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11/30/08 02:14 - 34ºF - ID#46892

Sprint Vs. Verizon

SO i have had sprint ever since I have had a cell phone, prolly around like 7 years or so. And while the service like reception and stuff is always good eveyr time I have to make a new contract they screw it up really bad, add all these things I specifically say I don't want, and then their customer service line is the worst thing ever. Seriously I have to spend around 8-10 hours to get it resolved each time I sign up for a new contract and it is extra infuriating because thye are not able to help me at all and then say, now that we have fixed that problem can i offer you this service, and i have to be like YOU HAVEN'T FIXED MY PROBLEM AT ALL , AND THEPROBLEM IS YOU GIVE ME SERVICES I DON'T WANT. It is really the worst customer service line/store service in their stores that could ever be. So now I need to sign up for a new contract and here is my dilemna....

I was all set to switch to Verizon , I vowed after the last customer service bruhaha i would never use Sprint again, I even convinced people like (e:jill) to switch to Verizon and convinced her sprint was horrible and we would all have Verizon. BUT Now that it is time to switch and my contract is up Sprint has sent me $65 dollar credit if I satay with them which is like a free month of service. Also comparing the plans online , I wasnt like 400 minutesish and unlimited texting and nothing else and it seems the sprint plan is about 10 dollars cheper per month. SO WHAT DO I DO? should i stick with Sprint which has been crap and i have vowed never to sign up again because i owuld likely save that original 65 and 10 dollars a month so that is like 200 dollars over a year or do i switch to Verizon and then save myself the hours of frustration with Sprint and feel better because thye no longer will get my money. I don't know what to do. I ugess I should go talk to the verizon person and see what they offer cuz I just compared online, i don't know, i have to decide soon though cuz my phone is real broke and I need a new one.
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11/16/08 11:56 - 34ºF - ID#46711

Box Tops For Education

So I don't know if you have noticed but a lot of products such as general mills cereals, pillsbury muffins, betty crocker, pull ups, cottonelle toilet paper and many more products have little pink boxes that say box tops for education on them. Well (e:jill)'s mom teaches at a Catholic school in Kenmore, (St. Pauls) and I have been on a crusade to collect those box tops for them. My mom buys a lot of ziploc bags as anyone who has been in our basement knows, so that was a good start and she saves a lot of them. I now have (e:libertad) in on it, i have checked all his products and he better save those box tops. Seriously I have become slightly obsessed with it , I just signed up online so that I could get five extra box tops and see the progress of the school in reaching its goals. It started as a simple endeavor to help (e:jill)'s mom's class win dress down days and has blown into a full-fledged obsessive passion of mine. So if anyone wants to save their box tops I am totally willing to take them and turn them in for you. Here is the link to the website about it...

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