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10/31/06 10:55 - 48ºF - ID#29060

3 Interesting Things

1. The girl who was drunk and hit me does have insurance. It turns out the police report and everythign was wrong. Her insurance company called me today basically saying they will give me the money. The catch is they have to talk to her first, and haven't been able to fnd her. They can't pay out claims without talking to her. I told them to call jail, she might be there.

2. Elephants groom themslves when looking in mirrors which means something really important that I can't remember at the moment. They join an elite group of humans, chimps and possibly dolphins as the only animals who recognzie themselevs in a mirror and use it to be pretty or soemthing. I love elephants and I love mirrors so it is good news all around.

3. Bob Barker is retiring in June. This is so very sad. to think me and my friend Carly from like elementary school always dreamed of going and meeting him and "coming on down" . Maybe I wil lhave to call her even though we haven't hung out in years and make a quick trip to LA for a little Pricing game.
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10/29/06 01:55 - 40ºF - ID#29059


OMG me and (e:mk), (e:jill) and (e:beast) went to Frightworld tonight by the Eastern Hills Mall. (e:mk) talks about it in her journal also. Lets just say the four of us should not do haunted houses together. It was five different houses you could go in. In the first one after many a slamming ourselves into walls cuz we were in a huddled mass and could not run without falling. Well we eventually reach a room with a chainsaw man at which point (e:mk), (e:jill) and myself basically back into a corner screaming and refusing to move for way to long and then run out the wrong way aka the kiddie exit. We get lost in the bakc room where al lthe people in costumes walk around and eventually get escorted out from back there by a man in a furry costume.

me and (e:jill) thought we were gonna call it quits and (e:beast) and (e:mk) did the next one alone while me and jill tried to huddle near the polic officers cuz even in the outside area it was scary cuz they had people walking around scaring you and chasing you with chainsaws. there was no rest. We eventually huddled with an eight year old boy hoping he would protect us.

We decided to brave another house whihc was not supposed to be as scary and i kept my eyes closed the whole time. It wasn't too bad except it was so painful cuz we were huddled in a mass and it was thin walkways for one perosn so i kept getting my head/arms/body slammed into walls and cornerns. At the end of it there was this rainbowy spinny tilty bridge and I was terrified that they had accuidently lead us into the clown one which I did not think i wanted to go into so i freaked out nbut it turned out it was just the end of the one we were in. We were guided out by this man with a glowstick> I tink we were holding eveyrone up cuz it wasn't really suppsoed to be a scary one and we were in a huddled mass stuck in many spots.

We neededa nother break after that and the people in costume were so mean scaring (e:jill) mainly cuz she lookd so scared but we deivsed a plan where we put our heads together and if we didn't' look at them for long enough and cried hard enough they would go away.

MK and Teres did the insane asylum one by themselves cuz I am terrified of asylums , jsut the thought of one terrifes me and they said it was the scariest one.

We then went in thte circus/clown one and it was terrifying but fun. Clowns are scary. It was like funny/scary. We did slam into many more walls and I thkink i knocked some of the decoration off the one wall. One of the scary clowns eventually sang a song with us to calm us down.

Yeah we are like five year olds, we know it, I am prolly never going to a haunted house again ever! We were suposed to go out after because it is daylight savigns and we gain an extra hour but I am feeling way to beat up/in pain/stomach ache/headache. Seriuosly it took everything out of me goi ngin those scary houses.

They had a concensision stand. Who can eat at a thing like that. I am still tense as can be.
I may never sleep again....
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10/28/06 12:23 - 42ºF - ID#29058

Stupid People That Hit My Car/Party Time

I was going to write about the Halloween party last night which was very fun. It is always a good night when you spend the night dancing the night away on rolleblades. Hopefully (e:mk) and (e:metalpeter) will post some pics. (e:jill) even won best female costume....but alas that is all i will say BECAUSE

the stupid ho that was drunk and got in the car accident with me HAS NO INSURANCE!!!! So if i want to get any money out of that frekin beyotch, I'd have to take her to small claims court and can only get like $1,000 anyway and then have to fight her prolly to make her pay. I don't know if it is worth it but I prolly will just to make her pay!!!!! I am so flippin mad about this. WHy do I always have the suckiest luck!!
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10/25/06 09:15 - 43ºF - ID#29057

Halloween soo soon!

