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06/26/05 04:33 - ID#28843

Dying in the Gap

So I was at the Gap at the Boulevard Mall today and all of a sudden the fire alarms go off. And a few people walk out and then the rest of us are like "do we have to leave?" and the workers are basically "eh, i don't know". So I decide to ignore the fire alarm and continue shopping along with a few other shoppers. Yes, I decided the risk of maybe there is a real fire about to tear through this place was well worth it to be able to continue to look through the bin of 3.99 belts (but I did fine one nice orange one I liked). Needless to say the fire never arrived but it just makes me question my priorities and train of thought. What do you think? Would you leave the clearance section and risk someone else taking that one thing you want orrisk your life in order to keep a bargain? Hmm
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06/25/05 01:27 - ID#28842

Last Night was a Doozy

Wow, went to the pink for AJay's going away party and despite all my friends ditching me it was still really fun. I never drink beer really but last night I got so wasted so fast from it. I seriously didn't know what hit me so I ask to be excused from any unfortuante drunken behavior. It all started with Terry's great idea to just buy beer at the convenient store and drink some fast before we go in the bar and snekaing more in , in our pants. It was a great plan to save money excpet I thnk I got so durnk that i still spent as much money still at the bar and just drank in excess in waht I ever relaly should have. Me and Terry got on the top 10 list of the picture matching game which was nice since me and jill and teres used to occupy like all then of those top spots from one long night of playing but all our scores have been erased or beaten since then. Anyway this morning I defienlty felt eveyrthing I drank last night. I had not felt that bleh aftyer a night of drinking in a long time. And it was weird though because I couldn't seleep either, like i was rested but gorggy rosoemthing, like i woke up at 9:30 so and couldt sleep.

Met some new epeeps, particulary (e:uncutsaniflush) and his wife lee who his hopefully a soon to be (e:peep). They were fun and I was impressed by their cool new house. Well as impressed as I could be at the time in my state. It was also nice to talk to (e:springfaerie) again and to see (e:jasonsback) and (e:ajay) for the first times. Hopefully the next (e:party) will be much more well attended. Ok that's all for now...chadi

Ahh now i am freaked out. My tv just turned off but like nothing else did so it wasn't something to do with the power and like it runed back on when i pressed the power on the remote so it is not that the tv went out. That is freaky! I was not near the remote at all so it wasn't liek i acicdently touched it. Ok i will not be lseepnig tonight!
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06/23/05 01:20 - ID#28841

Thursday at the Square preparty

So tomorrow night before AJay's going away party me some other (e:strip)pers will be hanging out at Thursday Square...(e:amanda) (e:mk) and (e:maureen) are all expected to show for some pre-party fun at the square...hope to see some of you there.
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06/21/05 11:29 - ID#28840

Jilly, Beast and MK

I just wrote a super long entry about missing Jill, Teres and MK. And how my freinds here are wonderful but certain things are just missing and irreplaceabel with them gone and that I don't know how I am going to make it through the rest of the summer without random walks down elmwood, trips to Wegmans, and games of Frisbee. It will be sorely missed. MK luckily will be home soon and will make me feel better, because frankly I feel like crap lately....well this is much shorter sinc emy computer froze and i didn't feel like rewriting eveyrthign i wrote which stinks because it was very nice i think. haha that sounded full of myself. Well i hope eveyrone , everywhere is doing good.

P.S. I saw the Rent trailer and it looks really good.
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06/08/05 10:34 - ID#28839

Looking back at e:strip the original

After someone mentioned some old estrip entries of mine the other day I decided to go back and read my old entries. WOw I used to write so much, how crazy. LIke every detail of what I did. Anyway, I recommned everyone goes back and reads them you will porlly find things you have forgotten about. I definetely did.
Some things I found were the entry about jill almost stepping in a dirty diaper on elmwood and Allen and many entriesabout my love of Mocha Jet Cafe's at Coffee&. I miss those a lot. I hadn't thought about them in forever but now I crave one like i havn'et craved anything in a long time. Iit is a nice recap of the last three years. So much has happened and I didn't realize I had recorded ita ll here. Its not as thrilling as looking back through actual things like mementos and photos but it is still really fun> DO IT, look back, its fun and entertating.

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06/16/05 12:49 - ID#28838

Welcome to the Neighboorhood

OMG has anyone else seen previews or read about the new show Welcome To the Neighboorhood or something like that? It is a rich, white suburban neighboorhood and they pick one family out of a group of as they term it "culturally diverse" families that is then allowed to live in their neighboorhood. Can you believe this is real? Like the other families wouldn't be allowed to live there even if they could afford it or something! How terrible does this sound in terms of like social conscience? But how good does it sound in terms of great reality television. Like I seriuosly can't imagine what kinds of tests and stuff they are going to put them through? It all sounds too weird to me....
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06/08/05 01:00 - ID#28837

So Long

So i think we will lose our canisius email addresses soon since school is over and i graduated so today I did the daunting task of deciding what emails to save and forward to my aol account or print out. I had saved about over 600 emails or something crazy like that but I have parred it down to the 80 or so I really want. I prolly could get rid of some more but I have a hard time getting rid of stuff. It took forever but it feels like an accomplishment to have it done. So long tons of useless cnaisius correspondence and information..
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06/08/05 12:36 - ID#28836

Emancipation of Mimi

I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I love the new Mariah Carey song. WEll not so new it came out a few weeks ago. It is the slower more like RandB song not the rappy one. I seriulsy love it and hearing it makes my dya. I'm not sure why but it is really good...eveyroen should go listen...NOW
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06/06/05 10:28 - ID#28835

Fun Times

Yesterday was a lot of fun. I saw a lot of people I hadn't seen in awhile like (e:lilho), (e:chris), rachel, Holly and Dave from Coffee & and others. It was so hot though and walking from Bidwell back to the PMT's alone was a little long and warm and I thought I was going to die. It was my first like get together at the PMTs without a Jill or Teres with me. It makes it completely different and forces me to actually mingle with other people. It was a lot of fun. SOmetimes though I say things I really shouldn't. WHy do I always say things that embarass myself. I think it is my destiny.
Seriously, I need a better battle plan with this whole dating situation. When Teres and Jill were around I totally didn't feel any lack by not dating but now it is defientley setting in and I have no skills at making it any different. I can't even ask someone I basically know for their phone number but instead need to have others get it for me. I really need to work on that. I was reading something about summer flings and that sounds like it would be fun right now. NOthing real serious, just a summer fling. Ok this entry is random , time to go for a walk. Sidenote: I love walking lately and if anyone wants to join me for some nighttime walks , just leave me a note.
OH yeah i foudn out three exciting things yesterday too, 1. me and (e:lilho) are gonna hang out one day and be the cool kids we are 2. Chris is gonna let me hav ethe old cash registers from the Pet Store (where i am gonna store them is a whole nother question) 3. Dave reminded me about how I wanted to read the book The Lottery but the librayr doesn't have it and he does so maybe i can borrow it and read it. All in all a good day.

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