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01/29/05 02:45 - ID#28799

Spreading Yourself Around

Ok one more thing about the book I'm reading mentioned below....there is at one part the girl, Clare is talking about how she got Jonathan to invite his boyfriend over that she had never met because she felt he fragmented his life in too many ways and that is what made him unhappy. I will quote it "In an effort to cheer Jonathan up, I got him to bring Erich home for dinner. He didn't want to. He had to be nagged into it. It took more than a week. I woudln't give in, though, because I believed in what I was doing. My theory of Jonathan's trouble was simple. He had let his life get divded up into too many different compartments. There was his job, and his life with Bobby and me. There were a few friends from college, and a random sexual life with strangers, and an ongoing affair none of us with somoene none of us had ever met. I believed he needed more areas of overlap"

When reading that I totally realized that is how I feel in many ways. I always thought I liked keeping my life fragmented and so everyone knew their own version of me that fit the situation but then I'm starting to think maybe that's not good. Maybe I need more overlap. I always liked keeping my different groups of friends separate and my work people separate from my other friends and I feel like there are a few things I keep from each of my friends so that nothing overlaps and everything is distinct. Maybe that is bad, maybe I would feel better if I was always one person and everyone was more intertwined. Or maybe I would hate it. Who knows? It just made me think about it more than I ever had before really. ..maybe it would be easier if I didn't need to remember how to be in each situation because they were all the same...or maybe that would just be boring..
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01/29/05 02:39 - ID#28798

A Home at the End of the World

So I am currently reading A Home at the End of the World by Michael Cunningham and it is seriously one of the best books I have ever read. At the same time I'm not sure it would appeal to all people but very specifically appeals to me. Basically it is about these two guys who are pseudo in love when they are younger, one moves to NY and plans to have a baby with this girl even though he is gay and she is straight but they are in a kind of love and want to have a baby, but then the other guy moves to ny and sorta falls in love with the girl and they start having sex and she gets pregant. And then tehre is a side story about the one kids parents and how is mom was settled but unhappy in her life.

ANyway, seriously I have never read a book where I can honestly relate to every character so well in at least one way and also like see so many of my friends and family in the characters. I was gonna quote some parts and talk about them but the list grew too long and I couldn't decide what to include. But for instance at one point the one kid Jonathan talks about how he wanted his life to be Puckish which is crazy because I always wanted to be liek Puck from MIdsummers NIght Dream and liek he was always one of my favorite play characters of all time. And the way the three characters act when they live together in NY reminds me in so many ways of my friendships. I don't know but i just love the book and recommend it i think but you may not like it but i do.
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01/24/05 01:31 - ID#28797

Paul's Bday

Remeber when I used to write like complete novels after each party about what happened, this will be more of a quick highlight.

-sarah was the best person/hostess ever, she made mini-BLT's which were so tasty and I'm glad they were made before the majority of people showed up so I could have a lot. Bacon is tasty.

-ok sarah is also the second reason the party was fun, she makes me tasty drinks. Tina does too though!!! So kudos to Sarah and Tina for giving me tasty liquer.

-Hmm i overheard someone offer a threesome to a particular future pharmacist and tasty barmaid and I heard some bathroom misbehaving ensued but I don't think anything actually happened but will have to replay the tape to find out. j/k but wouldn't it have been fun if there were hidden cameras recording everything that happened. Good luck to the three of you and your future conquest.

-I foudn out that the kid in the front half of the house likes cash registers or did when he was little and I love cash registers and he was supposed to be there but never showed up which was sad because I have never had a good chat with someone else who likes cash registers even close to the amount that I like them.

-Chris offered me the cash registers that are in the basement of the Elmwood Pet Store and I want them really bad, though I think my parents will kill me if I brought home three more cash registers to add to my collection so I would have to keep them hidden for now. I can't wait until I have a huge house and i can have a cash register room, or entire floor or maybe even an entire cash register wing of the house.

-my cousins came and I fear they think I am an alcoholic cuz I am always kinda drunk at these parties and that is the only time they see me. But it was fun.

