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10/14/06 12:15 - 41ºF - ID#29053

Sarah Party?

Sarah, are you still having a party tonight?
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10/14/06 01:21 - 41ºF - ID#29052

Cell Phones and Tree Fallings

It seems this little storm made me realize how reliant everyone is on cell phones. Everyone I know who doesn't have power is dying b/c there cell phone power has died and so they have no way of reaching anyone. Plus so many people's cell phones are out of whack. Like mine never rings but then I will get like 8 voicemails at once but can't listen to them and my battery dies about every hour cuz it is searching for service and keeps going into digital roam. Same thing is happening to many of my friends which has caused many confusing conversations/situations today. The only place i really had good reception was outside Jill's house for a little bit earlier and in marykate's window sill for like a little while tihs afternoon.

Weird note: did anyone else notice that there is trees down everyewhere but hardly any hit houses. At least here in Kenmore that seems to be the situation. I walked all over Kenmore and saw a tree down in front of like every house but none seemed to have hit any of the houses. It seems crazy. Is it the same everywhere?
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10/12/06 11:57 - 32ºF - ID#29051

Baby Joe Mesi/Snow

Today someone said I was just like Baby Joe Mesi the boxer. Sure it was a 7 year old but still, that's something. I guess lifting my 10 lb weights is paying off, haha. I had to pick my bosses kid up at the busstop today. It is weird that anyone could really pick the kid up. I could have been a stranger. It seems like in this day and age they would have osme other system. I guess he is 7 or 8. I guess you can fend for yourself by then? Needless to say I was freezing standing in the slushy snow for like a half hour waiting for the bus in a tshirt and spring jacket which is all I brouth to work since it was warm this morning. And then found out I didn't actually have to be there and could have waited at the house....ehh at least I got to leave Eckerd for about an hour....

I guess this is the most damage ever or something. That is what they said on the news. They think they will have to wait til tomrrow to see but it may be the costliest natural disaster in Buffalo history....and its only mid-October...great
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10/11/06 11:40 - 61ºF - ID#29050

Poor Mario Lopez

I say that way too often. Especially considering Mario Lopez is a celebrity (be it b or c list), was on the best show of all time (Saved By The Bell), is on another really good show (Dancing with the Stars) and can dance really well and dates lots of celebrities.

For some odd reason though I often find myself saying poor Mario Lopez...and meaning it. The most recent time was after reading how he will take whatever Eva Longoria gives him, even if it is just a date here and there and then leaving him again for her boyfriend Tony. Craziness...poor Mario Lopez
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10/09/06 10:15 - 60ºF - ID#29049

Sunglasses Fiasco and Weekendness

Wowser! When (e:southernyankee) comes to town, the partying don't stop. I love her! She is a non-stop bucket of fun. (e:terry) already wrote about it and let me tell you , it was all that and more. FYI , Pink Monkey martinis are super tasty. They are strawberry banana flavored and sooo good. I had them a few nights in a row. And to top it off like I bought everyone a martini at Fugazi and there were like 10 of us and it was only $18. How crazy cheap is that and yet they were all soo good! Too bad (e:southernyankee) is gone! I can't wait until she comes back again!

Secondly, I did (e:jenks) quiz and it said Mike: lewd street performer. Could that be more perfect? If you're not sure, check the pictures from any party in the last few years and you will see my true inner street performer coming out...haha

Now the real point of this whole post. I love sunglasses but I always break them. I have had to buy some pairs numerous times in like a few weeks cuz I keep breaking them> Well now I haven't broke any in a while and I had found a pair in my car that I had forgoten about and loved and of course i left them on the seat, get out of a long day at work in a somewhat tired/angry mood, throw my pop bottle in the car....and of course it lands right on the sunglasses, smashing them to pieces.!! Why me? I should get sunglasses made of Kevlar or something.!!!
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10/06/06 01:59 - 56ºF - ID#29048

Jerry Springer

Haha , remember when Jerry Springer tried to be classy and at least the title of the episodes was like "Lovers Scorned" or something like that. Well today I turned it on for the first time in a long time and the topic was "Toothless Hillbillies and a Pink Dress" classy. I love that thye don't even try to make it seem real anymore.

