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12/29/06 06:08 - 33ºF - ID#29092

need a break...

i seriously need a break from life and scheduled things. I just want a whole free day that I don't have to spend finding gifts, doing errands for my parents, and working. I seriously badly need a day that has nothing in it. JUst lay in bed and do nothing all day. I have not had a free day since like i don't even know. Not that like everything I have to do isn't fun. Like I like all the family things and things with my friends i enjoy but its just like every minute there is something that needs to be done or somehwere I have to be. I just want a day where noone even talks to me. I can't be everywhere at once and get everything done. I am stressed and stretched to the max!
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12/27/06 10:35 - 33ºF - ID#29091

Christmas got more exciting... a purely gift getting way! Last night after work I was sitting and talking to my mom and she asked "what are you going to get with the money we gave you". And I was like "you didn't give me any money" and she was like "yes we did, there was a check in an envelope in the one box" and I was like "really?" Sooo needless to say after searching through some boxes we found a pretty generous check. She was like didn't you tihnk your christmas was lacking and your brother got more (cuz he got money for a Wii) but I seruisly did not. I was super happy. LIke seriuosly loved my gifts more than most years in recent memories. I really like everything I got and felt totally fine. It really did shock me cuz normally i would think my brother was getting better treatment but i relaly didn't notice. So anywho , how exciting to get this extra gift after I already thought I had a great christmas!!!

P.S. My life is complete because I got season 5 of Dawsons' Creek and so now own the complete series and speical final episode DVD. I can die a happy man

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12/25/06 01:29 - 33ºF - ID#29090

Merry Christmas :wireless edition

This was supposed to be my first post from my labtop with my new wireless router I got from my uncle for christmas today. But alas I am not tech savy at all and could not figure out how even to start the cd, like it made me choose a network router or something and I had no idea, and then it wouldn't close and messed up my computer. But I think my computer is ok but the wireless is not happening. (e:paul) will have to fix it tomorrow when he comes over for christmas....

...while trying to set it up I came across PeeWee's Playhouse on tv. Wowser that show is crazy. I relaly forgot how crazy it is. As an adult it seems way crazier. ANd so random going from one ting to the next. This episode had not only Laurence Fishburne, Annette Funnicelli and Little Richard but ALSO CHER!!! Seruiosly it is only like 5 minutes into the episode and thye have all been on already. It is crazy! i FORGOT WHAT A STAR POWERHOUSE SHOW IT WAS!!!


P.S. Since I wrote this K.d. lang has showed up on the same episode.
P.P.S Charo just arrived
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12/22/06 11:52 - 45ºF - ID#29089

Flowers and Fruits and Cookies oh my!

OMG because of my parents car accident and christmas combined we get like a gift basket/cookies/flowers about every two hours. And a telephone call about every 15 minutes. It is kinda crazy! I feel sooo bad for my mom. She got some pills to help the pain while she sleeps cuz she hasn't been able to sleep in a few days. And they make her sick to her stomach and throw up, which makes everything worse!!!! It is horrible and at christmas of all times!
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12/20/06 01:55 - 29ºF - ID#29088

Janice Dickinson

I just want to say that Janice Dickinson , the world's first supermodel according to herself, and now star of many reality shows is quite entertaining. Seriulsy the Christmas with the Dickinson's special where she has her models run around with her in their underwear and sing songs to the townspeople is so fun! I would llove to be one of her models. Sure they don't get to do much modeling but they get to hang out with her and be her friend. And that's pretty cool I tihnk!
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12/19/06 12:29 - 36ºF - ID#29087

Christmas Cards

So my christmas cards will not be nearly as fancy as last year. Last year they were quite professional looking if I do say so myself, haha. This year I went a different route. Tackier perhaps (if that is possible) . ANywho I love making them. Like seiroulsy even addressing them is fun except when you lose that like one last address you need and it takes 12 hours to find it when you culd be using that time upping the amount of glitter per card. I love christmas card making!!! iwill post a pic of them whenI am done!
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12/15/06 09:01 - 42ºF - ID#29086

My Most Wasteful Ever

Now I just want to start off saying I am not like super environmentally consciencious or anything , I mean I recycle and stuff but don't super care. Anywho, we went to Fudruckers the other day and like you get to put your own toppings on the hamburgers (well chicken sandwich in my case) and so like at restaurants there is always tomato and onion on the burger and I take it off and put it on the side of my dish. And there is something I just like about the look of a big slice of tomato on the isde of my dish. SO I TOOK A SLICE OF TOMATO just to garnish the side of my dish and then threw it out. How wasteful. I know people are starving and stuff but they woudln't have gotten that tomato anyway right? In a way I am supporting poor farmers right? I am using more of their products so a huge corporation like Fuddruckers has to buy more and help support the poor farmers. That's a good thing right? Ok i'lm glad I thought this through and realize I am just a helpful good person , haha.
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12/10/06 11:47 - 44ºF - ID#29085

Sorry about the Pinata there was a slight pinata mishap at the party last night. Sorry Tony!!! There was a guy and girl sitting there pulling treats out of the pinata and I heard promise of Hostess Cupcake which would make anyhone do crazy things. Anywho, since these people were pulling things out of the pinata I assumed it had already been busted/done. So i broke a little more of it hoping for a cupcake. Then I was told that the pinata hadn't been broken yet and they were just taking stuff out of the hole you put stuff in in. SORRY! I seriously did not realize. Then I got called obnoxious by some girl, I tihnk (e:jenks) friend Trish (?). But really it was there already promiscuous behavior that lead me to bash in the top of the 30. SORRY TONY! I owe you a new pinata one day! Otherwise , the party was fun for the short time I was there before having to run off to Bada Bing for Ters's pole dancing birthday!
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12/09/06 04:21 - 38ºF - ID#29084

Party party party

Happy birthday (e:enknot)!!! I hope we make it to the party. It is my friend (e:beast)'s birthday tonight and she really wants to go out to Chippewa so we're not sure but I hope we can convince her the party will be more fuN!!!! Hope to see y'all later!
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12/08/06 11:32 - 25ºF - ID#29083

Party Party and CRAZIEST Story EVER!

I have to be better tomorrow for the party and teres's bday or I will be a very sad sick boy. Grrrr. I am never really sick, this is stupid.

OMG though listen to this horrible story. THis is totally true and happend to a lady my dad knows. He grandfather died on her birthday. Then her father died on her birthday two years later. Anywho that is not the really horrible part. After giving the eulogy at the funeral she tripped coming down the altar and KNOCKED DOWN THE CASKET! Wait it doesn't end there. Luckily caskets are locked and it didn't open BUT the cross she was carrying cut through her leg causing her whole leg to be broken and bleeding profusely. THe priest tried to use his belt as a turnequit (no idea how to spell it but I mean the thing you tie around something to stop the bleeding) Anywho, she had to go to the hospital while the funeral went on. She is permanently disabled fo rlife. The 47 STITCHES, yes 47 STITCHES, got infected had to be removed and redone or somehitng. HOw incredibly horrible!!!
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