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09/29/07 07:07 - 65ºF - ID#41407

Met The 'rents

I met (e:libertad)'s mom and husband joe. As most of you know, I am not good at meeting new people. I tend to say inapprorpriate things or stay really quiet. Needless to say they hated me at first but then came around later on. They were really cool, I also met the bro coincidentally named Paul. Everyone seemed really nice and kind and fun. I hope i wasn't too unbearable and embarassing! This was just a quick update , more to come later

P.S. in like the 4 minutes I have been on estirp like 5 people have written a joruanl
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09/26/07 11:49 - 66ºF - ID#41348

School Makes Me Watch TV

I was thinking today how this new season I am watching many shows where the last year or two I have hardly watched any shows like in a set way besides like just flipping channels. This year I've already discovered a few gems that I love like Gossip Girl and Dirty Sexy Money and Dancing with the Stars (but it is on too much). Anywho I realized why it is different. I am in school. When I am in school I think I watch more tv because I stay home czu I am like I have to do my work and study but then at the same time as convincing myself of that, I like to avoid work at all costs so I start watching tv while I do my work. I find I do my best work while watching tv, eating and reading the textbook at the same time. Seriuosly though I hate science. Yes I will make a great pharmacist haha. Ok that's all for gossip girl..i promise you will love it!
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09/25/07 09:59 - 74ºF - ID#41328

Science is busy work

So OMG i realized why I hate science today. it is all busy work. Like the school part at least is all busywork. Like every experiment you do and every formula you figure out , they already know the answer, you are just repeating what someone else has done. Like all the labs are just like do this this and this to get this. And all the homeowrk is like draw these molecules which we know how to draw and see if you are right. There is no like tihking on your own or doing your own thing. i suppose if you get to the point of doing your own research then it is different or soemtihng. BUUUT science classes in school are so dumb and busy work.

Sociology and communications on the other hand allowed you to come up with your own ideas and thoughts and look at things and have to decide what you thought they meant with no necessarily set right and wrong answer. YOu couldn't take the class and just read the book and buy the solution manual and that is all you needed. I guess i hate that about science. A LOT
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09/24/07 10:12 - 66ºF - ID#41299

here's my ticket anne FOR REAL

Thanks so much for the help anne! here is a photo of my ticket. After numerous tries I think it the photo is showing up now. See towards the bottom the date affirmed says 8/22/07 but at the top it says 09/22/07.

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09/23/07 11:14 - 62ºF - ID#41279

Need Some Info on Traffic Tickets

On a ticket you get for say alledgedly going through a red light, what does the date affirmed on the bottom of the ticket mean? On the top it says like date of incident but on bottom it says like date affirmed by the police officers signature. On mine the date affirmed says 8/22/07 but the supposed offense was 9/22/07, I tihnk that it might be an error, and ground for dismissal? Anyonw know?
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09/23/07 01:01 - 69ºF - ID#41266

STUPID terminal, Stupid Blogtoberfest

I didn't even want to go to stupid blogtoberfest. But of course I go, and it is freakin' octoberfest which was stupid and not somewhere I would realyl want to be. I hate german and polish food generally except once or twice a year. The terminal is not rehabbed in any noticeable fashion since I went there illegally when I was 12. It's lucky there is that big hole in the hall where there used to be a door or seomthing so you could go right outside to the port a potties. So to top off going to dumb blogtoberfest which who even made that up as it was clearly not any kind of blog fest. Then on the wy aout of the god forsaken terminal I am at a red light and it turns green and I turn onlyly to only slam into two motrocyclsts, which ended up being two polic cars and igot pulled over. I GUESS THE LIGHT WAS GREEN FOR THE OTHER POEPLE< LIKE IT WAS A FIVE WAY STOP AND i thought it was for me but it wasn't. SO NOW I HAVE A 200 DOLLAR TICKET!!!! I am never celebrating blogging again in any discerible fashion and or that stupid terminal. It looks like it should be in the middle of Iraq, like what is the plan even if they save it. What is gonna be there? You can never heat it, or that is a frekain environmental disaster if you do! And it is around nothing. I mnow there are events there now but like if it was actually refurbished it would be so costly i don't tink you could still have the events like that. Grrr. i hat everything right nwo!
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09/22/07 02:56 - 76ºF - ID#41250

Could I look crazier?

