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09/07/07 03:02 - 89ºF - ID#40989

Passions is moving to DirectTV

So back in the day when it first started (maybe 2000) i was a huge fan of passions. It was like the best thing ever and I love soap operas in general. Then it got really lame where even now 7 years later, like the same story lines have not really bene plyaed out yet. And like they take everything like it never really happened ( i know all soaps are like this, bu tthis one is particularly crazy about having nothing ever happen). Anyway it is moving from NBC to directtv and so I watched the last episode today. Wowser! They pulled out all the stops, some guy got shot, Gwen showed Ethan a baby that she claims is theirs just as Teresa was about to announce that her child was really not with EThan's father but with Ethan. Adora the baby witchhuman was taken into hell or something like that. Sheridan found out her baby with Louis is really not dead becuase the pimp guy had video of the baby alive. AND Alistair is killing his grandaughter Pretty cuz he likes Fancy better. Oh and Vincet had a Veronica mask on and so he didn't really die when he fell of the cliff and is now really mad and back to serial killing. So the thing is now I will never know what happens cuz I don't have DirectTV but I can guess that what happens will be in like 3 months, the guyw ill have survived the gunshot, Adroa will be back from hell, the scene with gwen and the baby was a dream, and Sheridan's baby is really dead and it was a fake video. And Vincent will be doing the whole half man/half woman crazy serial killer again....if only they could bring back the nurse played by a gorilla!
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09/06/07 09:47 - 74ºF - ID#40965

A Happy Happy Birthday

to you (e:ladycroft). Happy Birthday! I hope it is a great one even though you are half way around the world!!! Do they celebrate birthdays the same way there?
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09/04/07 08:30 - 71ºF - ID#40937

This Fact Will Rock Your World

Seriously, I am reading Tipping Point, which (e:maureen) recommended and is a pretty good book so far. It is about like what makes something big all of a sudden. how does one obscure thing become huge all of a sudden and not gradually and different stuff. ANYWHO HERE IS THEFACT...

well first I'll make you guess. If you took a sheet of paper and folded it in half and then folded it in half again and repeated that fifty times, how high would it be at the end? Seriously you will never believe the answer. I mean i don't know that it is even possible except theoretically but even then it is crazy just wait....seriously try and guess....
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09/03/07 09:27 - 73ºF - ID#40920


I just saw (e:libertad) has left 666 comments , is he the devil?

Thanks everyone for coming to the birthday party on Saturday. I had a great time and hope everyone else did. As the photos show I think I kept it as classy as always (hey no pics of my pantless right? so does that make it a good party?)! Well either way I had a really good time and hope everyone else did. I don't think I got to talk to everyone but I'm gald you all were there. The nihgt was a little rough with a crazy drunk (e:terry) running around and the lamp kept going on and off and there were eerie sounds downstairs. Needless to say it was scariness and i barely slept and then I woke up and went right to church in the cltohes I had wore, spilled alchol on , ran through a hose, played inthe grass, and slept in but paul lives near the church I might as well just go and dint' wake up until right before church supa dupa classy. Oh yeah and I had a huge hickey on my neck from one iof Rachelle's firend's Danielle. It made me feel supa classy like a 14 year old.

Thanks (e:metalpeter), (e:jim) and (e:paul) for posting pictures. I actually have a digital camera now but forgot it. I'm sure my futrue chances of employment will be greatly enhanced by an online video of me reading a ponr story from something most likely called Plumpers.

Also, was looking at the stats pages which I love, I always love STATS, I liked to see I am the #3 most prolific writer (#4 by the rankings but I don't count the new journal because that is not a person and I have written for the news journal before) BUT THEN i saw I am #10 for comments , so then I was like do I not evoke comments from people, and then I tought I guess not, I mostl yjust talk about me, and whlie that is pretty fabulous , I guess it doesn't lead to the commetns that issues or controversial tihngs or pictures of your food lead too. I;ve come to terms with it but I just don't want to fall out of the top 10.

P.P.S I just saw the commerical for the Holly Hunter show where she says Saving Grace is totally different, and totally dangerous. Oh how much that commerical changed my life....

