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05/31/04 06:34 - ID#28660

Stop chasing my cat

So my last entry was about being home at 1030 but then me and Jill decided to go for a walk around Elmwwod and Ashland and the other parallel street on the other side at around 1130 and we came across like crazy maniacs because

1. While trying to write down a phone number for an apartment for rent we had to sorta go up to this porch cuz it was dark and the number was covered and then the motion sensor went off and we ran and screamed and looked kinda like burglars...

2. At another house down the street we were staring in the hallway cuz the door was opened and it looked like there was like a photoshoot setup or something. So we stared and stared and then a guy who supposedly lived there showed up in the doorway and freaked us out and we screamed again but he was actually very nice about it... leading us to believe that he was actually a serial killer about to kill the people inside and then take their picture b/c you wouldn't be so nice if it was actaully your house these two crazy kids were staring into.

3. Slightly further down the street Jill starts calling to a cat to come over cuz she loves cats and then the girl in the house starts screaming from the window "stop chasing my cat"

All in all I think we scared the entire population of Ashland and won't be welcomed back soon. But we did have fun and that's what really counts right?

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05/31/04 12:13 - ID#28659

WooHoo..Home at 10:30

Mmm we went for ice cream at the river at Mississippi Mudds for the first time of the season. Very tasty and Jen made a mess which she never did which was fun. Then a HighVoiceless Pano's. How sad...and then home by 10:30. We we're originally going to go to Sphere for the White Party but decided it was not worth $10. It's so weird on days when you plan on these big nights and end up home early instead. I mean I decided I didn't want to go as much as everyone else but it just is weird. Time for a walk....
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05/28/04 03:36 - ID#28658

It's About that Time

Hung out at Gooodbar on the estrip last night and saw Laura who I haven't seen in years, possibly since we had to have her ambulanced to the hosptial after she hyperventilated on the flying bobs at Fantasy Island. It was fun night even though me and Teres ditched everyone at 2am and went home.I'm sure the fun contintued after we left. This leads me to the question,
If three people in a car pull up next to you while you are walking alone down elmwood around 1 or so in the morning and try to get you to go with them to a party or their house do you think
a. ok and get in or
b. they must be psycho murderers

I chose the later but now I'm thinking maybe I overreact to people being psycho murderers.

Everyone should go to Eighties night at Off the Wall tonight. We're going to be there most likely and it will be fun.

Got a mole removed for a biopsy today. FUN FUN FUN
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05/24/04 12:47 - ID#28657

Lesbian Viriginity

Me, Jill, Jesse and Teres were debating today at Spot, what point constitutes a lesbian losing her virginity? And sort of related does a man using a toy on woman constitute her losing her viriginity or no because the real deal is available? Any opinions, as none of us are lesbians we don't know if there is an official like definition. Anyone know?
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05/23/04 01:39 - ID#28656

Say Goodnight Not Goodbye

Cleaning out my room brought me to looking at all my pictures and memoribilia from highschool and it was so good. I hadn't really done it in a while. Ok a while for me is not so long I suppose but I really was liek reading through everything. Especially the memory book thing MK made me that is amazing and reminded me of great htings. And it was funny like reading letters from my friends and stuff that was like "we have to keep in touch when we go to college". Did we really think we wouldn't keep in touch? I remember sitting in Diana's driveway when we were finally like "this is it, this is the end of what we've had for so long and just like it really hitting us finally. But four years later we'll still going strong, but things have changed and just want everyone to know I'm glad their my friends still. Anyway, the song by Eve 6, Here's to the Night is so good for looking at photos too. I'll post a little here...

Put Your name on the line, along with place and time, want to stay, not to go, i want to ditch the logical, here's a toast to all those who hear me all too well.
Here's to the nights we felt alive, here's to the tears you knew you'd cry, here's to goodbye, tomorrows gonna come to soon, all my time is frozen in motion can't i stay an hour or two or more

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05/20/04 01:14 - ID#28655

Home by Midnight...Other Side of 200

Eat...Eat...Eat...that is all I have done all week because I am home at ridicuosly early hours with nothing to do but eat...pretty soon you'll have to get a helicopter to haul me through the roof because I won't fit through the door.

On a better note, E. William MIller did not make it on the school board! THANK GOD!!!

Ok now time to consume mass quantities of chicken nuggets and eggplant parmigiana. One from my grandma's cooking, one from a microwavealbe box, hmm which is which do you think...

..and a cheesecake with my name on it in the fridge....see you on the other side of 200 lbs.

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05/19/04 03:02 - ID#28654

Walker Kenmore Ranger

Ahh I love the summer. All my senior citizen friends were already in their pajamas and ready for bed at only 10 o'clock tonight so I went for a nice long walk around elmwood. It was fun and I may have seen a prostitution deal go down but I'm not sure. Thank God for summer.
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05/18/04 02:54 - ID#28653

School Board Election

Hey everyone, I think everyone needs to go out and vote on the school budgets in their district, unless you live in the city, wh ich has a different schedule and system. AND IF YOU LIVE IN KENTON, PLEASE DO NO NOT VOTE FOR MILLER!!! The man is a complete loser who makes stuff up. In the newspaper he said like "i've heard teachers make $80,000 and noone in the newspaper is a kenton student winning a scholarship." How ridiculous and unbased in fact is that. In truth I forget the actaul numbers but either 2/3 or 3/4 of kenmore west students won scholarships. Just from people I know I could name mnumerous people with full scholarships to colleges all over the country. So don't vote for him! PLEASE
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05/17/04 02:06 - ID#28652

Clean, Clean, Clean

Excited about cleaning and reorganizing/designing my room. Ok seriously it is only about 2 ft. by 3 ft large, so there isn't much rearranging that can be done, but we'll see.
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05/16/04 03:17 - ID#28651

Uh oh, can't sleep...

So it's only 2am on my first night home alone in my life except one other night once, and my friends have left due to working in the morning and other stuff and frankly I am pretty sure there is at least 1 if not more murderers in my house right at this moment. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to sleep. I guess this means I probably couldn't handle an apartment on my own, although that's different cuz it would be small and I could see everything. In a big house, there could be murderers hiding everywhere. I guess I will just keep my cell phone iwth me at all times, cancerous cell phone waves or be murdered? Hmm I don't know what's better
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