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09/16/07 06:47 - 61ºF - ID#41130


Tonight is the Emmy's, I believe they are my thridish favorite award show. I seriously love preshow extravaganzas though I am way behind as I just started watching the preshow a few minutes ago. I used to watch for hours , starting around noon. I need to get back into that. Those were good times. I just love random celebrity banter and super crazy questions asked in fancy gowns. I don't like that JOan Rivers is not on tv anymore and just on the web. I also find it funny that Ryan Seacrest is doing red carpet duty even though he is the host. He is quite the overachiever!
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09/13/07 07:51 - 71ºF - ID#41082

I Don't Like Perez Hilton

There I said it! Everyone always assumes I love it cuz it is my kinda thing. But I find him annoying and irritating. He is ugly and stupid. He thinks he is cool but he is not. I really don't like him. I don't find him entertaining/interesting or funny. I think his 15 minutes should be just about over (though I think they really are cuz you never hear about him as much anymore and now he is on that celebrity rapping show which really says HAS BEEN!) anywho. I don't like him, i've said it and i feel much better about it now.
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09/11/07 08:50 - 65ºF - ID#41054

Craziest Day/ The PoPo tackled grandma

So today was a super crazy day at my store. The morning starts off normal enough and then we get a call in for a prescription for Tramadol from a particular doctor who the pharmacist knew does not write prescriptions for tramadol. Also , there was a girl who used to phone in fake prescriptions using that doctor and we got her and i think she got arrested or what not like a year or two ago. Anyway, so we call the doctor and she told us their is a warrant out for the girl's arrest and to call this other number. So we do and so then our store is swarming wihtundercover federal marshalls. I am the only person who knows what the girl looks like first hand (the marshalls have a picture) so I need to ID her. so they are there for hours waiting and eventual we see her. Bonnie tries to take her time with her to make sure they notice and then the one ocmes up and arrests her WHEN...

...We HEAR an older woman screaming stop beating me, your hurting me, I'l doo whatever it takes etc etc from the ocugh and cold aisle. Only to see one of our regular customers , alike 70 year old woman, handcuffed and on the ground scremaing. She is the other girl's grandma and had come in the store with her. Whenthe cop said they needed to ask her some questions I guess she just started screaming and fell to the ground. there were many pepole there to wtiness that that did indeed happen and that she started fighting the her screaming for like an hour while their our cops swarming needless to say made other customers ask a lot of questions. The funny part is eveyrone said like "oh were they stealing " and we were just like prolly. SO I wonder if now eveyrone thinks we have a super strong anti-theft program....... besides the screaming granmda who we never are really sure if she is involved or not, I guess today some people who are tyring to unionize the store came in today and my managaer told them to leave and then they got in a big fight, and one of the mioan cashiers quit...

...and we filled a super controlled narcotic for the wrong person, who got it and took it home and then the md called us wondering what happened...

...and I got fired/quit/relaized it doesn't fit in my scheudle to be a trainer for Rite Aid.......

...ok this story doesn't sound so crazy typed out but it really was like real crazyness in the store...

....oh i forgot the lady is claiming police burtlaity so like all the witnesses had to give statmetns and what not.

...oh and the topper, while all tihs was going down ALL THE BIGWIGS from the corporation happen to be in the store today. So it was real good, haha. I thin kthe loss prevention district guy may have accussed one of the US Marhsalls of stealing because they were loitering aroudn so long. This is the same guy who accused me of stealing cookies when I used to take them for Medicare Seminars to give to the seniors. I don't like him....anywho that was my crazy day

...oh and on the way to school tonigth I almost ran over the crazy kid from a previous journal I belive that treid to take both me and e;beast home in a rally weird crazy way
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09/10/07 10:24 - 68ºF - ID#41042

Sorry I reject YOU

I absolutely hate when people's checks or credit cards are denied. I always try to pass it off like it is some computer glitch and not because they have 10,000 credit cards that are all maxed out and they try them all. It's so crazy I'll be like oh this crad isn't going through, "i don't know why it must be a mistake, you should call your bank" and then they just hand me card after card....after card until one goes through. Ok those people aren't so bad. But the people who get so embarassed I feel so bad. I try to make it as cool as possible but if you know me whenever I am trying to make something better by pretenidng it is nohting i end up making everything seem like a bigger deal like somehow I wll end up saying like :"your credit card was prolly stolen, your identity is slipping out of your hands as we speak, you should call your senator, they have prolly invaded your house laready and gotten your security code and safe deposit box".

Anyway moral of the story is I hate telling peopole their credit cards/chekcs are rejected...(or do I secretly love it) either way try and make sure your bills are good whne you come into my store...aight!
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09/09/07 09:44 - 65ºF - ID#41021

Britney's Not Coming Back

So I have been waiting my whole life for the Spears performance tonight at the VMA's. I felt like a really great energetic wonderful performance would signal her big comback. Or a little sadistically something crazy like i don't know her kids hanigng from crucifixes from the cieling, or her taking all her clothes off or like running off the stage crying. Either way I figured it would be good and as the eternally hopefully Britney fan I really was hoping it would be great!

I really really want her to comeback but what do we get...a lackluster song with an even more lackluster performance. She barely danced, they surrounded her by like 10000 side performers so you barely even saw her and she did like nothing good. It seemed like she was phoning it in and didn't really mean it. I thought she would give us a performance that reminded us all why we loved her but instead she gave me nothing. It makes me fear but worst fears that maybe she is never coming back. Maybe she really is gone for good : (

And then it got really sad when Sarah SIlverman made fun of her. Like so unnecessary, Britney clearly humiliates herself enough, the jokes are unnecessary and just mean (though the one about how she had accomplished everything she ever would in her likfe at 25 was kinda funny) but really it just felt sad!

