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03/23/14 06:24 - ID#58822 pmobl

forty cents

I got all this for forty cents after all my coupons and reward points earned!

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03/20/14 10:48 - ID#58805

Reader's Digest- I love thee!

So I just renewed my subscription to Reader's Digest. It is seriously the most informative and entertaining thing ever. I seriously love it.I get so excited when it arrives and so sad when I get to the end of an issue. The thing is besides emotional stories it also just includes so much information from shopping tricks to eating tips to cleaning help. And the thing is it is not stuff I would ever look up so I would never know it if I didn't see it here. Here are just a few things from the April issue:

A funny story:
When a family firend passed away, my granddaughter took her three year old to visit the widow. As they approached the door she told him to "make sure you tell her how sorry you are" and he replied "why, I didn't kill him"

One night when Toni Morrison thought she was going to be raped/robbed she decided instead of running to turn and face the person behind her and he actually ran away.

An appeals court recently ruled if you text someone that you know is driving and they get an accident while reading the text you can be charged. If you did not know they were driving you cannot be charged.

Milk will stay fresh several day longers if you add a pinch or two of salt to the carton.

A woman who was on worker's comp claiming she could not even lift her arms anymore got in trouble because she was on the Price is Right and had no problem spinning the big wheel.

If candy is wrapped youe at 30% less.

I have a hard time feeling bad or feeling like they are heroic when people who are not poor and have other options choose to stay behind and stay in their house when their is a flood/mudslide/fire warning. There was a story about these people who refused to leave because they thought they could handle it and then it was a huge disaster and they did survive through some crazy ways but then rescuers had to risk their life to go save them. Sometimes I think if you were warned numerous times and chose not to leave then rescuers should not risk their lives for you. That was your choice so noone else should have to risk their lives for your bad choices.

There was a really sweet story about this woman who is a writer and it all started when this librarian found her the perfect book when she was a child and then years later she saw the librarian and was trying to telling her how grateful she was but the librarian now had alzheimers and didn't understand what was going on. the moral was let people know now if they have made your life so much better. Don't wait it might be too late.

IN a little town in Spain the whole town won this huge lottery and all got tons of money and yet they all stayed where tehy live and just got a few fancy things. There was one man who did not buy in and he did not win and that was sad for him but he made a dcoumentary about them all and that was good for him. The documentary was going to be about how money changed this town and ended up being about how it didn't.

Yellow bulbs lead to less spiders on your porches.

WEBMD offers instructions on how to mend a broken heart.

And I'll leave you with this:
A lion comes across two men, one reading and one writing, The lion pounces and devours the reader and leaves the writer alone. Why? Because everyone knows that a writer cramps and a reader digests.
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03/16/14 11:25 - ID#58791 pmobl

pants fail

I have worn these green pants to st. pattys day every year for as far back as I can remember. this year I cannot button the top button...I guess it really is time to try and get in shape.n..step one...spend today drinking beer and eating junk food

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03/16/14 10:20 - ID#58790

St. Patty's Day

SO i haven't been feeling well for the last few days. Actually for like the last week I have just felt generally nauseus but nothing too bad. Then on Thrusday I was hung over but I also felt really bleh. By later in the day I felt like fevery and shaky and vomity and was vomity all night and couldn't eat anything. Then Friday I still felt really nauseus and crappy and left work early. Saturday I was feeling better but still everytime I eat or drink something it made me feel nauseus and I am devoloping kind of a cough and stuffed lungs. I was debating if I should do St. patty's day but I just can't pass it up. I am feeling better but I feel like it is a thin line that I am gonna just end up sick again. But maybe the St. Patrick miracle is that beer is the one thing that won't make me nauseus and some curlied hair dancing might be just the miracle cure I need!
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03/04/14 10:57 - ID#58760

From Best Butt to Sweatpants

I've been kinda lame lately. NOt too much party for this boy. I think a lot of it has to do with the weather. And work is stressful lately so I don't want to be hung over and stuff. I just don't want to leave my house when it's so cold too! BUT I can't belive just a few short years ago I was out winning mardi gras best butt contests and now I am home in sweat pants watching ru paul's drag race. Ok I kinda love being home in sweat pants watching ru paul's drag race but I am ready for summer and going out and time off of work! I think what I miss most about not going out for Mardi Gras is Chevon Davis singing Turn Back Time. I found a poor substitution in this...

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