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09/16/11 12:10 - ID#55156

Last Soap Post

So i am done posting videos and soap opera chatter but I seriously loved Bo and Hope on Days of our Lives since I was like 5 (yes I was a soap opera watching kindergardeneer) and have always loved their song TOngith I Celebrate my Love. It has always been on of my favorite songs..... with the exception of my family and (e:mk) , Bo and Hope have probably been in my life the longest....let's watch

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09/15/11 12:43 - ID#55155


I was flitting through youtube and I forgot how much I loved the soap opera Passions. It was literally the most ridiculous thing ever with living midget dolls, witches, paternity switches, longest drawn out storylines ever, and I"ll never forget like by the third week after the show started tehy already were using tons of flash backs of the previous three weeks. I prolly saw Theresa dump fish guts on Ethan by mistake while stalking him 300 times, (i swear they flashed it back every day). Anywho there was this one scene I always loved and I came across it BUT it has the wrong music. I know for sure the song was It's not going to stop by Aimee Mann originally. I loved that song , because of and especially in this montage. WIth this other song I don't even really like it while with the original song I seriously think about it a lot even now 10 years later. Here it is in its lacklusterness and a clip kinda showing what Passions is all about. I love how they are just sitting in a coffee shop literally seriously discusssing how to save his girlfriend from the gates of hell like that opened up in their neighbors bedroom closet like its nothing that weird. The scar on his head is from the demons in hell he fought the day before.

and the not so favorite anymore montage, picture it with the original song and it was AMAZING!

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09/11/11 04:03 - ID#55142


I forgot how much I love this song. I don't know why but I really love it. It came on my slacker radio on my walk today and just put a pep in my step. I am not a huge fan of Sex and the City or Sarah Jessica Parker's face but the song is just fun.

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09/09/11 07:01 - ID#55125 pmobl

multiple partners

I got an email from best buy telling me I should use multiple partners to get extra points. if I use 5 or more multiple partners this month I get 2500 bonus points. my question is why do they care who I'm sleeping with ?

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09/07/11 11:28 - ID#55113

Last Confederate Town in NY?

I don't usually post news stories but I found this really interesting:

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