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11/21/06 07:58 - ID#29072

Rosie and OJ

So I am sure you all heard OJ's book deal and interview were cancelled due to the outrage. So I guess people talking about things does not always necessarily mean more money or more success for the thing being criticized. Sometimes outrage does make a idfference.

On another note: Rosie O'Donnell has gone whacko on the View. On Live with Regis and Kelly today Clay Aiken was filling in for Regis and he at one point covered Kelly Ripa's mouth with his hand. Kelly then said "don't do that I don't know where your hand has been"

On the View later that morning Rosie said that it was a super homophobic thing to say and that kelly was just saying that because people question Clay's sexuality. Ummm I tihnk Rosie is crazy. Like isn't her saying that almost more ridiuclous. Like making a big issue out of nothing. Kellyw as like um no it is cold and flu season and also just kidding and in general just you dn't know where anyone's hands have been. Rosie begs to differ. Rosie is crazy. End story.
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11/19/06 06:47 - 35ºF - ID#29071

Headed for financial ruin?

We are watching a show where like these people who spend way too much or can't handle money get an adivser to help them get their finances straight and then they get their dreams or something. Well this lady spends $2,000 a month on party/clothes. I thought wow that is crazy , then (e:paul) noted that I spend a lot on that too considering I have very few expenses besides my student loans and car insurance and stuff but don't' pay to live so all the money I make goes to party/clothes well and numerous housewares for a home I don't have...
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11/17/06 04:19 - 41ºF - ID#29070

Christmas Time

WJYE 96.1 on the radio is now playing christmas music all the time. This seems really early to me. Yet I secretly love it and listen to it way too much probably. Though it seems like they are saving the better songs til closer to christmas (prolly like next week) . I secretly love christmas music and listen to it here and there all year long yet I still think this is early to go to a 24 hour christmas format. Maybe the moral of this story is I shouldn't be listening to WJYE so much anytime of the year...but hey it's got Delilah!
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11/15/06 11:28 - 47ºF - ID#29069

OJ insanity...

I can't believe noone else mentioned this. Have you all heard about his new book that comes out this week I believe. It is called something like "How I would have done it" and is a work of fiction about how he would have killed his wife and her boyfriend if he did it. Like he says it is a work of fiction. What a freakin whacko? Who after being put to trial about murder writes a book about how thye would have done it if they did it. Like that is still the mother of his children. I can't imagine if my dad wrote a book about how he would have killed my mom given the chance had she not already been slaughtered. Insanity! Freak! Whacko! FYI the woman interviewing him on his Fox interview is the publisher of his book. Yeah that sounds unbiased...
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11/14/06 10:28 - 43ºF - ID#29068

Calamari Genocide Continued

So I ate like 17 families of calamari while in Boston. And then tonight me and my (e:mom) went out to Left Bank for dinner cuz I owed her a dinner out from like a mother's day gift and my dad is out of town for the week. LEFT BANK IS SO TASTY! EVERYTIME I GO IT IS TASTY! Anywho we had fried calamari appetizer. And then I had this seafood pasta thing that was so friggin good I can't stand it. I only ate like half cuz it was so filling. it had like every kind of seafood in it. I think I am the reason they will be out of fish in like 2047 or whatever they are predicting. At least for calamari. They also had an amazing bread dipping oil. It was greatest ever.
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11/13/06 04:57 - 42ºF - ID#29067

Hate my Stupidity

Grrr! I just went to work to see what time I have to work on Wednesday, my first day back from vaca. AND WHAT DO I SEE??? I am scheduled tomorrow. I am an idiot, I had my days wrong and only asked off til the 13th. Grrrr. Today was my lazy around the house day, tomorrow was my get stuff done, like glasses, new cell phone and go to the bank. Now I got nothing done and I have to work tomorrow. I hate that place!
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11/12/06 01:05 - 37ºF - ID#29066

Boston Days 2-5

Here's a quick recap of the highlights of the rest of my Boston trip. Look to (e:maureen)'s journal in the coming days for photos of the trip.

-while waiting for Maureen to get out of class I walked to Harvard Square and walked around and shopped. I was walking so fast cuz I always walk fast but it was silly because I had hours to kill in one little area but for some reason I could not bring myself to walk slow.

-bought the most awesomest little plant that grows in an egg for (e:maureen)'s apartment because she has an egg theme going on against her will. She hates the egg theme but I am forcing it by always buying her egg shpaed things.

-We went to Mr. Bartley's burgers which are world famous. They tasted like a burger. It was good and all but I don't really know what makes one burger different than another. It's all ground beef to me.

