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06/29/11 10:15 - ID#54599

Apartment Hunt

So me and (e:libertad) are going to look at an apartment on Friday. He has already seen it and knows the people who live there and loves it, so I will prolly like it too but we'll see. I am very nervous. To think I might move out and I'm not even 28 yet, haha.

The last time I looked at an apartment was 2005 , boy how time flies....

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06/26/11 08:18 - ID#54575 pmobl

black walnut cottage

at black walnut cottage. daves family's cottage on the susquehanna



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06/15/11 12:25 - ID#54496

Marriage Equality

So the marriage equality bill coming up in the NYS Senate is getting really close to passing. I have not really been vocal about marriage equality and honestly I've been pretty like not involved at all. For some reason even though it affects me so directly I never got really involved in the cause and I have always said that when voting for someone it wasn't always my number one concern and I could vote for someone knowing they will likely vote against marriage equality if I agreed with them on lots of other things. I guess I always felt there are many issues that are really relevant to my life and that is just one of many....I felt this way up until even a few days ago and up until this afternoon even. But then as it got so close to being a reality I really started to feel like this is something that could really happen, it could really become a reality, and with NY being such a big and important state it really could start some momentum going in the right direction!

Talking to someone who I am not sure if they want me to put their feelings on here, they said that they really feel bad about voting for Mark Grisanti now that Mark Grisanti is not planning on voting yes. And I thought before that , you know, its still just one issue and I really did not like Antoine Thompson and so I thought it still was a better vote. The more I thought about it and heard them talk about it, I started to realize that really it is prolly one of the biggest issues that affects mine and thousands of others lives. It encompasses so many things and now I have started to realize how important it really is. HOw can Mark Grisanti represent the district he represents and not vote YES> He has switched from No to on the fence which I think is a good sign but whose to know how it will go in the end. Last I heard they only needed 1 more Senator to say yes for it to pass b/c 2 republicans have recently said they switched to yes. How can the person who represents the highly LGBT area in the second largest city in this state vote against it. I e-mailed and called my senator though he is a not anywhere near the fence republican no vote but I felt it still couldn't hurt.

If you live in Grisanti's district or anyone who is voting No's district but particularly Grisanti's, make sure your voice is heard and that no is not an option. If this thing doesn't pass this time I plan on getting much more involved next year when it comes up again. It's something that should and needs to pass now!I don't know why I never really thought about it before but talking to people, reading about it and seeing the people on the street tonight getting people to write and phone their Senator in support of marriage equality really got me thinking about it! I kinda regret my lackadaisical attitude about it before.

How can anyone deny this...

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06/03/11 10:24 - ID#54419 pmobl

the voice

I love the singing competition the Voice so far. I like how different it is and the duels. buuut who the heck is the cracked out whack-a-do that is Christina aguileras coaching partner? she looks and seems crazy

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