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12/24/13 12:35 - ID#58485

Davey's Christmas Gifts

So before (e:libertad) left to Florida for the holidays we exchanged our gifts. I definitely got way better gifts than I gave this year! I got an amazing beach bag from LLBean. I seriously have been wanting a nice beach bag forever and I think this one will really do the trick like no other. He also got me cards against humanity which I cannot wait to play again.

I got cellphone batteries which is super awesome so you can switch them out when you don't have a chance to charge your cellphone.

One gift was more of an investment sorta. He got me this complete dinner/serving set of rooster themed stuff. It is like cups, mugs, dishes, bowls, servers, like the whol complete set. It is pretty neat but I don't know that I would use it all the time though I really love some of the serving pieces. The thing is he bought them for me from a thrift store after he saw them but didn't think of them as a gift originally. he figured they are probably worth more than the $40 they cost at the store. We looked it up and it seems like for the entire set we could sell it for like $800. THE THING IS i really want to keep some of the pieces for seving ware. But (e:libertad) has very strong emotions about keeping the whole set together. Either we keep it all or sell it all as a set. I can't decide. Like it is really cool and maybe I would use some of it sometime, but it really is so much stuff we don't really have room for and money is always nice. I wish I could keep just some of it. We will see, no need to decide right now but I really like how some of the pieces look!

AND THEN THE GIFT THAT EXCEEDS ANY OTHER GIFT! THE SNOWMAN NATIVITY SET! I may have previously written about a $2000 nativity set I wanted but this one I think i wanted equally and it is only $7. I saw it in a catalog and really wanted it and (e:libertad) refused to let me get it but then he suprised me and got it for me for christmas! it was amaze balls! i love it!

Here are some pics.







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12/11/13 07:49 - ID#58432

Trip to Boston

So this weekend I am leaving half way through work tomorrow to drive to Boston to visit (e:Maureen). It is the longest I have ever driven by myself but it shouldn't be too bad , it is only like 7 hours. Hopefully it isn't a terrible blizzard where i die in the car though. I looked into flying but it was too expensive last minute (espeically because I just got new tires on Tuesday) and a lot of the flights had layovers which are stupid and I hate flying especially with no flying happines remedies on hand. I am actually sorta excited about the drive, I can just play my music and sing my little heart out for 7 hours! I do enjoy that! I just wish the trip was a little longer instead of 3 days but work is just to cray cray right now for me to be gone any longer!
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12/05/13 10:49 - ID#58410

Mob Wives

So I watch Mob Wives off and on but haven't seen it in a wihle. It is pretty amaze. I mean a little redic like if you are in the mob aren't you supposed to keep it a secret and not do a reality show about it? Anywho most of them are daughters of mob people so I guess it makes more sense. Anywho one of the main characters on the show is Sammy the Bull Gravano's daughter Karen . He was the guy who was like a mob boss who turned informant. Well this new season a girl from the Philadelphia mob family whose husband just got arrested and whose father in the law was murdered by a hit put out by Sammy the Bull has joined the show. And like she comes on and is all I hate Karen because her father killed my father in law blah blah blah fmaily drama. But anywho, she was all I will never be in the same room as Karen, I hope I never ever run into her.......SO YOU JOINED A REALITY SHOW THAT SHE IS ON! That seems like a great plan for avoiding her. So fake. i don't care though I will still watch. I love Big ANG! nothing will ever be as amazing as Big Ang! I WANT her to be part of my life so bad. Come on now, that fake tan, those fake lips, those fake boobs, and that voice...ooh that voice. LOVE HER
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