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12/31/07 11:20 - 32ºF - ID#42700

super suprise guest

Super suprise guest at the party right now!!!!!!! COME AND GET IT!!!!
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12/29/07 02:35 - 36ºF - ID#42676

Sooo Much Food Christmas Celebration #4

In my family as (e:paul) detests we have a few christmas celebrations. We have christmas eve with my aunt and uncle and cousins, then christmas day with just our immediate family, then a day with my dad's extended family and then a day with my mom's extended family. Today it is my mom's extended family. Anywho that is not really what this post is about. I was just thinking that I have a warped sense of what you need for a meal. Like honestly does everyone's family gatherings involve so much food? I guess they prolly do, but like it just seems so crazy how much food is involved, do people out there just have meals with like one meat and just like two sides? They must right, but i just can't imagine. I think if there isn't at least 3 pounds of food per person , it can't be enough. Like today we have I think like 12 people ocming over but my mom is making roasted chickens, liek a pot roast, clams casino, asparagus with mushrooms thing, a chick pea salad, another salad, twice baked cheesy potatoes and prolly like at least 3 other things. And she is always nervous there won't be enough, though from (e:paul)'s photos you can see there is always plenty. I think I always think the same way, like if i am having a dinner party there needs to be like 100 things, it makes it very hard to pull off (esp. since i have zero kitchen skills). So i don't know, I love that there is so much food, but is everyone's family like this?
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12/26/07 01:08 - 27ºF - ID#42647

Awesome Website for Charity

So OMG my aunt's niece (but not my cousin) had some challenge for her elementary school to like make a difference and so she started this website in honor of her grandfather (my aunt's brother) where she wrote for 25 days about something she did to make a difference in somoene's life and then asked others to send in what they are doing. She offered to send $25 (her like monthly allowance or something) to the charity of choice of the person who did the best deed. Well like it got some attention on the news and other places and like some other people have decided to match her $25 and so it is like up to $650 going to charity and like all these classes and stuff got involved in doing good deeds. She is like 9 years old. I think that is pretty awesome... i think it is over now cuz i think it was only until december 25 but the website is

check it out

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12/25/07 11:57 - 30ºF - ID#42644

Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I am like a five year old and super excited to open my gifts but we had to go to church this morning and now wait for (e:paul) to get here before we can open gifts! Ugh! I cannot wait another minute!!!

Hope everyone has a fantastical christmas!!!!!!!!!

I love wrapping gifts and the only thing I find kind of sad on chrimstas is there is no more wrapped gifts under the tree so it doesn't look as nice , maybe when I have my own house I will just have stock boxes wrapped to always keep under the tree! Anywho, merry christmas!
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12/24/07 01:06 - 29ºF - ID#42630

A Lil Bit Country

So my rental has 106.5 the country station in the presets so I flip to it a lot and I find myself sticking with it without relaizing. Like I will be like hmm what song is this, its not bad, and then I realize I am listening to the country station. I think I don't mind country music as much as I thought I did. I guess it has all the things I love, heartbreak, craziness and a side order of twang!@
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12/21/07 05:35 - 38ºF - ID#42612

Time For A New Car

So I have like two weeks to find a new car before the rental runs out...great! Anywho I kinda want an SUV now, like I won't get one but seriuosly if you saw my car and then read the damage to her car, there is no comparison! Mine is smashed to shreds and hers is not nearly as broken, I mean she drove it away, mine couldn't be driven 10 feet. I for sure would have died in the accident. WIth eveyrone else having one I would totally feel safer in one. I won't get one I'm sure but I would feel safer!
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12/20/07 05:14 - 32ºF - ID#42601


YEAH! It's true, Merry Christmas Mike , here is your car scattered across the intersection of Lexington and Elmwood!!! Thanks Santa! So last night around 10:30 , i am leaving and go to get in my car when what do I see...A HUGE WRECK OF A MESS OF A CAR! Seriuosly like the whole truk is smushed up or not attached to the car anymore, the back windowm is completely shattered and the front of the car is completely bent up!!! GREAT!!!! As I get to my car the police are arriving, here is what witnesses said happened,

Well first they asked me if anyone was after me because it seemed like the person hit me on purpose cuz they rammed my car so many times. And i started to go through my head everyone who I have wronged but I couldn't think of anyone who would do that, but thenI realized I had an estrip bumper sticker and I thought "does someone hate estrip" ...well anywho it turns out it wasn;'t a personal vendetta but a drunk driver....and here is what happened

they witness said they saw the SUV turning from Lexington onto Elmwood and it smashed right into the back of my car which was parked on Elmwood, which then smashed my car into the car parked in front of me and then that hit the car in front of that!!!!! And I guess my car got shoved under the car in front and then was attached to the SUV so she kept going back and forth trying to get my car off!!! And hit it like 4 times! So even though all this happened and there were witnesses , SHE JUST DROVE AWAY! Luckily the people had the liscence plate and the polic officer said they caught here a few blocks down luckily! That makes one COMPLETELY TOTALLED CAR! (e:paul) and (e:libertad) have pictures which I hope they post soon. Luckily (e:libertad) was there to knock some common sense inot me and get me to take everything out of the car and pack it up to be towed!!!!!