-did i mention tasty BLTs cuz they are tasty!

Ok that's all for now...
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01/22/05 01:37 - ID#28796


HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL!!! I HOPE 28 IS A GOOD YEAR FILLED WITH PLENTY OF GOLDSCHLAGGER (sp?) and COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF HOURS SPENT ALONE WITH YOUR COMPUTER...may you be able to achieve your dream of having computers surrouding you with a spinning seat in the center...if that is still a dream of yours....happy birthday paul!
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01/21/05 12:43 - ID#28795

Snoop Dogg

OH MY! It is the beginning of Jay Leno and they say Snopp Dogg is on and I think my dad says in all seriousness "Oh I like Snopp DOgg" and my mom replies "yeah, me too". AND THEY ARE SERIOUS I THINK! I didn't ask them about it because I want to believe it was true. Oh my looney tooney parents.
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01/17/05 02:40 - ID#28794

Golden Globes

I love awards shows, and preshows and today was Joan and Melissa's first red carpet coverage for the TV Guide channel as opposed to E and I missed it. I completely forgot earlier on and then I had a stupid meeting at work from 6-8 and so i missed it. How very, very sad. I do hate Starr Jones red carpet commentary though, she is terrible and E! defintely lost out to the TV Guide channel in this case I would assume. Anyway, I saw most of the awards but then went to see Kinsey and had to tape the rest so I'll see tomorrow what happened. To people who know me, they know it is crazy that i even left my house during an awards show but I decided, what the heck I want to go see a movie, but I kinda regret because I relaly do love award shows live!!! There's always the Oscars!!!
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01/12/05 01:01 - ID#28793

Starbucks and Wellwishers

So I went to Starbucks tonightt and had this thing that basically is a melted chocolate bar drink. I forget what it is called but it was really good but small but that is all you can really handle because it is so sweet and like drinking chocolate. I don't usually go to Starbucks and I still won't but that was good.

On another note, thanks for all the well wishes for my sickness, especially the calls from people far away to see how I am, those calls make me happy. You know who you are and I just want to say thanks for caring. It makes feeling sick for two weeks much more better.
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01/14/05 01:38 - ID#28792

Impossible Dreams

Sometimes I fear liking something too much that I can't have all the way. Hmm that doesn't really make sense. Like I can have something partially and enjoy but I know I can't have it completely in the way I want it so is it better to not have it at all so there is no like "oh i'm so close" and taunted by it or is it better to have the goodness but not the greatness. I don't know if that makes sense. Let me try and think of some examples. Well for example what if you really wanted a television because you loved television but you could only get one that had three channels and they were kinda blurry. Is it better to have those three channels but know that you are missing out on so much more and being tempted by it or is it better to get rid of the tv all together and find a better use of your time. Something like that if that makes sense. I'm not talking about tvs but the example works I think. I don't want to become too attached to something out of my reach be it slightly out of grasp or clearly across the country.
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01/09/05 01:06 - ID#28791

Dipping some doodle in the poodle

Oh those crazy room raiders. Last night at Jill's we watched Room Raiders where either three guys or three girls get their rooms searched by someone of the oppossite sex and then that person picks the person they want to go out on a date with by picking their favorite room. Needless to say good , funny times often ensue but they have never been as entertaining as they were last night...

The girl who the guy picked in her post show interview said in a completely serious like she was such a good giving person because of it type voice "I don't like to take things from people, so I'm definetely not taking his virginity"......maybe you had to see it to get the full effect but it was hilarious, we seriously laughed til we cried for like 20 minutes. Who says that?

On another episode, the person was picking their favorite thing about the one girls room and he said "my favorite thing was her birth control"....oh those crazy room raiders.
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01/06/05 02:51 - ID#28790

Sick of Being Sick

YEAH! My grandma was awake today and they think she will make a full recovery. She was very alert even though she didn't really open her eyes, she knew what was going and could talk and have a conversation. What a tough lady! SHe is truly amazing!
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