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07/29/08 12:00 - 75ºF - ID#45177

It's Always Frasier

I love Lifetime as many of you know but it seems like it is always playing Frasier lately. At all the key times that I watch , its FRASIER FRASIER FRASIER. i like frasier and frankly often it is hysterical but i don' tturn to lifetime to see Frasier, give me golden girls, give me the Nanny or some Will and Grace but no more frasier!!!!!!!!!
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07/26/08 08:41 - 74ºF - ID#45154

So Many Missing People

So i decided to come on estrip and just keep clicking on the random journal link instead of reading specific ones and holy heck there are so many people i have forgotten about that used to be big parts of this site and then there are also tons of poeple i don't remember ever bein gon here but I guess they were. How strange and totally cool to look back at all the people that have been around/
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07/24/08 07:55 - 65ºF - ID#45130

Gin Blossoms

Gin Blossoms is the only band I really care about out of the whole thrusdya at the square line up . not care in like i really am a huge fan kinda way but care in like thye are on the empire records soundtrack and other soundtracks. but alas noone is going and it is rainy. ok i rally only wrote this cuz i wanted to be post 24,000 and needed something to write aobut. chadi
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07/23/08 11:46 - 64ºF - ID#45115

RIP Sophia

So jill sends me a text at work the other day that says simply RIP Sophia and I think "oh no Estelle Getty died" or "wow that is a really tacky way to tell me this girl we went to school with and were acquantances with has died".SO it turns out it was Estelle. That is horribly sad but i heard she had really bad dementia so really it is prolly for the better.

For all you hardcore gg fans out there , they are having a Golden Grils marathon from 12pm-5pm on Friday on Lifetmie showcasing the best of Estelle. And you can vote for what episode plays last at And watch hillarious clips of sophia ....sophia you were one classy broad....the world won't be the same wihtout ya

here is the classy gal i loved


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07/21/08 11:34 - 69ºF - ID#45100

What happened to me?

When is the last time anyone has seen an embarassing picture or heard an embarassing story of me. Its been a while.Its not that i am not having a lot of fun this summer cuz I am and i have done a lot of tings that were really fun and in a lot of ways that stuff is all a lot more fun and doesn't end in vomitting, i barely remember the last time i threw up. but I feel like i never really go out (read: drink copious amounts of alcohol and say/do embarassing things) anymore. It seems like I somehow lost all that. That is what is fun about summer in Buffalo, the going out every night but I don't know , I am failing miserably at it this summer. It seems like whenever something fun is going on , I already have a less fun plan booked and then when I want to go out or am free nothing is going on. How did tihs happen? This has to be fixed. There is only one month left. I am not that old yet. Like i always tihnki i don't want to go out late drinking the night before a 13 hour day, but i used to all the time and i would be fine, i think i actually enjoyed it more cuz at least it was like oh i hate being here but at least last night was a lot of fun, or the infamous "ugh i feel so sick which is ridiucloous since I ddin't even go out last night" only to go back and read text messages and realize i feel sick cuz i did go out and drank way too much. Its better then "ugh i hate being at work, and i went to bed a t11 o 'clock last night" I hope to have some embarssment soon...don't worry.....
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07/20/08 01:17 - 78ºF - ID#45081

My Two Weird Dreams

I have been having strange dreams that I remember lately, the second one here is much crazier trust me:

1. I am on a show like Top Chef sorta thing and somehow I am making it through each round without actually cooking a thing. They keep announcing who is being evicted and it is never me and I always think that is strange cuz I don't remmeber cooking anything. (as those who know me, i really can't cook much of anything, really i am kinda lacking in most life skills) anywho, I decide they must be keeping me along because I am so charming and entertaining and for a reality tv show that is really mroe important than skill , right? So it gets to the final round in front of a live studio audience and it is just me and this girl who i went to highschool and college with named Val and we have one hour to prepare our final dish and they will pick the winner. Well the clock starts to tick and I start thinking, what am I going to do , i seriously don't know how to make anything , after like 20 minutes pass the crowd starts to boo at me so I decide I need to make something> I go through the cupboards and fridges and find some leftowver like pizza with black olives and hamburgers and so I mash it all up and through it in a casserole dish and then cover the whole tihng in water. It looked disgusting and there were like five minutes left and they said that we actually had to make TWO dishes so I freak out and just boil up a box of pasta as my second dish. See after you make your dishes you had to take a pcittre with your cell phone and send it in, (even though the judges and audeince were right there, not really sure why but hey it was a dream). Just as I fnished boiling the pasta the time ran out and i didn't have time to take the pcitres and so I lost. I thought in my dreams I should win righnt? even if I did make leftover mash covered in water?

