouts. Tomorow is half a day. ON Saturday my brother will have a sleep out for the homeless. On Sunday is the spaghetti for my brother's scouts. Happy Birthday Erin!

Haha, the end of the war got second billing to magic nursery baby. And was quietly slipped in between birthdays and half-days. I guess it is not so different now as I have pretty much avoided anything about Iraq and instead talk about celebrities and drinking. Maybe my priorities are a little out of whack!

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09/26/05 11:53 - 60ºF - ID#28889

Broken Pictures and Boston

I was thinking lately about how much less I talk to my highschool friends this year than usual. Don't get me wrong I still talk to them a lot, it just seems like this year is different. Maybe because I am not in school and a lot of them are it feels different. Anyway I have a picutre of us at graduation and I had it in this frame about friendship that my friend Drea gave me for graduation and today it fell of my shelf and shattered. What does that mean? Probably nothing but still I didn't like it.

Completely unrelated, I want to go visit (e:maureen) in Boston and my work schedule is being totally uncooperative despite massive vacation I sitll have to use. These stupid Medicare meetings, well actually i love doing these meetings, but there are so many I have to run that I can not find a good time to go to Boston. I am hoping to maybe pull off a miracle and get next week off to go even though I already have off for Thurs-Sat of this week. Also then someone else would have to do the meeting on Wednesday. Also all this medicare info i need to learn comes out on monday so I have lots of paper to read. I don't know , I really want to go though, and this would be the perfect time.

Anyone have any connections at the Adelphia local access channel. We are gonna try and get them to tape one of our Medicare presentations as local channels have done it in other areas and then just like replay oln the channel every once in a while for information. How cool woudl that be? I could be a minor local celeb!
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09/24/05 08:14 - 68ºF - ID#28888

Some Random Musings

1.Last night I went to a Canisius Young Alumni Happy Hour at McMonkeez. Let me tell you, I don't love anything about Canisius to care to be a partiuclarly active alumni but just wanted to go because for $15 you got three hours of open bar and food and Katrina and (e:Amanda) were going. It was fun to see some people I hadn't seen since school ended. It made me realize how much I miss school because I no longer talk to nearly as many people. Like they weren't really my best friends or anything but at school you have so many acquaintances and people you talk to when you see them or in class and now they are just out of my life and I talk to far fewer people.

2. This relates to the end of number one. I realize I require lots of attention. Well yes and no but I mean like I constantly like to be hanging out with people. I like my alone time every once in a while but in general I like to constantly be wiht someone hanging any free time I have. Lately this has not been happening and it makes me feel very overwhelmed by working a lot and then not hanging out with poeple nearly enough when I am not in work, which leads me to...

3. I really need to just buckle down and maybe try and start dating? Every single one of my good friends is dating someone pretty seriously, with two engagements and a few more that are basically engagements without actually being engaged yet. I am far behind on that curve. Mind you I am only 22 and have no interest in being engaged or anything like that but I really need to put some effort into trying to date. I am very bad at "the chase" as some may call it but I suppose I could try a little harder.

4. Jeers to knowing someone you sorta have been crushing on (hmm how middle school sounding) has a highly communicable STD. That kinda kills any attraction in my book. Still a good time had by all though, some innocent dancing can't hurt , right?

5. Cheers to (e:terry) and (e:flacidness) who are two highly entertaining dancers. I felt like I had a personal dance show for me last night when we went out. They definetly steal the show from anyone else at the bar. They even got me to "bust a move" a little bit. Which is no easy feat, let me tell you. And hoorah to seeing a prostitute, i feel like i never see enough of those around Buffalo.
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09/21/05 11:43 - 64ºF - ID#28887

The Screening Room

So me , (e:jill), jim and jeff went to the Screening Room near like the Northtown Plaza last night and it was amazing. It is like this little old movie theater, well it plays movies but you actually sit at tables not like in a theater style. And they play really old movies. We saw "In Like Flint" . It was really good! And the movie is only like $3 and concessions are cheap too and the best part is they sell wine and beer too. I know me and (e:paul) and (e:ladycroft) I think were just talking about beer at movie theaters the other day. Well I have found it. I definelty recommend this place!! We were the only people there and it was fun. I think they are only open a few nights a week. I think they are listed in Artvoice. You can also rent the whole palce fo rlike a party and watch any movie you want on the big screen. I totally wish I knew about it before my slideshow party. It owuld have been so cool to have its premiere there. Maybe if i add a new college and post-college summer part then iw ill premier it there. Or one day my soap opera can be premiered there. ANyway, eveyrone should go there, it is super duper fun!
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09/18/05 06:20 - 74ºF - ID#28886

Old Notebooks

So i don't usually update twice in one day but my mom found one of my old notebooks the other day and I want to post some of the great findings! One was like a summary of my life at that point and I said I wrote it in case I ever forget what my life at 13 was like. I guess that is kinda like a pre (e:strip) way of remembering what was going on...thankfully estrip takes care of all that now...well estrip and my hudnreds of mementos and memories and pictures I's a sampling of some of my great (haha) poetry and writing from the time....

Lots of just beginnings of poems such as

Taste the rainbow of life
Why stop at just one wife ....

Look over there
What do you see?
Its not a cat a dog or a tree
It isn't a mineral, animal or plant
That is your long forgotten aunt...

