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01/31/04 01:36 - ID#28586

Jessie's Song

OK, seriously DVD's are amazing as they allow me to watch the entire first two seasons of Saved By The Bell whenever I want. I used to be excited because I had a few episodes on tape, but now this is heavenly. I can't wait for the rest of the seasons to come out. Today I watched the episode called Jessie's Song which is one of if not my favorite episode ever and also a great piece of television history.

Even someone who claims not to be a SBTB addict as I am will know the episode where Jessie gets addicted to caffeine pills and on the night of Hot Sundaes performance for the record company can't sing and says those 9 famous words

Polling has shown that that is one of the most recognizable episodes of any television show in history and most people at least my age would know and recognize that line, (ok by polling I mean I asked my friends and people at school over the years and every time it came up the entire room burst out in I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I'm so scared)
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01/30/04 01:40 - ID#28585

There's no WE in Mike & Jill, Just 2 I's

Ok so the other night me and JIll came to the realization that to the outside world we may appear to be a slightly insane couple. What just because we finish each other's sentences, are together every day, answer everything in the we form, and touch each other innappropriately in public, that makes us a couple? I think not! Well anyway we are making a concerted effort to be separate people, I mean we are still hanging out together everyday and actually not changing much but we are going to start answering questions in the I form. I think that is an importnat first step in establishing that we at least have our own minds, even if they think the same things. We also are trying this new "talk to people we don't know" thing instead of sequestering ourselves off in corners singing Too Shy in alternating loud and soft and high and low voices. We'll see how it turns out. Oh and we also plan on singing the theme song to Sister, Sister with a choreographed dance number every time we enter a room. ... hey we never said this new plan was to make us look cooler,.
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01/29/04 02:11 - ID#28584

Gaps in the South and Nanotechnology

These are the two things that are peaking my curiousity today. The first is do Gaps and other stores in the South have winter clothes out when we do or do they have like spring/summer clothes out all year round. I always assumed I could go to any chain store across the country and find the same selection but now I'm not so sure. And then does that mean that they have more and/or different spring and summer collections and so then do I need to start shopping in many different states to get the full variety of clothes I want.

On a lighter note, nanotechnology is this thing I am learning about about these little tiny things that are like machines and could possibly in the future make everything that we have today with no need for nature. But they could go terribly wrong and evolve and learn to reproduce and kill us all. Really at the moment I cannot even begin to get my head around it but I guess I will have to for the tests and stuff in the class I am taking. I am much better at things like Scriptwriting or Advertising or Social Theory. Science is not my forte!
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01/28/04 02:54 - ID#28583

Willa Cather, Why Do You Haunt Me?

So, yeah I thought I had battled the beast that is Willa Cather and would never have to hear that name again. Not only is it associated with the evil Judy but also just a generally boring author I spent an entire semester studying while being taught by Willa's biggest cheerleader/fan/stalker. But now, in my scriptwriting book for my class, one of the opening quotes is by none other than the mistress of rural boringness Willa Cather. I mean it is not like I have to study her or anything but just the fact that I had to see her name again makes me sick. It will take me a while to recover!!! Ok now I have my four hour break at school, maybe i should go home or something but I am too lazy to brush off my car most likely.
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01/26/04 01:39 - ID#28582

Alcoholic, No! Model, Yes!

So Paul's birthday party was a lot of fun. It was neat that my cousins were there too!!! I also proved I am not an alcoholic, ok well I may have been basically drinking straight whiskey out of a chalise like it was pop but still I did not get that drunk and/or decide to just fall asleep and so that was cool. It was weird seeing so many people that have journals but it was fun. Unfortunately I didn't bring a camera and so have no embarassing making out photos of anyone but check out SouthernYankee's journal for pictures of the party. She is a most interesting person.

Tonight Yosepha had me model for her photo class project thing. Most likely because I was availalbe and can bend my arms all carzy, but hey I'll take what I can get. Some pictures were shirtless with vaseline smothered on my face and sparkle like substance under my eyes. I know, you're thinking, that would just be too hot, I don't know that my eyes can take seeing a greased up shirtless mike right? I'm sure those will be great, especially the ones where you can see all my ribs. Hey I never said my torso was my best feature. I'll be sure to post the pictures when she develops them in two weeks, NOT! (ok i probably will, I am a slut to the attention, even if it is of the "Wow you look crazy and anorexic in that picture" kind of attention)

That's all for now, I start my second week of classes tomororw.
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01/19/04 11:31 - ID#28581

School Tomorrow

So it doesn't really feel real since I had an incredibly long break but I go back to school tomorrow. That means my daytime tv watching is going to be greatly reduced as I will be in school or at work from 1130-9 every weekday Mon-Fri except for a I think three hour break on Wednesday afternoon. We'll see how that goes. Well tomorow I have three classes, Biotechnology and Society which could be interesting, Social Theory, and Principles of Advertising. I think my classes should be fun this sememster or at least interesting except for Physical Anthropology which nothing could sound worse to me!!! Ok that's all for now.
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01/17/04 02:38 - ID#28580

