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05/31/08 02:11 - 65ºF - ID#44499


Last night we went to see Sex and the City and oh boy it was insane. We were at the Regal on elmwood and had to park way out like the far part of the Office Depot lot but the time we left even the whole office depot lot was full. I have never ever seen it like that and I have went to many movies at the Regal and on opening nights. It was all crazy ladies all dressed up and in heels. There were even quite a few people who came in limos. I was not a super fan of the show and I think sarah jessica parker kinda looks like a not so attractive horse but I really liked it. You know I am a sucker for any movie that has more than one scene of all different outfits a person comes out in to music. I love those scenes in movies! They are the best! It was insane it was playing like every 20 minutes and serioulsy every show was sold out, at 7 when we got there they announced all the shows through 945 were sold out already! INSANE! supercalifragisexy indeed!

P.S. I just read it is beating all expectations. They figured since it was aimed just at women mainly and had an older cast it would get like maybe 40 million ,if they were really lucky then 50 million at most for the entire opening weekend which is a lot for a movie like that....BUT just on Friday alone they estimate it made over 70 million!!! insanity!
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05/24/08 08:21 - 56ºF - ID#44442

Jin Lan

SO i have really been wanting to go to Jin Lan for dinner recently and randomly today my paretns decide to go there and ask if i wanna go. They didn't know i have been wanting to go and seruiosly it has been like 10 years isnce we have went. What an awesome coincidence! Anywho, it is like a sit down chinese restaurant in kenmore and i just really love it for some reason. I Really especially love the Poo Poo Platter that comes with the like Dinner for 3 combos. It has this teryaki beef that i love to daeth, and like 10 other things that are really good. Then we got beef with brocolli, chicken lo mein, pork with mixed vegetables and chicken fried rice and wonton soup. It was all really good. I just really like it and recommend it. Its not fancy or anything but something about it i like it better than other chinese restaurants.

Oh and my fortune was "People who are late are often happier than those who have to wait for them". I am alomst always lat4e for things and that is toally true. i never thought of it that way!
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05/22/08 08:08 - ID#44423

For Jho

I read in Star that Mario Lopez was jealous of another man in his musicals large biceps and so the other guys is forced to wear long sleeves while Mario's arms are the only ones bared. HOW REDIC!!
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05/18/08 10:36 - 51ºF - ID#44382

Steel Crazy by Bohemian Hostess

So last night I went to the grand opening of Steel Crazy Cafe by Bohemian Hostess on the corner of Elmwood and Allen. It was a crepe cafe before but I guess it was a flop cuz the people who did the steel artwork really didn't know how to run a restaurant. So they looked for someone separate to run the restaurant and new chef and owner of the cafe part is none other than local celebrity Shayna from this season's Hell's Kitchen. The space is really cool cuz there are tables all throughout the store so like you eat in the store kinda, in a like off the wall kinda way. Like all the artwork is for sale but it is a restaurant. At the opening they had all kinds of tasty appetizers, particularly this like asparagus wrapped in steak that was seriously prolly one of the 5 best things I have ever eaten. She said it was really easy to make but seriuosly it was so FREAKIN GOOD!!! The lady with the tray actually purposefully started to avoid me I tihnk cuz I had taken way more than my fair share.

Anywho, for right now until AllenTown Art Festival the restaurant is open i believe like 11-5 and has brunch on Sunday's. After the craziness that will be Allentown they want to expand to have dinner a couple nights a week. If the food at the opening is any indication, it is gonna be really good.

They have sandwiches, paninis, salads, crepes and other stuff. They have like two vegan I believe even but I am not sure on that but like I think that is what I heard. Anywho, it is a short walk from Roswell and many other places so I recommend you stop by. Plus you get to see a hell's kitchen pseudo-celebrity. She seems really nice and I really hope it succeds.

In regards to full disclosure Shayna, is (e:libertad)'s friend but seriously I wouldn't have wrote about it if I didn't tihnk it would be good. We all know how i felt about the home tour and that was my brother.
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05/08/08 09:42 - 50ºF - ID#44278

Hakuna Mata-ta-ta

I love the Lion King. Me and my friend Brian used to watch it everyday after school on video. For some reason tonight I had a huge urge to listen to the soundtrack and dance and sing my heart out to my old tape soundtrack playing on ou rlike 40 year old tape player! The quality is not great but the songs are still amazing!!!!!!!! It is a great movie with a great soudntrack. I totally remember every word stioll. It just has such a range of music that is so fun to like just rock out to. I had a really spiritied edition of washing the dishes to the tune of Just can't wait to be King.
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05/08/08 08:11 - 51ºF - ID#44276