(e:southernyankee), glad you're back. Hopefully last night was just a preview of the fun weekend ahead of us....
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10/04/06 10:49 - 53ºF - ID#29047

Too Far Down the List

Work is kicking my butt lately so I haven't really been online and am probably farther down the Latest list I have ever been (2 clicks of show more) Not much going on. Excited to see (e:southernyankee) , we must see each other while you are here! (e:hodown), I super love the sour licoricy things in my gift bag. They are amazing and I am trying to savor them and not eat them all at once. (e:lilho), I can't wait to your bday, we will have to rock it, hardcore style....ok that's all for that I am back at the top of the list
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10/01/06 03:41 - 62ºF - ID#29046

Feeling Klassy With a K of course

Had fun at the party last night as always. I'm glad that I was able to stay as classy as ever. I tihnk I felt classiest when I tripped down and rolled down the huge staircase in my underwear (thanks (e:lilho) haha) and toppled into a group of people at the bottom. If only my underwear would have stayed all the way on. Then maybe I would still have a little dignity! KLASSY!! Thankfully not soo many people were at the party still at this point I don't tihnk...I think the classiest part was that noone [i]seemed that surprised [/i]that I was falling down the stair with my pants around my ankles and my underwear not being completely sufficient cover up. Like they almost expected it........
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09/30/06 11:18 - 53ºF - ID#29045

You Can Dance If You Want To

So last night (e:twisted) came to the b-lo. It was super exciting to meet the mystique that is (e:twisted). Sorry if I was a little drunk. I also saw (e:holly) for the first time in a while and she was giving wonderful little rolling life lessons. And of course the immeasurably awesome (e:hodown) was also in town with promises of gifts for me today! Score! And I saw (e:lilho) for the first time in a long time and we ate off of garbage picked oversized forks!!! And (e:pmt) were cool as always. All in all a very good night...except for the wine on my shirt and jeans from too many fingers in the hole...but thats for another time and place......but now

Now I have to try and find a housewarming gift. They are my brother so I need something good. (e:hodown) poopood what I thought was a good idea so I may go with it anyway. But I am not sure. Off to the world of shopping.

OOoh speaking of shopping yesterday I went tot eh mall at like 10am and it was crazy and empty and I got such personalized service which usually hate cuz it makes me nervous and annoyed but yesterday it was so fun and I had tem serach for things for me and set up dressing rooms. It was really fun. AND I FOUND THE SHIRT OF MY DREAMS! Like it is exactly what I was looking for for fall. LIke a middleweight white pullover hooded thing. But not really white cuz it has like dark undertones kinda. I love it. It was from Express. It was on sale cuz the whole store was !!! Hip hip hooray for amazing shirts. I just might wear it tongiht to the housewarming but I might not cuz i don't want to ruin it and we all know what happens at parties sometimes. IO don't' want it to just be like left in a corner and trampled on.

So off to Tuesday Morning, Bed, Bath Beyond, Target, Lowes, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, TJ Maxx and many many more..,,.. see ya all later
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09/28/06 08:25 - 58ºF - ID#29044

Up Early

I am up and ready for work early which never happens (I am usually late) and thought I would stop by (e:strip) since it feels like I haven't been on here in days. Not much new in my life except I ate at Fuddruckers for the first time and it was really good!!! I really liked it!

I also went to Niagara Hobbies and Crafts for the first time because I needed a train conductor hat. That store is cool in a once every 5 years kinda way but the coolest thing was that THEY GIVE OUT FAYS BAGS!!! Yes they still have Fays bags even though they went out of business about 10 years ago. Why Fays had such an abundance of bags made a head of time beats me but the store still uses Fays bags. Those yellow bags are still seen everywhere and I love it. They are so sturdy and they are just the best bags ever!!! Needless to say now I have four new Fays bags to add to my collection and I am one happy camper.

Also, I am tinking of applying for a job at Roswell as a pharmacy tech. It would be like a 3 dollar an hour raise and better benefits (they couldn't get worse than what I have now) But I don't know> I don't know if i reallly want to work in a hospital pharmacy . It doesn't sound extremely fun and plus I always thought like if I got a new job it should be something more like what I want to do with my life instead of just another pharm tech job. But who knows, money is money and I need it! What do you think estrip?

Ok time for work

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