As I am at a red light on elmwood and maybe West Delevan I realize I am singing at the top of my lungs "What a feeling" while smoking a fake candy cigarette. And YES all my windows are open. I really could not have looked cooler!

OMG so many things are coming up. The week of like October 11 is gonna be the craziest ever. (e:lilho) and (e:southernyankee) will be in town and it is also the last week (e:beast), one of my best friends for the last 13 years, will be in town befroe getting married and moving to Scotland for at minimum two years but prolly longer if not forever! And I have my PCAT's which pretty decide my whole future as a pharmacist. How am I gonna do it all!?!? Most likely with a lot of class as always, haha!
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09/20/07 02:44 - 78ºF - ID#41216

Beaver Island Casino Wedding

Has anyone ever been to a wedding or anything at the casino at Beaver Isalnd. Casino in the like reception hall sense not gambling sense. My parents have a wedding there this weekend and are debating if it is like nice or casual. Is it like a pavilion just like the Noco pavilion at sheridan park or soemthing or is it nice more like Cloks Grove in West Seneca type thing. Anyone know?
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09/18/07 09:27 - 70ºF - ID#41185

Terrified of Appendicitis

I woke up at like 1:30 in the morning with the worst pain in my stomach ever. I felt like I had done like a million crunches and then someone shot me all over my stomach! It was so painful, i oculdn't do anything but cringe. There was no way to get comfortable. At first I thought food poisioning or something like that, but there seemed to be no related digestive problems really. I took some maalox and it did not help at all.

That's when I decided i had appendicitis. You see that is what I am most scared of in life. Ever since my 10th grade biology teacher told me that if you don't get to a hospital right away , you die, I have always feared I would die of appendicits cuz I get lots of stomahc aches. I looked it up online and it said you hsouldn't take maalox or drink water cuz it oculd speed the rupturee! WHICH THAT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I HAD BEEN DOING FOR THE LAST TWO HOURS!!! and then after reading all the symptoms of course I had tehm all!!! I was so sure Iwas going to die but still feared going to the hospital in case it was really just like a gas issue or something though it didn't seem like it. AT like 6:45 it started tto subside a little and I was able to fall asleep except I had to get up at 745 to go to work. Which let me tell you , I twas just me and the pharmacist for liek half the day (we usually have like 4 workers) and I had had about an hour of sleep at most and was still in pain. Like it still hurts. But like now it is a dull pain. My pharmacist said if it was apendicities you would not doubt it. Like it would be totally horrible and keep getting worse. It would never get better. I don't know what to do , my side still hurts, should I go to the doctors? I don't know! WHAt if i am raelly tolerant of pain and really I have appendicitis and am ignoring it! It is my right side that hurts. I don't know!!! I also missed school today because i passed out whehn i got home form work from pain/tiredness. Which prolyl means I will fial and nver get into pharmacy school cuz I also don't have my lab book which I need but now have heard it is sold out!

grr suckiness right now
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09/17/07 10:34 - 61ºF - ID#41167

SO Sick of working shorthanded

Ok we are seriuosly short handed at work. Like way shorthanded both in number of people and quality of people and i swear everyday we start off short handed and then like 2 people call in or leave early or something. It is out of control. They haven't been partiucularly busy days but when there is noone else there really , it starts to wear on you!! RiteAid has the most ridiculous hiring proocess, my boss has been tyring to hire this girl for liek a month but there are like 7,000 steps to it and another kid who used to work for Eckerd but got terminated after not workkng there for three months didn't get past the preemployment quiz. Thye said he may not be desirable BUT HE ALREADY HAD WORKED THERE FOR 5 YEARS! It is so F'ed up. I hate RiteAid !
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