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09/01/07 11:25 - 65ºF - ID#40877

My Superly Awesome Friends and Family

No I'm not talking about a new cell phone plan. I'm talking about how great my friends and family are. First I got a bottle of Captain from (e:amanda) when we went out to lunch on Thrusday which I love!! Then I woke up and got a wonderful surprise from (e:libertad) (check his hjournal) which is gonna be amazing! The nLast night (e:paul), (e:terry), (e:matt) (e:mom) and (e:dad) went to the Viking Lobster Company on Austin and Tonawanda Street for dinner. I recommend it, it was pretty good. Especilaly if you like lobster. I got steak and shrimp and ate some dabbles from other people's plates. Not a huge menu but I tihnk it definetley has something for eveyrone, oh and it doesn't have its own liquor liscence so you can bring your own wine/beer whatever.

Then we came back to my house and had oreo cookie cheese cake which was really really good. Then I got some awesome gifts like a shaker set with martini glasses that all go in this carrying case so you can take it with you. It is pretty freakin awesome! I also got a digital camera which I love so be ready for me taking way too many pictures tonight! Oh and I got this picture of a baby elephant under its mother like on a plaque thing. It is pretty cool because a friend of the family runs a charity that gives macro loans in Africa to women to start little buisinnesses and it was an actual pcitrue she took. OOH and chocolate maritini mix which we will all have to tyr tonight! Then I go outside and there are balloons from (e:beast) outside. I love balloons!

Then it was off to (e:jill) house for some drinks and to open my gifts from my friends! All I can say is WOW! My friends really went crazy awesomely amazingly this year. You see I like a lot of little different things and wowser it was excellently chosen stuff. Its like they know me perfectly. I got so many good tihngs , here are just a few,

an ACTUAL QUEEN ELIZABETH II CORONATION TEA CUP AND SAUCER! HOw frieakin awesome is that?!?!? And a DVD of the two Saved by the Bell movies (you know the Hawaiin Adventure and Las Vegas Wedding, the two finest pieces of cinematic work ever perhaps!!!!EVER), and I got High School Musical: The Dating Game which is gonna be so fun, I can't wait to play it! and Adult MadLibs which we had once bought a book of it for (e:mk) and let me tell you it is so fun and can lead to nights of glorious enjoyment!! OH AND A BLOW UP LIMBO STICK WHICH I WILL BRING TO THE PARTY TONIGHT!!

OH AND a Golden Girls tshirt that says Stay Golden and has their picture on it. I wore it out last night! IT is pretyy darn cool. LIke seirouly it is even in guys size cuz before I only had seen it in girls! I really love it!

hmm what else, a shot glass from Milan, which is tres chic, Full House Seaosn 3 on DVD and OMG A BOOK THAT TELLS YOU WHAT YOUR TV PERSONALITY IS, like all these quizzes and it tells you what person you are ion different shows ! I CANNOT WAIT TO DO IT! Oh and a supre cool elephant cnadle holder thing! AND GUESS WHAT ELSE!!! A SET OF SIX FAYS DRUGS GLASSES!

Fays is the drugstore that was around here and then was bought out y Ekcred. I loved Fays and have kept some memoribilia I have found over the years but this was a full set of SIX FAYS GLASSES!! So freakin awesome!!

OMG I almost forogt I also got SUPER SWEET SIXTEEN THE MOVIE!! YEs it is a movie based on the show sweet 16 about these girls who were friends til their plans for a super sweet 16 ruined their firendship!!! And all these magazines about princess diana and the queen of englad which are cool and have this cool poster centerfold of the royal family!

and that's not even it there was so much more I can't remember right now and it is all still at (e:jill) cuz I was relaly drunk and so left it all there in a paper warppy mess all over their kitchen. I hope they don't mind.

and yes it sounds much like th egifts a 13 year old girl would get and I love that!

and then we went out and had a good ol time at good old Frizzy's , even though our normal bartenders weren't there. And then got serenaded at Staple by two men who each sang a song on their guitar at (e:jill) request. THANKS EVERYONE FOR AN AWESOME B-DAY!!!

oh and garage sale stickers which are always handy and I was gonna take them out last night and price people while we were out but we forgot , so maybe I'll do that at theh party?!?

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08/31/07 02:16 - 74ºF - ID#40859

nothing starts a day out right...

after a night of winning (ok $8 but that is still winning) at the casino and then on a lotto ticket this morning, and then finding a wonderful suprise from (e:libertad,40851)'s journal then.........