February 14th
What day could this be?
Is it a day for Wayne and Dre?
Maybe for Carly with Matt or with Chris?
It's a day to give out a kiss
It's a day to give choocoholate to show you care
Its also a day to give sexy underwear
Its a day to show u heart someone
Maybe you guys could have some fun

Staring at the screen for hours somedays
It seems like the whole thing is a gigantic maze
click, click, type, type
Oh no! Porn mail, what a fright?
There are channels just like a TV
I can't believe there is another money opportunity wiating for me.
Some people get addicted or make a weierd name
Like ImFun4U69 (one of my friend's online b/fs names in like seventh grade)
If you wanna pick up a date,
go out for real
then you can find someone that appeal ('s to you)

One problem in the world is addiction to AOL i know,
But how do you know you're not talking to a ho
You say you met a boy or maybe you meet girls
but how do you know its not a 60 yr old with curls
People can be sick and ask you to cyber
or you can get porn mail from Jerry Byber
So be careful in chatrooms
Cause they just might not be safe
You can meet someone named Neg99 (another one of my friend's b/f)
but until you meet him don't say "he's mine"
they could turn out strange or really quite ugly
or they could be a child molester named Hugly ( my rhyming skill swere amazing)
So just remember when you click sign on
What you're getting yourself into and who might be on

(WHy was I so anti-talking to people ont he internet. I think it was the numerous 30 year old men and crazies my friend andrea met through the internet when wer were liek 13 or 14)

My friend Drea's favorite sayings: You draw a big B or big S and then write all these words next to it


People who know me (particularly (e:paul)) will appreciate that I found an inventory of all my candy that I had from Halloween. A complete inventory of evry kind of candy I got... what a ridiculous kid i was

And lists of things I wanted, check out this hot list of cds I wanted circa 1997ish I believe
1. Aqua
2. Pure Disco 3 (i already owned 1 and 2 mind you)
3. Velvet Goldmine Sndtck.
4. Pure Funk
5. A dance cd
6. Wedding Singer Sndtrck.

And all the secrets to beat Super Mario Cart RPG for Super Nintendo ( my favorite gaming station by far)

Also the beginnings of Behind CLosed Doors my soap opera are in this notebook. One day those pages will; be worth millions!

I think i may post my journal entry in the notebook from Jan. 1999. Funny myliufe actually prolly hasn't changed that muich!
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09/18/05 02:16 - 71ºF - ID#28885

Partying and My new Lifestyle

First off, Happy belated birthday (e:theecarey) , though i did wish you a happy birthday in person on your real birthday so this is just an additional belated message. I hope you had fun at your party, I definetely did, especially with all the tasty food (save for the terrible devil food that is cupcakes in ice cream cones which is now smeared across everything I wore yesterday thanks to (e:Paul)). So many birthdays lately and coming up, craziness!

In addition, I want to make it clear that I have resigned as Page7. While i was a mere Page7 accomplice, I see the evil of its ways and no longer have any say in what happens there. So waht happens at (e:strip) parties stays there...ish. I mean sure there will be chatter but no posted pictures. Sidenote: I still like to gossip in person so if you need/want the latest info just

I was gonna write about my new life plan but actually I am gonna write about it in another journal entry a little that's all for now folks
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09/13/05 08:18 - 77ºF - ID#28884

Pictures, Pictures, Everywhere

I alas had no camera at this party where so many pictures were taken. Can people send me pictures on the internet or (e:paul) can you burn me a cd of them so I can take it to the store to be developed. I still live in the world of I love actual photographs you can hold in your hand. So if you can e-mail me pictures or something ( or that would be greatly appreciated!
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09/11/05 09:11 - 74ºF - ID#28883

You Saw the Pictures, Here's the Story

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY (e:LADYCROFT)!!! Well the party was pretty fun, you can see (e:paul) and (e:theecarey) journals for pics. I just need to defend myself, well actually maybe there is no defense for humping a person's car in your underwear when they're not there. I was thinking of printing the picture and putting it in the car's windshield? Weird or funny? Well the party was really fun with lots of fun epeeps. It was good to see (e:leetee) and (e:uncunsanisflus)h again , they were there at the beginning to get the party started and one of the last people's to leave. THey always claimto not be party animals but I saw a different side last night. The scavenger hunt was fun while it lasted (a whopping liek 4 minutes maybe?), too bad one team stole the clue and then we couldn't do anyting else. Sorry (e:ladycroft) that you were waiting at the end and noone showed up. Oh and by the way the Captain Morgan Tar Rum or something like that, no wait Tattoo rum maybe? well mix that with Coke and you have a great drink. Thanks (e:ladycroft) for that great drink ide!!!, it provided me with a night of fun. For those of you who missed me, (e:jill) and (e:lilho) 's perfromace you really missed out and can only hbope that one day in the future ywe may have a second showing. Though having a success liek that more than once would be truly truly truly outrageous. Pinat'as are always fun, especially ones filled with such an assortment of random treats and toys. Squrit guns, blowpop, harmonicas, tootsie rolls, condoms and so much more ! It was too much to handle!! Well that's all for now. I ohpe everyone had a good tiem.

P.S. To those who know, on my whole knocking on someone's door sorta situation , i saw them, unfortunately i was sleepy and throwing up, but despite that I think iw as looking mighty my lack of classsiness around them ever end?
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