So that is nothing compared to dream number 2:

1. I am playing for a proffesional hockey team( yeah that's right , I'm sporty in my dreams) and our goalie has four legs and so liek the other team can never score but they do when there are only like 30 seconds left , and we have no clue what do to cuz now we are losing and it is the playoffs and there are only 30 seconds left. Anywho by some freak chance the puck is in the air and i hit it with my stick and score at th last second. That's not the weird part, not even close, YOU SEE THE Judge for determining goals is Mairlyn Manson and he decides my hand hit in the puck and so the goal doesn't count. My coach and him get in a big fight and we want an instant replay but Marilyn Manson goes into this whole monologue about how as the goal referee he is king of the castle and he makes the rules and it isn't going to count...yet ihs isn't the strange part see somehow this segues into me finding out Marilyn Manson, (e:libertad) (Dave), this girl Justine who was in my second grade class, and this girl Meg who is a friend of one of jill's boyfriends friends ex-girlfireds (yeah follow that line), all want to kill me. Not like separately but thye have like this cult and they want to kill me for some reason, not necessarily related to the hockey incident as far as I know. So I find ihs out and somehow I end up at a cattle auction. but it was cool cuz all the cattle were different colors and tihs lady explained to me that that is how cattle really are but they always just show then as brown or black and white cuz they are afraid the public won't eat neon colored cattle. Anywho I am walking around trying to figure out waht to do to escape and not be killed and somehow the cattle auction turns into the galleria mall and now I have a huge stapler in my pocket for protection (oh and I left my cell phone in the car by mistake) so I am walking through the mall just trying to stay aroudn people so that I can't be killed and then the two girls Justine and Meg come up to me and start telling me how they are going to kill me and I can't really escape but I do into a display of christmas crafts. So then the mall is clsoing and i befirend tihs huge guy an dgirl who offer to walk me to my car and protect me. So I get to my car and my phone but still am not sure what to do , Do I call the cops and say Mairlyn Manson, my b/f, and two girls I Once knew are tyring to kiill me and chased me through a cattle auction and christmas disp[lay?

SO i deicde to drive around and end up at this restuarnat where ppoel are bringing the mulitcolored cattle they won at the auctio nand you bring it in and they turn it into a meal for you> People were eating lots of bacon which doens't relaly make sense since that comes from pigs but I think all my dreams prolly include bacon in some way. SO I leave there and go to the casino but as I put the money in I see the worker make this winkin gface and then these people are omcing at me and so I run for ti ( but actually I first I quickly do a quick few spins on the slot machine czu what if that ten dollars was gonna make me rich , you never know) .... i make it out of the casino and for some reason go to (e:libertad)'s house (which in my dream was his house but looked like (e:beasts) house) even t5hough he was in on the whole killing me ting I thought I could convince him it was a bad idea for them to kill me. SO i go over and we are haning out and I try to convince him not to let them kill me and then Mairlyn Manson , who I find out lives with him, gets home and we all are stitig there tlaking which is awkward cuz I know they want to kill me, but I am tihnkin gI am winning them over when all of a sudden Marilyn gets tihs I am gonna kill you face so I run downstairs and grab this huge piece of iron that is on the ground which slows me down> I don't really know why i picked i tup , maybe i thought it was a weapon but either way it madee me move real slow and then I saw a phone so I tried to call 911 but i kept hitting 9## by mistake instead so i just ran for my car, got in y car, called 911 and then i woke i don't know if i survived or not. I wrote it all down soon as i wok,me up so I wouldn't forget cuz really it was crazy. Actually I don't even know if it sounded that crazy when you read it, but dreaming it and living it in m ydream was terrifying.

If you mad eit all the way through those I hope you enjoyed them! hopefully no more crazy scary dreams will follow .
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07/18/08 09:47 - 78ºF - ID#45061

Funny Joke from Rose

What is Irish and stays out all night?

.........Patty O'furniture
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07/16/08 10:28 - 74ºF - ID#45046

Dave's moms visit

So (e:libertad)'s mom was in town for the week and so I saw her a lot which was really nice because she lives in florida and so really i never see her. It was great getting to know her more though I fear I am too shy and then it is awkward when we sit around and I have nothing to say and so she prolly thinks I am boring. I hope not! I also really didn't drink even though everyone else always was having wine, 1 cuz I don't like wine and 2 we all know what happens whne I drink and I was trying to keep it classy. he already told her to google me which brings up some unofrtunate photos ....... anywho oh we did bond over celebrity gossip . She lives near Hulk Hogan , how cool is that? She says they are in the paper every day cuz they are crazy, which they are. She even bought me a celebrity mag which I am thoroughly enjoying! I hope she liked me, its hard cuz she already has so much history with (e:libertad) and his roomate and so sometimes I felt like I oculdn't offer up enough to compete and be fun and entertaining, I hope it went ok and she didn't go home and say" what has my son gotten himself into!"
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07/11/08 11:28 - 68ºF - ID#44926

Queen Elizabeth and My Favorite Weekend

Haha today I heard a quote by Queen Elizabeth of England (not like I heard her say it while we were having lunch but i heard it in I read it in the paper) that she loves the song Dancing Queen and always dances when she hears it because as she said and I have often said "I'm a queen and i love to dance"

Also this is my favorite weekend of the Buffalo summer as it is the Taste of Buffalo. I go every year with (e:maureen) and eat more food than anyone else and then I always go at least one other time with other people. I really have to save up for it cuz I love to try everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok not eveything but a lot of stuff. And my favoirtest thing ever they have again this year which is fried cheese stuffed black olives! THEY ARE SO GOOD and they don' tactually have them at the restaurnat that does them cuz I have called and asked they only have them a few times a year. I just love taste of buffalo and i know a lot of people ocmplain about how hot it is an drowded and expenseive but it seriously is what i live for all year. (e:maureen) flew in from Boston just for this basically!!! It is so good! The only tihng I don't like is that they really have too many chain restuarnats , I feel like it should be local restuarnats only!!!
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07/04/08 11:32 - 69ºF - ID#44857

Dr. Phil For Real?

So i just read Dr. Phil actually is not a doctor and does not have a liscense to practice psychology. THAT IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!! I hate him , what a whack job!
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