I had a major self in front of mirror dance party after I showered today. I love those times when you just get the urge to dance your heart out cuz a good song comes on which in this case was something by Blu Cantrell followed by danicng to my eclectic mix of music on my itunes including selections from moulin rouge, starlight express, a little bright eyes, a little ataris, a little p. diddy and a little bit of lots of stuff oh and singing my heart out to the graduation song from SBTB (which i know so perfectly that i went downstaris in the basement to get pants and when i cam back up my singing was still matching the exact spot in the music, that always impresses me) anywho, what a way tio start a bday!!hopefully more dancing all day long
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08/30/07 08:20 - 69ºF - ID#40840

Prayiing Mantis: Good Luck?

So i got to school a little early to see if my stuff from two days ago had a.) really printed and b.) was still there. They are having major printing issues in the UB library right now. Anywho I luckily found my stuff from Tuesday and printed out some more stuff which I will try and get in a few days cuz it was a 3 hour delay at this point. So i went outside to do my favorite thing in the world which is USA today crossword puzzles and people watching. So i am innocently enough spying on people and doing my puzzle (and getting stumped like heck on this puzzle for some reason ,usa todya usually isn't super hard) and then I look down and what is crawling up by leg! A HUGE FREAKIN' PRAYING MANTIS!!! Now i bet you all envision me screaming and jumping and freaking out, but you would be INCORRECT!!! Ok i jumped around and freaked out and ran for my life, but I did not scream, and that my friends is quite an accmplishment as I am terrified of bugs of all degress , espeically foot long praying mantises.

But i do vaguely remember it is supposed to be good luck to see a praying mantis (which why was it like in a complete concrete playground like the area I was in at UB). So hopefully that is true and i get me some luck, that would be a good ting to come from such a traumatic experience.

P.S. You know what I was thiking, if i dind't have my glasses I rplly never would have realized and just thought it was like a mark on my pants or something, how many bugs were crawling all over/around me before i had glasses?

P.P.S. I will be 24 in like 3 hours and 40 minutes!
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08/29/07 06:20 - 86ºF - ID#40811

Beginning of the Birthday Extravaganza

So today is the unofficial/official beginning of my birthday celebration. At work they got my a tasty carvel cake and then when I got home my mom made my favorite dinner (chicken parm) as my birthday dinner becasue on Friday we are going out to dinner for my birhtday so today was a minor favorite food kinda birthday dinner.

I also got my first birthday mail from my great aunt though this week has been lacking in bday mail. I feel like stores and stuff used to send stuff for my bday, I tihnk they do it on e-mail now which is not even half as enjobalbe. I love getting mail and my birthday week was always fulfilling in that regard but we'll see, there are still a few more days.

Then comes tomrorwo lunch with (e:amanda) which has been way to long since we have went to lunch, then school and then maybe some post-square activities (stupid school right smack dab in the middle of thursday at the square time).

Then FRIDAY celebrations and dinner with my fam and then Frizzy's with eveyrone. and then the party on Saturday. I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!

P.S. Thanks (e:ladycroft) for the early birthday wishes!
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08/28/07 12:01 - 68ºF - ID#40772

Happy Birthday Mr. Mickelson!


Happy Birthday Terry!!! I hope it is filled with beer and chemistry. (those are your two favorite things right?) Thanks (e:jim) for reminding me about the drawing feature. I had forgotten about it. Don't forget everyone , this saturday, big celebration for me and (e:terry) birthday!
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08/27/07 12:44 - 65ºF - ID#40751

Buffalo Casino is sad

so I am not for a casino in Buffalo though I am seiruosly addicted to slot machines lately (at the Niagara Falls one), particularly the Emerald Hot Hot Penny, Penny machine. Anywho, we went to see what the Buffalo casino is like, they have a temporary one up. IT IS THE SADDEST THING EVER! It is like a 10 by 10 foot room with like 40 slot machines and a tiny snack bar. And eveyrone is smoking and it reaks. And eveyrone is waiting in line for machines. Now you can like or dislike casinos but this one is just sad. At least at other casinos it is like a big place and there are bands and bars and restuarants and lot of lights and sounds and colors. No here it seems like just sad sad people, waiting in like to bet away what little money they have. Seriosly sadness people, seiruosly!

P.S. Don't forget mine and (e:terry) 's bday party on Saturday!

P.P.S. There will be plenty of jello shots hopefully!
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