Once again it is like two days before halloween and me and (e:jill) have been planning halloween since like oh I don't know May and already decided on our costumes then. But we never got around to it of course and then realized the parties start this friday! UH OH! Anyone got a pair of size 14 roller skates and a whole bunch o glitter? We always succeed somehow though so I'm not worried! Captain Planet, Wind up Monkey, it always works out fantastically and nearly nude!
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10/23/06 11:14 - 38ºF - ID#29056

My Dear Jillian Jigs

Me and (e:jill) went to eat at ETS and then wen to Spot tonight for some good old fashioned chatting. We started talking about the future and how she plans on leaving Buffalo one day. Although she has always said this, for some reason this really seemed real this time, like it could happen in a year. I can't imagine it. Well I can and I did. Like I can picture pakcing up her room and saying it goodbye and it is so very sad. I really think I would die. I know people grow up and move on and I would still have many wondeful friends here but for some reason jilly just seemed like the one who would never leave. She would always be here. We wouldn't grow up, get real jobs, be serious, move out of our parents homese (except when we finally get an apt) etc. To think it is really possible is incredibly sad and I'm not sure why tonight it felt so real but it really did. I don't wanna grow up.....
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10/21/06 12:08 - 45ºF - ID#29055

Super Crazy Car Accident Night

So yesterday was just not a good day for me for many reasons but that was all supposed to change and me and (e:beast) were going to go out and meet up with some of her coworkers at some bar on Pearl Street. Well we are stopped on Elmwood near Spot becuase some car is turning when all of a sudden our car gets slammed from behind. We pull over thinking this is prolly just a normal fender bender situation but oh were we wrong. So we get out and so does the two people in the car bheind us but the third car which hit the second car which hit us is still in the street and the lady is in it. It is leaking some kind of fluid so we all tell her to turn it off before she explodes or something. On our way walking from where we pulled over our car to where th eother car was some peple on the street asked us for money but we said no at the time. Anywho so the saga continues..

A bystander pulls over and helps push the lady's car into the Wilson Farms parking lot at whihc point from talking to her we realize she is completely wasted and I mean trashed. Like completely. When they opened her door like four beer bottles fell out kinda trashed. So then the people that asked us for money say they saw the whole thing and will be witnesses or whatever.

Meanwhile the durnk driver is now trying to get back into her car and drive away. SO the guy from the car behind us stops her and makes her get out of her car. She tries this again and insists she is just trying to move her car but we tell her she isn't allowe dbecasuse a)she might blow up and b) she will prolly kill someone even juts trying to move it into a space or c) she will drive away. Eventually after lots of arguing one of the guys took the keys our of her hand and gave them to me to hold onto.

Oh wait I almost forgot we had called the police right after the accident. As did Wilson Farms and the people in the other car. It has been at least a half hour at ihs point while a few cops had driven by but said they couldn't' sto pcuz it wasn't their call. While I fully know that there are prolly at leas t6 cop cars in the Mobil lot on Lexington the whole time. ANywho, we call the cops again cuz the girl is strating to get angry and mean and being like "you can't take my keys' . Who are you. This is scary that you have my keys" and we were like no what is scary is that you slammed into two cars cuz you are so drunk. So I go to plug my phone in my car to charge cuz the battery was almost dead and when I get out I see her walking down elmwood like pas tthe sushi place so I chase after her and call the other people over and we finally get her to come back. She insists she is on the phone with her mom, who told her we were being ridicuolous and she should just walk away. HELLO!! NO! YOU JUST SLAMMED INTO OUR CAR CUZ YOU ARE FREAKIN' WASTED!

So after prolly an hour or so the police finally arrived. Oh yeah and in the meantime the wtinesses are asking Teres for money and she says something like , we'll get you back don't worry kinda thing but is not gonna give them money in front of the police because how shady does that look.

