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10/30/09 12:04 - 60ºF - ID#50149


So as compared to usual where I come up with my costume day before/day of, i actually have had this idea for a while. But I haven't exactly decided how to pull it off. I have bought every kind of suppoly from face paint to poster board to christmas decorations to felt to glowsticks, not sure how it will all pan out but hopefully amazingly! at every store I have went to people have suggestions of how to do it and they are all so different so we'll see what happpens!!!!!!!!
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10/22/09 06:31 - 56ºF - ID#50075

Were the World Mine

OMG! I want to see this movie sooo bad!I think it is out on DVD already! It looks like it would be sometihng I would love. I have always loved a Midsummer's Night Dream and anything involving it. I have always loved loved loved the character of Puck! and i love musicals. And i love everything that it seems like it is! I want to see it now!

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10/15/09 07:40 - 38ºF - ID#50022

Happy Birthday To A Ho Remix

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!I think I have the day right? Even if you are 10 million and a half miles away I am sure you are being amazingly amazing as always. If you were here we would party like this....
(the picture has been changed due to birthday girl's demands and hopes for a teaching job in the future)

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10/14/09 07:12 - 42ºF - ID#50015

Pam Anderson's little fashion slave...

Have you guys heard the latest about Pam Anderson. I guess at the style awards she had her make up artists daughter come with her to hold the train on her dress up. That was the whole purpose of the girl being there the whole night. You could say oh sure that girl prolly loved it cuz she at least got to be there and stuff. BUT NO THEY DIDN"T EVEN GET HER A CHAIR! She had to sit on the floor at Pamela's feet the whole time. I guess this is stirring up quite the controversy in hollywood ...

here's a pic

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10/12/09 10:23 - 43ºF - ID#50001

Halloween Halloween ...what to be

As always at this time of year I start to fret about what I am going to be for halloween only to wait utnil the last minute to decide and make it with pure shoddiness and lot of duct tape and safety pins. The best laid plans always get pushed to the side for the last minute "great idea". My only 2 real requirements usually are that involves short shorts and glitter...we'll see what comes up this year! i love thking about it though. So many fun ideas so few days a year to wear costumes
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10/04/09 12:49 - 53ºF - ID#49924

Wll Whitney Be Back?

So Whitney released her new album on my birthday which seemed like a good sign for me and for Whit, like I really want her to come back and wow the world. But sadly this first single is just really not memorable/danceable/or that good. It makes me sad cuz I really thought she was gonna come back from her cracked out/whacked out/bobby brown loving/craziness and be a huge star again. I was starting to doubt that but then I was cleaning out Nonna's attic with (e:paul) and my mom the other day and saw tihs on the cover of one of the 8,000 issues of Famiglia Cristiana that my grandparents saved and figured its a sign she is back. The weird part of many of these magazines is I swear that the person the cover is not actually in any story in the magazine. I know i dopn't really read italian that well but i should be able to tell if any of the stories mention Whitney Houston and I swear they did not. This is not an isolated case. I swear they just put anything on the cover even if there is no story about it. Well here is her cover, and here's hoping she is on her way back!

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