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Anyone want a Forgetting Sarah Marshall movie poster? I got it free at the preview and took it cuz i take anything that is free but don't really want it and don't want to juts throw it out so if noone wants it i'll keep it but does anyone wnat it?
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05/04/08 03:37 - 50ºF - ID#44231

From Main Place Mall to Bingo and Back

So yesterday was a day of new thing for me and (e:jill). First we went to check out Allentown Athletix. It was smaller than i had imagined but definetly had everything I would need and the guy said there isn't usually a wait. I actually prolly prefer that it is smaller. A little weird that there is a jacuzzi in the men's locker room but I digress. I guess what it comes down to is is $300 worht it. Will i only work out like 5 times like i did with the BAC and then really 300 is not a good deal. Like it is a good deal if i am gonna use it, but am i? when do we need to agree by? The guy asked if (e:jill) was my g/f and I said not not right now, as if she ever was or will be it was werid but i just said it and then thought it was weirder to add like um well no never she won't be.

Anywho, after that shenanigans we went to Quaker Bonnet Eatery for the first time and I had a veggie sandwich which was relaly good. I relaly wanted soup but the kinds did not sound to my liking. The veggie sandwich was super tasty, i always love cukes on things. They are just so good! Everyone else there was definetley in th 70+ crowd which was odd but fun and adorable. So from there we saw an ad for the White Elephant Sale at trinity church...

....we went , it wasn't all it was cracked up to be but maybe cuz it was already like the end of the second day. I mean they kinda had a lot of stuff but nothing I was really interetsed in though they had like fancy Prada shoes and Manolos for like 90 dollars, like they were used but still.So after perusing the good for a while we are in the car deicding what to do and i deicde we should go to the main place mall....

...i have always had a strange fondness for the Main Place Mall, maybe cuz I have a fondness for any mall and it just seems so sad there, so after much protesting on Jill's part we pull into the amply empty main place mall parking ramp. We go in and it is even more empty thatn last summer when I would meet MK there for lunch when she worked downtown and way more emptier than back farther from when I kinda remember it. ALl it had was a Dollar store, where by the way I GOT AN AWESOME ELEPHANT CLOCK, for ONE DOLLAR! DO you believe the deals in there, it was insane. And then it has this really odd sort of Odds and Ends type store that has a lot of playboy clocks and blankets, greeting cards that are dusty and circa 1970, like used looking paper back books and some housewares , totally random and i love it, so i got some stickers and some cards.

Oh there was also a footlocker but that's about it for that mall. ALl in all a good time I would what do you do after a hard day of rummage sales and main place mall...

...YOU GO TO BINGO! I have been wanting to go to Bingo and the odd's and ends type store had bingo dabbers which reminded me how much i wanted to go so we deicded to go to Cardinal O'Hara bingo at 8pm.

OF course like always we run in late, thye were shutting down the stand wher eyou get the boards but he let us get them and then said to get the speiccals from the people walking around. THERE WAS NO SEATS< this place was packed, like the gym and the cafeteria were packed...and they say bingo isn't popular anymore! No way jos4e! It is the rage and a half. So then we sit with this hardcore player with the bingo bag and 100 dabbers and i was afraid he would hate us cuz sometimes bingo people are easily perturbed and don't like to be bothered but he was supr nice and talked to us and helped us since we had no idea what we were doing or what boards to use. Oh yeah and we didn't have dabbers when we got there b/c we didn't buy them at the aforementioned store and so i had to run to the otehr room where they were selling them and the worker like ran ahead to get them and was like "make way this man has to get dabbers' cuz the first game had already started. Needless to say we never won or even got close, i bet we would have won that first game had we gotten there on time to play it.....

so what do you do after bingo...

BOONDOGGLE!!!! We went to (e:jill)'s apt where jim was having a poker party and we busted out the 100000 pounds of boondoggle jlil bought last year whne she thought she was really going to get into boondoggle again and we started boondoggling our little hearts out. I stuck with the standard square for my first boondoggle in years but jill had high hopes of the infamous chinese staircase. Fortunaley jim's cousin Kristen remembered how to do it and after a little fight with the cat who attacked the boondoggle she was well on her way to a faboulous chinese staircase. Jill also thought she was doing a chinese staircase but i look over and was like um yours looks nothing like was a little off so jill's style is calling the handicap ramp , i think it will be all the keychain just wait!
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