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11/21/13 08:07 - ID#58331

Days of our Lives

EJ: You won't even give my sister a chance. You are always going to hate her.
Sami: Well let's see. She tried to kill my mother. She broke my step brother's heart at the altar by raping a priest who happens to be MY TWIN! How am I supposed to get over that!

Oh how I love the drama in Salem!
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11/20/13 09:42 - ID#58325

Fancy Movie Theater Recliner

So me, (e:jill) and (e:mk) went to see About Time at the AMC theater on Maple the other day. I had not been there in forevs and a day because it was old and run down and a hot uncomfortable mess but I had heard they renovated and had recliners now so we thought we would go check it out. Well, we get there and we buy our tickets and we were like 20 minutes early which is so unlike us but we didn't know how the whole experience was going to work out so we were a little early. Anywho, so then YOU GET RESERVED SEATS! like you pick your seats and they are numbered and you get to sit there. That was pretty cool. We got our popcorn and pop and there were two things I disliked about their refreshment situation.

1. They do not serve tubs of popcorn. Their large popcorn is a bag which is not nearly or at least does not seem nearly as large as the tub at the Regal. I really like eating out of a tub, period end of story . a bag will never be a tub. I mean really , if I"m going to eat out of a bag I might as well just eat off the floor. Ok i guess it wasn't period end of story because I had more to say but really not eating popcorn out of a tub really gets my goat.

2. They have those new coke machines where you can choose from 809 flavors. Unlike everyone else in the world I despise these machines. I see the benefit of having all these flavor choices but really it makes me life much much worse. First of all, I swear it always just tastes like a mix of a whole bunch of flavors because I swear it doesn't clear itself out. Then secondly, people spend hours , like literally 1.72 hours deciding on a flavor since there are so many choices. So what used to be a drink handed to you in like 2 seconds now it a 1.72 hour process of standing in line, finding your flavor and then getting a mixed flavor grossness. I really dislike these machines.

So then we get into the theater and get oru seats. Wow , theya re awesome and comfortable. They like fully recline and are large and super comfy. We took pics, so did like everyone else, everyone seemed really in love in the seats. I'm thinking they might get gross in the summer when people wet sweaty skin gets stuck to the pleather and you hear a lot of skin tearing stickiness but for now while everyone is wearing pants and sweaters it is really enjoyable. Theh people next to us even brought a blanket. T

There are far fewer seats now since they are so spacious so I recommend you order online ahead of time or call to make sure you get good seats.

OOOH wait I almost forgot the most important part. These seats make it hard to share pop and popcorn unless youa re really snuggling up. me mk and Jill usually split a popcorn and it would be almost impossible to reach from the seats on the side with someone in the middle holding it like in a normal theater. Luckily Jill thought of this and brought 2 tupperware bowls that we could split it into so we could all enjoy our popcorn. We had 2 pops and they both only have cup holders on the outside so if you are hsaring a pop you would have to reach across the other person depending on where you were sitting.

So overall I really like the new theater, super comfy and fun but there were some downsides in the refreshment area.

Oh and the movie. it was really good. it was by the people who did Love Actually and I didn't love it as much as I loved Love Actually actually but it was still good. It was about this guy and he can travel back in time but only to parts of his life and there are different rules and his dad can do it too. It had some really sad parts that you had to live over and over due to time travel which lead to a lot of crying on our part but it was enjoyable. I recommend it!

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11/14/13 09:00 - ID#58299

Cowboy Police Slapper

Dave and I were watching a movie last night and when the police were interogating this suspected murderer randomly this huge black man in a jockstrap and cowboy hat would come in and slap him across the face. It seemed so random and totally odd. But I looked it up and here is what the director said. By the by this was like a real movie with Al Pacino not some crazy random thing.

R: There's a giant black enforcer in a jockstrap who shows up in Cruising's interrogation sequence. What the hell was that?

WF: That was a real thing that happened -- constantly. Not just in cases involving crimes in the gay world. And that's the guy who did it. I forget his name. When they were interrogating a suspect -- and this is before Miranda rues and legal restrictions on cops to beat a confession out of somebody -- who they thought was guilty or wasn't talking to them, they had this big African-American cop come in in a jockstrap and a cowboy hat and whack the guy and walk out of the room. The witness would get into court and his lawyer would say, "The only reason he confessed is because they beat it out of him." The judge was often in on it, and he'd say, "Who beat it out of him?" "It was a big black guy in a jockstrap and a cowboy hat!" And the judge would say, "In a police station? You've gotta be kidding. Three years!" I would have to say that was standard police procedure, especially in the '60s.

It was really crazy!
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10/30/13 08:39 - ID#58212

Chickety China the Chinese Chicken

So i just read that it is now legal to import chicken from China. Which whatever you think about that it is what it is BUT here is the super weird part. The chickens have be born and raised in the US or Canada and then can be shipped to China for processing and then shipped back. HOW CAN IT BE CHEAPER TO SHIP CHICKEN ACROSS THE PACIFIC AND BACK instead of just processing it here. If the whole process took place in china I could maybe see how it oculd be cheaper but really raised here and then shipped there defeathered and cut up and shipped back? NO WAY! It seems so crazy!