I tried calling my parents because the tow guy wanted to know if I should have it towed but I figured my dad had a guy, cuz he always has a guy in situations like that but MY HOUSE LINE WAS BUSY, cuz they were tlaking to (e:pual) WHICH SREIUOSLY THEY NEVER TALK! What are the chances that that is exactly when they were talking. Eventurally I talked to (e:paul) who came to take me home and I got ahold of my dad who said to let the tow truck take it. My insurance companies computers were down so I had to call again this morning to report it cuz last night they just wrote it on paper or seomtihng.

I went and got a rental car today which I have to pya like $5 a day for cuz the insurance doesn't cover all of it but her insurance will be reimbursing me hoepfu.lly! no actualyl they will be, i will make them!!

I freakin loved that car though, it had everything and every amenity, I am sure I will not get enough money for it to find another car like that!!! I am so pissed! I only had it for three months and had to get it becuase my last car was totalled by a drunk driver over the summer!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRR!!!!

And according to enterprise , insurance companies usually allow you to have a rental for 5 dyas, so that gives me from now until Christmas to find a car! Um no i cna't do that that first you crazies! Hopeully they will extend it when I call tomororw. I don't even have the money yet, they won't know til the report on saturday what I will get so then that leaves me what sunday and christmas eve to get a car!?!?"!

I will never get a car like my last one prolly , it was so nice. WE called the dealer where I got it but he said he didn't have any more like it but he will look for me!!!

UGH! THis sucks! So end of the story is I didn't finish my chrismatas cards last night so a very limited amount of people are gettin gthem and they will be very late!

WHY ME!?! seriuslly i want my car back! You stupid whore! Why did you hit my car! I hate yoU! I can't wait to get the police report! What if it is someone I know, that would be insane!!!!

P.S. in the whole debacle I lost two tihngs, my aunt had given me a like cross thing for protection in the car and my mom had given me this kind of the road key chain which i kept in the change thing. Well i oculdn't find either cuz the whole little drawer/change thing flew open and stuff was everywhere mixed with debris and shattered glass I didn't relally want to dig through!

Here are some pics from the scene - added by (e:paul)
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12/19/07 05:59 - 34ºF - ID#42586


Happy Birthday Jessica Kim Ho! I hope it was amazing and fabulous like you always are!!!

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12/17/07 11:11 - 24ºF - ID#42563

Christmas Cards Oh Christmas Cards

I love making christmas cards but am way behind the ball this year. I am just at the "Oh crap" where do I keep everyone's address stage which is the first step for me. I like to address the envelopes first and then make the cards after. For some reason it feels better that way. Like i never throw out/cross out old addresses so I have no idea which address is right and s othen I have to check with everyone. And then where are everyone else's saddresses? I sent them last year, i must have written it down somewhere. ugh! Anyway, I also still don't have a great idea for the cards! Here's hoping they come out seruiolsy makes me so nervous wanting them to be perfect. I also found out I DO NOT know how to do caligraphy. Seriosly, each address looks completley differnt and many look like they were written by a parkinson's patient more than in a caligraphy style. Eh , hopefully they will be at people's houses by like a day or two after christmas!
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12/16/07 05:30 - 21ºF - ID#42542

Oh Eckerd Parties and Funeral Homes

So as always Eckerd get togethers some how break down into some kind of insanity, be it videotapped strip beer pong random coworker make outs or whatever. Well last night after a start at Malone's (a classy Kenmore local drinking establishment) , lets just say the night ended with some hide and seek in a funeral home and a fake wake. That is all I can say about that right now, but interesting night with my eckerd peeps as always!

Today I planned on doing so muhc since it is so crappy out. Like decorate the tree, make my chritsmas cards, walk to work and do some of the ten million hours of computer training we need to do. So now it is 5:30 and I have done none but I am about to eat for like the 10 tenth time. Hopefully I will start on the cards right after that and now my om is home ows we can decorate the tree! YAY!
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