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01/20/12 07:59 - ID#55939

Snowman Wegmans Walk

So yesterday at work I took my lunch at around 4 and it had snowed earlier but was clear and now snowing and not too bad so I decided to walk to WEgmans which is only like half a mile away. I figured it would be faster and easier than brushing off my car and trying to drive down the 1 road while there was lots of traffic leaving the bulidings. WEll I got there in no time not problem. I get my sub and this bean salad thing, was making good time, walk outside and WHOA it turned into a whiteout blizzard hurricane storm of death. Ok I didn't have a hat or scarf on but really when I left my building 15 minutes earlier they were not needed. WELL THEY WERE NOW. I seriously couldn't see like 2 inches in front of me, walked into trees and stakes in the ground and curbs and thought I was going to die. It literally is usually like a 7 minute walk and it felt like it took me 2 hours (it didn't but it felt like it) It was so intense, the wind was so hard and cold in my face and the snow was beating me down. I was trying to block my face with my gloved hand but it was either my face or ears , it was such a hard decision and plus my glove had a missing finger top so it made it all the worse. I seriously wanted to give up like halfway back and just lay down and die in the snow. It was insane. I tried to run but that just made it feel even worse. I really was thinking I wasn't going to make it back but I did. AND OMG when I looked in the mirror , I had like a thick layer of snow on my head and everywhere else and my face was like sunburned/windburned red and i had a heacache and an everything ache. It was so bad. It was so crazy though, literally it is only a half a mile and I walk it all the time but this storm was something crazy. It was sooo intense and windy and snowy and ice shooting at my face. I felt like crap all night. Moral of the story: just drive the car (that may be anti green and anti environment but I don't care, it would so horrible) . Granted my coworker who left a little after me to go home said it took like a half hour to get to the light outside wegmans from our building by car so maybe that would have taken forever but it would have been better than being frozen alive.
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01/18/12 11:45 - ID#55937

Getting Up Early

I am not an early rise unless i have to be but everyone once in a while I get this idea of like you know what I'm going to get up early and get so much done. And like once every 7.8 years that works. Generally I end up getting up like 15 minutes early and expecting to get 100 things done but really it is just 15 minutes. It's so funny how like in morning time , I just feel like I should be able to get a million things done since I got up early, even if it is only 10 minutes earlier than usual. And then I try and get some stuff done but really have no time and end up getting nothing done and being late for work.
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01/11/12 11:44 - ID#55890

Ellen's Birthday

I just entered a contest to win a trip to Ellen for her birthday. I couldn't find the directions anywhere about they wanted and it just said Tell Your Story (and limited you to only so many words) so this is what I wrote basically. I forgot to save it to it is from memory, the real one was a little better i think:

I am not really sure what you want here (were there directions somewhere because I couldn't find them?) So I guess I will just write about me and Ellen. I would love to come for your birthday. I have always wanted to go to LA and see celebrities and of course you are celebrity #1 and being on your show and meeting you would be amazing. I hate flying but I would do it for you. Haha I just read that and it makes me sound as if I am doing you a favor by coming, well maybe I am. I am pretty fun. Maybe then you could come to Buffalo in August for my birthday but you would have to provide your own transportation but I'd pick you up at the airport.

I have loved your show and your stand-up forever. I was just watching your old stand-up the other night. I love your joke about gogurt and yogurt mobiility. I always try to tell people it but I don't have the "Sorry Tom, I can't tonight I just opened a yogurt" voice that you have. I just love that joke.

I would love to be on your show but actually I would be really nervous because then I would have to be fun and crazy and witty. And i would have to dance. I am not really a dancer. LIke if the mood strikes but not a run of the mill daily dancer. Pick Me! Please! Pretty Pretty Please!

I used up every last character I was allowed (even had to delete a few spaces to make it work) and then for the picture I sent one of me and my puppet unicorn

Wish me luck!
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