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12/04/06 11:38 - ID#29079

Christmas Cards

So I am getting really excited about making Christmas cards this year. I think the glitter and glam factor is going to go up like a hundred fold from last year. I think I'll go this weekend to get all my supplies!! I love it. I expanded my list this year of people I am sending them to and last year took me long enough to make them as it is so i have to start early this time.

I took the day off tomorrow cuz I have a little more vaca to use up. Well of course it is supposed to be a snowstorm and that will affect my day of doing a million things I want to do. But maybe not, maybe I will be lucky and it won't be snowy and I won't be lazy and stay home in my pjs all day!!! I relaly need this vaca day cuz I am goin to bwe working two stores the next couple weeks and so they want me to have unlimited overtime but work a lot. So I better enjoy this day!!!
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12/03/06 11:22 - 28ºF - ID#29078

Buffalo Ornament

The one christmas gift I really wanted to find was a Buffalo christmas tree ornament to send to my friend who moved to Tennessee with her husband. NO STORE ON ELMWOOD HAS ONE! let me clarify, Everything Elmwood had one really ugly one. But that's it. Every store assumed that every other store had one but noone did. I checked Homeward Bound, Talking Leaves, Room, Everything Elmwood, the Tea Shop/artist galleries across from the coop, Positively Main Street, Plum Pudding, Spoiled Rotten, Gallery 51, Blue Moutnain Coffee and everywhere else you can imagine. It was maddening. I really didn't even think for a second I wouldn't be able to find one. I also did not find the other thing I was looking for which I cannot mention hear as the recipient may read tihs. All in all I shopped like 40 hours this weekend , which don't get me wrong, I love it but really I ende dup with nothing except one person's gift and that is prolly the easiest person to shop for. I'll be back at it next weekend...i do love it though I really do.
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Category: story

12/02/06 01:00 - ID#29077

Mike's murder mystery special video

This is a video (e:paul) filmed of my murder mystery dream. We put it on youtube because the filesize was huge. Sorry it is so dark (e:Terry) thought it added ambiance in the dark.
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11/29/06 10:28 - ID#29076

Bumper Sticker Continuation

Wowser I didn't realize my bumper sticker comment would illicit such responses. Just a few things. Most things are not actually metal anymore. When me and (e:paul) went to put bumper stickers all over buffalo we found there are very few signs and lamp posts that bumper stickers will actually stick to. And i still think they were a good idea though kinda expensive. But it is time for some new strategies probably. Maybe I will try and think of some but as many of you know, I am pretty lazy.
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11/28/06 10:21 - ID#29075

Texty and Saving An Old Lady's Finances

I got more sad about losing my old phone when I realized old texts I had saved will be gone. I stupidly was thinking I oculd just forward tem to myself and forgot that my old phone lost its signal when I activated my new phone. At least they will always be in the old phone which I will keep forver and ever like everything else in my life.

I saved a lady like hundreds of dollars by helping her sign up for EPIC today. I love doing that. People get excited about that stuff. Especially when it is like between getting their medicine and eating and then I give them the opportunity to do both. Old ladies love that stuff.

Eckerd finally came through with a somewhat raise after all. I guess it is ok for now and I know my District Mangare fought really hard for it so that felt good but still I feel it is a stupid company yet I love it like an abusive lover.

I'm afraid people at work are gonna think I am on an amateur porn site and so I am not putting my bumper sticker on anymore for a little while. Too many customers mention it and I don't wnat the going to and thinking I do that. ... well unless they are willing to pay me to see that...haha

I don't see the Golden Girls as much as I used to and I think that adversely affects my attitude.

Me and (e:terry) are getting serious about pharmacy school. WOohoo!
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11/26/06 11:23 - ID#29074

New Cell Phone

So my old cell phone has been really broken more and more each day. It's most recent thing was answering and hanging up on people without even ringing so I never would know they called. 1-3 also didn't work and the power button only worked sporadically causing me to leave like 5 minute voice mails because I couldn't end the call.

Anywho, so I went to Sprint to get a new phone today and signed up for a new plan. I did'nt really like any of the phones. They all were bleh. I don't need/want a fancy like blackberry or anything. Just a simple flip phone with camera. My old phone had so many nice features that these don't have such as like showing the person's picutre on the outside, a camera with flash and a polar bear who did things like wear capes and pumpkin masks and shot you with a machine gun and ate hamburgers. This new phone has none of that. I don't know maybe I will return it for a different one. I think you get 14 days to change your mind.

Also, does anyone know of a way to transfer pictures from my old phgone to this one> i think it is impossible at this point but that is sad cuz there were so many good pictures I can never get back ever. : (

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11/23/06 12:45 - ID#29073


I love Thanksgiving. It just involves eating mass quantities of food after a night of drinking mass quantities of alcohol. What better kind of day could you ask for. Every year when setting up the tables we cannot figure out a way to make everyone fit. Seriuosly why can we not remember from year to year. It always takes forever and we come up with a totally new solution every year. You would think we could remember but we can't. It is really ridiculous. We have a completely new way of doing it this year so maybe (e:paul) will post a pic when he comes alter. It really opens up the room a lot yet keeps everyone close together. I think it is the best possible setup. Ok everyone enjoy pigging out!
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11/21/06 07:58 - ID#29072

Rosie and OJ

So I am sure you all heard OJ's book deal and interview were cancelled due to the outrage. So I guess people talking about things does not always necessarily mean more money or more success for the thing being criticized. Sometimes outrage does make a idfference.

On another note: Rosie O'Donnell has gone whacko on the View. On Live with Regis and Kelly today Clay Aiken was filling in for Regis and he at one point covered Kelly Ripa's mouth with his hand. Kelly then said "don't do that I don't know where your hand has been"

On the View later that morning Rosie said that it was a super homophobic thing to say and that kelly was just saying that because people question Clay's sexuality. Ummm I tihnk Rosie is crazy. Like isn't her saying that almost more ridiuclous. Like making a big issue out of nothing. Kellyw as like um no it is cold and flu season and also just kidding and in general just you dn't know where anyone's hands have been. Rosie begs to differ. Rosie is crazy. End story.
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11/19/06 06:47 - 35ºF - ID#29071

Headed for financial ruin?

We are watching a show where like these people who spend way too much or can't handle money get an adivser to help them get their finances straight and then they get their dreams or something. Well this lady spends $2,000 a month on party/clothes. I thought wow that is crazy , then (e:paul) noted that I spend a lot on that too considering I have very few expenses besides my student loans and car insurance and stuff but don't' pay to live so all the money I make goes to party/clothes well and numerous housewares for a home I don't have...
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11/17/06 04:19 - 41ºF - ID#29070

Christmas Time

WJYE 96.1 on the radio is now playing christmas music all the time. This seems really early to me. Yet I secretly love it and listen to it way too much probably. Though it seems like they are saving the better songs til closer to christmas (prolly like next week) . I secretly love christmas music and listen to it here and there all year long yet I still think this is early to go to a 24 hour christmas format. Maybe the moral of this story is I shouldn't be listening to WJYE so much anytime of the year...but hey it's got Delilah!
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