P.S. The VMA's are really quite not good in general. Way too much of like 1 seocnd clips from a million different places and the host lady puts me right to sleep. IS she even literate?Ok i'm done for now..bakc to the VMA's , maybe Britney will pull out some crazy show stopper still.
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09/08/07 01:33 - 80ºF - ID#41004

Katrina's Wedding

Today is my college friend Katrina's wedding. (e:amanda) is the maid of honor. I can't wait. I really like weddings and friend weddings are the bestest kind yet it seems crazy that now four of my friends are married. I am only 24! Bejeezus! Anywho, everytime I have to get dressed up I remember how much I don't really like my suit and don't' have nice black dress shoes anymore. Unfortunately I don't ever remember this again til an hour before the event when I have to get dressed up again. So here I am in a lackluster suit and crappy black shoes, it always saddens me, I have to take care of this situation, especially the shoes right away! I can't wait until another event! maybe even inbetween the wedding and the reception which there is like a 3 hour time block (which what do yu ever do in between while you are already dressed up) maybe (e:jill) will go with me to get shoes (she is my date for the wedding!) WE'll see. This is the first event I wil go to sinc eI got a digitial camera so hoepfully there will be pictures to follow soon..
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09/07/07 03:02 - 89ºF - ID#40989

Passions is moving to DirectTV

So back in the day when it first started (maybe 2000) i was a huge fan of passions. It was like the best thing ever and I love soap operas in general. Then it got really lame where even now 7 years later, like the same story lines have not really bene plyaed out yet. And like they take everything like it never really happened ( i know all soaps are like this, bu tthis one is particularly crazy about having nothing ever happen). Anyway it is moving from NBC to directtv and so I watched the last episode today. Wowser! They pulled out all the stops, some guy got shot, Gwen showed Ethan a baby that she claims is theirs just as Teresa was about to announce that her child was really not with EThan's father but with Ethan. Adora the baby witchhuman was taken into hell or something like that. Sheridan found out her baby with Louis is really not dead becuase the pimp guy had video of the baby alive. AND Alistair is killing his grandaughter Pretty cuz he likes Fancy better. Oh and Vincet had a Veronica mask on and so he didn't really die when he fell of the cliff and is now really mad and back to serial killing. So the thing is now I will never know what happens cuz I don't have DirectTV but I can guess that what happens will be in like 3 months, the guyw ill have survived the gunshot, Adroa will be back from hell, the scene with gwen and the baby was a dream, and Sheridan's baby is really dead and it was a fake video. And Vincent will be doing the whole half man/half woman crazy serial killer again....if only they could bring back the nurse played by a gorilla!
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09/06/07 09:47 - 74ºF - ID#40965

A Happy Happy Birthday

to you (e:ladycroft). Happy Birthday! I hope it is a great one even though you are half way around the world!!! Do they celebrate birthdays the same way there?
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09/04/07 08:30 - 71ºF - ID#40937

This Fact Will Rock Your World

Seriously, I am reading Tipping Point, which (e:maureen) recommended and is a pretty good book so far. It is about like what makes something big all of a sudden. how does one obscure thing become huge all of a sudden and not gradually and different stuff. ANYWHO HERE IS THEFACT...

well first I'll make you guess. If you took a sheet of paper and folded it in half and then folded it in half again and repeated that fifty times, how high would it be at the end? Seriously you will never believe the answer. I mean i don't know that it is even possible except theoretically but even then it is crazy just wait....seriously try and guess....
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09/03/07 09:27 - 73ºF - ID#40920


I just saw (e:libertad) has left 666 comments , is he the devil?

Thanks everyone for coming to the birthday party on Saturday. I had a great time and hope everyone else did. As the photos show I think I kept it as classy as always (hey no pics of my pantless right? so does that make it a good party?)! Well either way I had a really good time and hope everyone else did. I don't think I got to talk to everyone but I'm gald you all were there. The nihgt was a little rough with a crazy drunk (e:terry) running around and the lamp kept going on and off and there were eerie sounds downstairs. Needless to say it was scariness and i barely slept and then I woke up and went right to church in the cltohes I had wore, spilled alchol on , ran through a hose, played inthe grass, and slept in but paul lives near the church I might as well just go and dint' wake up until right before church supa dupa classy. Oh yeah and I had a huge hickey on my neck from one iof Rachelle's firend's Danielle. It made me feel supa classy like a 14 year old.

Thanks (e:metalpeter), (e:jim) and (e:paul) for posting pictures. I actually have a digital camera now but forgot it. I'm sure my futrue chances of employment will be greatly enhanced by an online video of me reading a ponr story from something most likely called Plumpers.

Also, was looking at the stats pages which I love, I always love STATS, I liked to see I am the #3 most prolific writer (#4 by the rankings but I don't count the new journal because that is not a person and I have written for the news journal before) BUT THEN i saw I am #10 for comments , so then I was like do I not evoke comments from people, and then I tought I guess not, I mostl yjust talk about me, and whlie that is pretty fabulous , I guess it doesn't lead to the commetns that issues or controversial tihngs or pictures of your food lead too. I;ve come to terms with it but I just don't want to fall out of the top 10.

P.P.S I just saw the commerical for the Holly Hunter show where she says Saving Grace is totally different, and totally dangerous. Oh how much that commerical changed my life....

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