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12/26/10 04:10 - 21.ºF - ID#53339 pmobl

What Would You DO?

I am 100% addicted to the show What Would You Do in which they put people in like not good social situations to see if people just sit there and don't get involved or speak up or do something. The last few episodes I watched were really good, one was would you say something or walk out of an upscale store if another shopper was being harassed by the employees just b/c they were African American, another was like kids teasing other kids really badly in a park, another was drag queens being kicked out of a coffee shop and so on and so forth. And like the people are all actors that are in the situation but the test is to see if the people at the store, coffee shop etc will say something. it is really cool to see if or when people react and when they don't. It seems like people who immigrated here tend to be more likely to say something and be like this is America you can't do this which I guess that makes sense if they come from somewhere where there is more oppression. What's really crazy is how many people don't say anything including after seeing a girl put powder from a pill in their dates drink when they leave it unattended. AND NOONE SAYS ANYTHING! It is realz crazy out there y'all

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12/17/10 11:02 - 28.ºF - ID#53295

It Never Ends..YOu are so dumb

love this it gets really good at the end
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12/13/10 07:39 - 12.ºF - ID#53266 pmobl

Chernobyl VACA

So I saw today that Chernobyl is going to be offering tours in 2011! Um, I will not be the first in line for that! I will not even be the 100th in line! Who wants to go there? They are still working on a permanent block/cover so they definitely seem like they realize it is stiill toxic. They say if you stay on the guided tour it is ok, but for some reason I don't trust that. It was like Paul telling the story about the place he worked where there was a tape on the ground and across that line you needed a hazmat suit, as if the tape was keeping the toxins away on his side of the line. So all in all, I do not plan on going their for vaca, well until they add a casino of course haha

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12/11/10 12:17 - 37.ºF - ID#53234 pmobl

Optical Illussions

So I am at work on a Saturday and it is quite slow, well I only got here 15 minutes ago but I haven't even gotten one call yet. And it is so quiet cuz hardly anyone is in the building. Anywho so I started looking at optical illusions on yahoo and wowser they freak me out kinda. They really blow my mind. I just don't understand how they work and somehow I feel like they could be used for evil, ok haha prolly not but it does really rock my mind how they work.

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12/09/10 06:11 - 23.ºF - ID#53228 pmobl

Snookie Droppings

Did anyone else here that MTV is dropping Snookie (encased in some kind of ball I'm assuming) for New Years Eve? I guess the rest of Jersey Shore is going to be leading the people in Times Square in a fist pumping Snookie dropping countdown. Totally rediculous but awesome.

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