Also, the party is in two days and i still have no ideas for a costume. This makes me fear it is going to be another Troll like year, that was a terrible costume year, even I can admit that.....

....maybe seeing this will give me inspiration to kick my butt in gear...

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10/29/13 09:31 - ID#58204

Carrie Depression

Well I just watched Carrie (the original version) with (e:libertad) tonight. Well let me tell you , it is the most depressing movie ever. It isn't really scary and like I can see why people say it is good but really it was just depressing. Everyone was so mean to her. AND THEN JUST AS things seem to be going so well for her and she and Tommy are so happy at the prom , why did they have to pour the pigs blood. If Tommy was in on it maybe it would have been a little less depressing somehow, just all around meannes. But he was actually being nice and so was the teacher and then they just die too! Poor Carrie, poor tommy, poor overly glamorized gym teacher! It was frankly just so depressing. I was hoping this time it would have a different ending and just end with her and tommy and sue being great finds and living happily ever after but it did NOT HAPPEN!

Also, I did find the end a little hilarious where the girl who survived's mom says to her friend on the phone "she will be ok, her doctor said she is young enough that she will forget" . UMMM she was a senior in highsschool and all her friends were killed in terrible ways in front of her? LIke there willl be noone left of her age in her town and then their neighbors house burned down into hell? Oh yeah she will prolly forget that in no time!

It's back to disney channel and hallmark for me , at least there is usually something uplifting at the end in those movies!

P.S. I have been meaning to write about my10 year estrip anniversary, it is comning soon
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10/28/13 11:39 - ID#58201

You've Filled Out

So this old lady who like loooves me at RiteAid who I have not seen since I started at IHA almost 3 yeARS AGO came in tonight. SHe totally freaked out when she saw me and was so excited and it was sooo cute. It was seriously cute and amazing, like she was soo excited! BUT at first she didn't belive it was me and she later said it was because I have "filled out". That is not what a boy who turned 30 wants to hear! Anywho it was still amaze seeing her, it is moments like that that make me realize I can never leave RiteAid. I love my seniors and they love me right back.

Side note I just realized this past September was my 10 year anniversary and I didn't even celebrate! Gotta do something to celebrate!
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10/27/13 02:37 - ID#58195


For some reason I just can't get into Halloween this year. I don't know what to be but I haven't even really thought about it much. I only have 4 days and seriously have no idea but haven't even been looking. i don't know why this year I just can't get as excited about it for some reason. Hopefully my creativity and care kicks in soon!
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10/16/13 10:12 - ID#58150

Sad Movie Emotional Cutter

So I don't know why but every so often I really like to just pull up really sad movie clips or tv show clips on youtube and watch them and just cry and cry. Dave said that basically I am an emotional cutter but instead of cutting myself I watch sad clips and cry. I don't know. I just feel like every once in a wihle you need a good crying time cleanse. Speaking of which here are some sad clips. I guess if you haven't seen the movies before they might not seem sad on their own but they give me a good cry.

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10/10/13 10:31 - ID#58127


So I stumbled upon this movie called Teeth on Logo tonight. It is about vagina dentata which if you dn't know what that is look it up. I must say this toothy in all the wrong places woman is hilarous! I think my favorite part is when she goes to her friend saying she has killed 2 people and has vagina dentata and needs to be destroyed he decides to seduce her becasue that is what you would do when someone tells you they have a second set of teeth. I recommend everyone check this crazy movie out!

My real question is why is this movie on the gay channel Logo? Is it propoganda to make more gays because they will be afraid of women?
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10/05/13 08:47 - ID#58117

Fontana's Restaurant

So today after shopping at the Galleria me and (e:libertad) decided to go to dinner at Fontana's which is an Italian restaurant in Lovejoy. For those of you who know Lovejoy or have been around Buffalo a while it is in the old Billy Ogden's location on William Street near Davey Street.Some people at work had said it was good and I thought that was a good time to go and I wanted to drive by the house my dad grew up in which is like only two blocks away from the restaurant.

So anywho, we were both really hungry. The waitress was really friendly. There weren't too many people there when we went (around 730pm) but there were a few other tables. They brought over some good crusty bread and pesto to dip it in. They have a good size menu and then they have a chalkboard with about 15-20 specials. We both got things off the specials board but right now they have this deal with all these meals that are like only 7.99 which seems like a really good deal but we didn't get those because we wanted specials.

We got fried calamari as an appetizer which was good but nothing too special in the fried calamari department. They were more bready than I like but they were good. For our meals, Dave got cajun chicken pasta and I got Sicilian Mac and Cheese (which was like rigatoni with 5 kinds of cheese and redsauce all mixed). Both are meals were really delicious and really big portions. The prices were really reasonable ( i think they were like 13.95 each) and the portions were really large. All the dinners also come with the salad bar. It is a limited amount of ingredients in the salad bar but it was still good. We both enjoyed our salads. We both ended up taking about half our meals home and we had no room for dessert.

Overall, I definitely would go back and definitely recommend it. It's a little bit out of the way and not really around where we are but if you are at the galleria it is only like a 8 minute drive away. You should give it a try!!

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mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...