So the cops get there and act as if the front two cars are conspiring in some how and thinkins we were drinking too. Which I was not at all and the girl behind me did not seem like she had been either. But the bystander witness was drunk and reaked of alcohol and I thknk that is what the police smelled.

Anyway, drunk girl then insists she wasn't driving and she was just walking when the accident happens though she agrees that it is her car. Yes she was that wasted. Mind you this is after I spent the last 20 minutes going over with her again and again which cars she hit. Well according to her "supposedly hit". Even though every thirty seconds she would ask again and forget that I already told her about it. Anywho so the cops gets everyone informtaino. Oh and three ocp cars, two ambulances and a fire truck respond...mind you tihs is like 45 minutes or so after we called, so had we needed an ambulance (which we said we didn't) it would have been a little late at that time.

Well anyway we go to leave and the bystander is asking us for money and Ters is saying she will get him back but now now cuz it looks shady. And after he berates us for being terrible people we drive away. But seriulsy it would looks so shady. We will have his address form the police report so we are going to send him like a gift certificate to a store or something cuz he said he needed baby diapers and we want him to but that though instead of more alcohol.

Anywho the night gets stranger. We decide "eh waht the f" we might as well still go out as it was only lykke 1230ish at this point and we were fine. So we go to Frizzy's where I saw some people I went to college and some people I went to highschool with which was fun. We also saw the poeple from the front of (e:pmt)'s old apt whihc was fun. Anywho the weird part is the kid from the accideent from the car behind us was there. And he said the girl got taken away in handcuffs, she is so done...we might have to go to court the cops said. Anyway, he said the really weird part is that the girl he was with has a boyfriend who ended up showing up at the accident and she was with this other guy so that as bad....

TERES MADE OUT WITH HIM....oh what a night

I feel like tihs story doesn't come off as sounding as crazy as it really was in text form so next time I see you guys I will tell you about it. Cuz it was insane
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10/15/06 11:23 - 45ºF - ID#29054


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!!!! HOPE IT GOES SWIMMINGLY!!! (and maybe involves a huge poster of three adorable babies...maybe?) And if all else fails just remember the midget is the baby's daddy....daddy....daddy....
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10/14/06 12:15 - 41ºF - ID#29053

Sarah Party?

Sarah, are you still having a party tonight?
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10/14/06 01:21 - 41ºF - ID#29052

Cell Phones and Tree Fallings

It seems this little storm made me realize how reliant everyone is on cell phones. Everyone I know who doesn't have power is dying b/c there cell phone power has died and so they have no way of reaching anyone. Plus so many people's cell phones are out of whack. Like mine never rings but then I will get like 8 voicemails at once but can't listen to them and my battery dies about every hour cuz it is searching for service and keeps going into digital roam. Same thing is happening to many of my friends which has caused many confusing conversations/situations today. The only place i really had good reception was outside Jill's house for a little bit earlier and in marykate's window sill for like a little while tihs afternoon.

Weird note: did anyone else notice that there is trees down everyewhere but hardly any hit houses. At least here in Kenmore that seems to be the situation. I walked all over Kenmore and saw a tree down in front of like every house but none seemed to have hit any of the houses. It seems crazy. Is it the same everywhere?
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10/12/06 11:57 - 32ºF - ID#29051

Baby Joe Mesi/Snow

Today someone said I was just like Baby Joe Mesi the boxer. Sure it was a 7 year old but still, that's something. I guess lifting my 10 lb weights is paying off, haha. I had to pick my bosses kid up at the busstop today. It is weird that anyone could really pick the kid up. I could have been a stranger. It seems like in this day and age they would have osme other system. I guess he is 7 or 8. I guess you can fend for yourself by then? Needless to say I was freezing standing in the slushy snow for like a half hour waiting for the bus in a tshirt and spring jacket which is all I brouth to work since it was warm this morning. And then found out I didn't actually have to be there and could have waited at the house....ehh at least I got to leave Eckerd for about an hour....

I guess this is the most damage ever or something. That is what they said on the news. They think they will have to wait til tomrrow to see but it may be the costliest natural disaster in Buffalo history....and its only mid-October...great
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