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08/16/13 11:00 - ID#57997

Wedding Speech -I need your opinion

So I think I ended up writing a pretty great speech for jill's wedding, the right amount of fun and feelings and I think it was entertaining. Then last night (e:jill) tells me one thing she definitely does not want me to mention in the speech, and of course it is my opening and the best part! She seems like she will be really mad if I use it because she thinks it is too risque for conservative members of her family and her inlaws and makes her look bad but really it doesn't. If anything it makes her look better I think. I think if I just read it noone would react or think anything about it and would just think it is funny and she would realize she was wrong but I don't know. I don't want to make her upset at her wedding. But really without that piece it really ruins the whole speech, like i have to rewrite the whole thing because it kinda all works off of that. It's hard because we have lots of funny stories but so many are like inside jokes that noone would understand or they don't come across as funny to anyone but us. Other stories like just make us look like jerks or just are really boring wihtout too much backstory which you don't have time to give lots of backstory to something in a speech plus that makes it boring. So do I just go ahead and say waht i was gonna even though she expressly said she didn't want me to

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08/14/13 12:14 - ID#57992


I have to give a speech at Jill's wedding and I have no idea what to say. Those of you at (e:paul) an (e:terry) wedding know how terrible I did there so I really feel like I have been trying to prepare by reading up on wedding speeches and watching examples but really it has to be each person's own thing. like i have some ideas but I just cannot get it to come together in a speech. Here's hoping i can pull someting at least somewhat entertaing and meaningufl together by Saturday.
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08/11/13 05:31 - ID#57987 pmobl

jilly is getting hitched !

my Jilly it's getting married next week so last night we celebrated with Mexican, a personal ghost walk, cupcakes, and penis straws and alcohol. what a night !




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08/10/13 02:07 - ID#57984

What are my plans for the night?

Celebrating (e:jill)'s last week of singledom tonight!

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