Second Work Party

So last night we had our make up work party since we decided the first one wasn't as fun as it could have been. It was me, Eric, Nick L., Brian and his g/f and Michele and her b/f at Michele's apartment. We played many a drinking games that were fun and I think I had no idea what was going on and/or how to play and so it became get Mike drunk games a little bit, but hey its all fun. And I didn't throw up no matter how much I thought I was going to. I drank only beer which is weird cuz I usually don't like beer that much, I must be getting used to it. That's a good thing, right?

My mom thinks I am an alcoholic or on the verge even though I have maybe been drunk about 6 times in my life but she told me today that she thinks that maybe I don't drink often but that if I am around drinking than I have no control. Which is true but only in an Eckerd-related or like holiday-related or special occassoin-related party or just like if that is the whole point of the party. LIke I can go out to clubs or whatever and not drink if I don't want to. I'm glad my work friends are nice and are nice to me when I am drunk and sick and passed out on their floor. It reminded me of all the fun times that Eckerd pharmacy used to be. I'm glad I work there.
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01/13/04 01:43 - ID#28579

Work Parties

So yesterday was my Eckerd Pharmacy work party at Buffalo Tap Room. Our work parties are always a good time and usually involve lots of drinking and fun. This one was a lot tamer than usual with a lot fewer people. Two people were sick, one was on vacation and one got lost (which was a little bit my fault since I gave them directions, and I forgot there are two plazas that have mighty taco in them on sheridan but eh it happens). Plus we lost some of our great pharmacists this year and so they weren't there and it was a little sad. But overall it was still fun even though I had get about a foot of snow off m y car when I left. I had some Greek Pizza there and it was really good. And I'll leave you with this If Fat Bottom Girls by Queen was made today it would totally be called Big Booty Hos (I did not think of this but thought it to be very true)
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01/09/04 02:32 - ID#28578

My Last Chuck Klosterman Ramble

This is my last quote from the Chuck Klosterman book Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs. He has a whole chapter basically devoted to Saved by the Bell but what he says about the Tori Paradox is truly amazing and true. The paradox is that in SBTB senior year Jessie and Kelly were in half of the episodes and a new girl Tori was in the other half. The episodes were mixed together sometiems a Tori one and a Kelly/Jessie one played on the same day and it was Jessie and Kelly who were at graduation not Tori but noone ever mentioned that the others were missing. This is what Klosterman has to say about this seeming problem...

Whenever we were watching Zack's attempts to scam on Tori, we were asked to assume that Kelly and Jessie were in the lunch room or at the mall or sick, and it was just a coincidence that nobody ever mentioned them (or introduced them to Tori, or even recognized their existence).
On paper this seems idiotic, borderline insulting, and-above all-unreal. But the more I think back on my life, the more I"ve come to realize that the Tori Paradox might be the only element of Saved by the Bell that actually happneed dto me. Whenever I try to remember friends from high schoo, friends from college, or even just friends from five years ago, mymemory always creates the illusion that we were together constantly, just like those kids on Saved by the Bell. However, this was almsot enver the case. Whenever I seirusly piece together my past, I inevitably uncover long stretches where somebody who (retrospectively) seemed among my closest companions simply wasn't around. I knew a girl in college who partied with me and my posse constantly, except for one semester in 1993-she had a waitressing job at Applebee's during that stretch and could never make it to any parties. And even though we all loved her, I can't recall anyone mentioning her absence until she came back. And sometimes I was the person cut out of life's script. I'm always confused why I can't remember what they're talkign about..until I remember that I wasn't included in those specific memories. A few years later I started hanging out with a girl who liekd to do drugs, so the two of us spent a year smoking pot in my poorly lit apartment while everyoen else we knew continued to gou out in public; when I eventually rejoined all my odl acquaintances at the local tavern, I could kind of relate to how Kelly Kapowski must have felt after Tori evaporated. Coming and going is more normal than it should be. The Tori Paradox was a lazy way for NBC to avoid thiking, but nobody watchign at home blinked; it as openly ridiculous, but latelntly plausible. That's why the Tori Paradox made sense, and why it illlustrated a great paradox that matters even more: Saved by the Bell wasn't real, but neither is most of reality.
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01/06/04 10:38 - ID#28577

My New Soap Opera

I have posted online the beginning of the soap opera I have been writing called Behind Closed Doors. Check it out, it is under the journal name BCDSoapOpera. There are links on the side that tell about the characters and family trees. I will update with new episodes about every Tuesday and Friday.
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