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07/20/11 12:05 - ID#54742

Letters and Cards From College

So as I'm cleaning out my room , tonight was go thru the drawers of cards, letters, etc. Of course I am not getting rid of really any of them but separating between leaving at my parents and taking with me.

It is really great to read back through cards and letters from my friends especially from when we were in college or when teres and jill moved away. It really takes you back and something about reading it in a letter instead of an e-mail is great. Like I feel like since you had to write it out by hand you made it better and only more important stuff or something where emails are more every detail of stuff that is going on . Well I loved it and it brought back some memories

BUT...I wish everyone dated things. I realize I never do but I am going to start. I never date cards or letters or notes but I am so grateful for the people who did because some I relaly can't place when they are from. So I have learned my lesson and will date everything I send in the future.
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07/17/11 12:09 - ID#54714

When a man loves a woman

SO me and (e:libertad) did our first ever slow dance tonight at Mk's wedding. It was to When A Man Loves A Woman which is kinda weird. So is that our song now ? That's weird
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07/14/11 12:22 - ID#54697 pmobl


moving isn't easy when your a hoarder

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07/10/11 09:06 - ID#54680 pmobl

I kept lists

I used to keep notebooks and notebooks of such random stuff like I thought I should record it for the world to remember. things like the videos on mtv or a list of the current football teams.or a integrating story .. its kinda neat but unfortunately I didn't date any of it and mixed multiple years in one journal




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07/10/11 08:46 - ID#54677 pmobl

stuff from Paul

I also can't seem to part with anything (e:paul) gave me. especially from when he was away at school .I think even though we didn't get along as well then I really missed him . I actually have some letters he wrote me here somewhere

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07/10/11 08:11 - ID#54676 pmobl


I can't part with this sad worn rather troll for some reason

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07/06/11 11:55 - ID#54654

Going Through My HOardingness

So as many of you know cuz I think I posted about it me and (e:libertad) are moving in together at the end of August. So while I"m excited it entails me going through my hundreds of items in my room,basement, attic, boxes,closets,every available space in my parents house. I am going to have a garage sale in August with all the stuff I am going to get rid of.

I started off strong today putting lots of stuff in the garage sale box and/or recycle bag and then I hit a road block when I came across this bank my cousins brought back from Italy. I had saved quarters in it and when it was full like had to cut it open cuz it had no way to open. So really it is useless and cutin half but I couldn't put it in the garbage pile and then I started sliding backwards and not wanting to get rid of anything. I am making progress though and I will work again on it on Friday.

What really kinda is hard about some of it (not the broken bank of course) but is that I have bought lots of stuff for an apartment over the years and I couldn't wait to move out and decorate my apartment with these things but now I think they don't really have place. LIke for just me I love them but they are not really great and prolly we don't have room for things like a large inflatable microphone. But I always pictured it in my apartment one day. it is something I am working on. And something (e:libertad) will have to work on accepting some of my quirky decor. I am excited about the apartment though and can't wait for this next step in my life and relationship. though I will miss being at home too.

You should all check out my garage sale and buy my crap. OH and I forgot I have been taking a picture of everything I am getting rid of so I can still have the memory kinda.
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