-OMG we went to this museum that had glass flowers. I can't even begin to describe how crazy it was. The flowers were all made of glass but looked so real. You would think they were real flowers. THey were made in the 1800's and it was insane. I don't think you can understand it until you see it. It was this years MAPARIUM!

-we heard about Longfellow's house and ignored it. deicded it was overrated.

-we saw running with scissors after eating at au bon pain. It was pretty good and if that was really that guys lifel it was insanity!!

-bought our Duck Tour tickets in the knick of time because they were sold out for Friday and most of Saturday and Sunday. The Duck Tour has been our dream, luckily we got the last two tickets!!


-Friday was Salem day. Salem is a piece of crap. WE got there no trouble and got the tour book at the visitors center. THey have a red line like the freedom trail in Boston but it is in essence nothing like the Freedom trail. It is an insult to compare them. THe freedom trail is a self guided HISTORICAL tour. The heritage trail in Salem however is purely commercial even according tothe aldy at the booth who seemed disgusted by her waste of a life. It basically takes you to all these tourist shops and restaurants. ANything of historical significance is not open to the public or is shielded from the public by a 50 foot wall you have to pay to get past. It was ridiculous. This does not even cover the fact that the line on the ground does not match the line on the map from the very beginning.

-the Salem Witch Museum, the most visited according to the brochure, was a room with wax stagnant figurines that light up and tell a crappy story that everyone already knows. THye don't move. Theirs wigs are on crooked. And it ended with "whose side is the devil on!", a question we pndered and realized it must be on the side of the museums.

-this piece of crap museum also had a Pagan history versus everyone else history timeline. THough the timeline actually just had sometimes when non-pagans mentioned pagans as the pagan timeline. It compared the Salem Witches to communists, gay men, and japanese americans during WWII. Someone compared Salem to Aushwitz because of the statue of Samantha from bewitched. These people are whacked out! Also according to the museum, the most innocent perosn to die was the man who had claimed his wife was a witch, let her be hanged but didn't want to give up his land so let himself get pressed to death rather than not be greedy.Oh the horror!

-there also were many signs pointing to a nonexistent witch memorial park. Maybe you have to be a witch to find it like the water test.

- went to the first candy store in America and bought some candy that lasts forever.

-had a really good lunch after the most awkward moment of my life when we acccidentaly went into a closed restaurant, ordered drinks and then realized they were closed but then they wouldn't let us leave or give us the bill til we forced it from them. Next restaurant we went in had no food so we had to leave there too. But the third one was really good even if it did have a paralyzingly large menu.

-met Maureen's crazy condo mate. She is the happiest over reactive perseon I have ever seen. Or has an affect disorder. She is so excited about everything. Called us beautiful (evidence she is crazy). Was so excited to take our picture, soe xcited I was from Buffalo, so excited abou sponge candy, so exicted about breathing.

-went to a drag show. Crazily randomly enough the people at the table next to us in a bar that only had like 20 people at this point were also from Buffalo. What are the freakin chances? We are pretty positive one of the drag queens was really a woman. THey were not as good as the Buffalo drag queens but it was different becuase they come right out into the audience. I put my first dollars into a drag queens brasiere. She was the fat funny one though. She sang Dolly Parton's 9-5 but changed it to 9 by 5. Let your imagination go wild with that.

-got on the T for free that night probably becuase we were so freakin beautiful.


-this was our day of shopping, HIt up H&M where I bought a few things and then DSW and Filene's Basement which disappointed because there was nothing I wanted.

-finally ate in the food experience which is just a food court and didn't actually eat their food but brought it from another place.

-headed to the Prudential Center where I bought the tea things that turn into flowers when you add water. Which I will probably crush to pieces in my suitcase.

-went on the Duck Tour which we have been waiting our whole life to do. It was ok except some parts were super funny and fun. The southern hicks next to us were a little annoying but otherwise the crowd was good. The best part was going down Newberry Street (Boston's rodeo drive) and our drive mooing, baaing and other animals noises (besides quacking which is banned on Newberry Street) at the passerbys. Newberrry had asked the duck tours not to quack on their street because they want to keep it classy. So our driver then decided to blast the radio and made the duck truck/boat jump up and down. And scream things wuch as "what up G?" to the people on the street. It was hilarious and held up traffic. We then hit a car. And he just kept driving as if it didn't happen.

-We went to the North End for an Italian dinner. I ate an extended family of calamari first fried then in pasta. For some reason mine and Maureen's dishes were 8-10 times the size of everyone else's in the restaurant combined. It was really weird but tasty which was the theme of our weekend. We then walked around the North End and got pastries to take home from Mike's Famous pastry place. Shockingly it was only 5 dolla for an eclair and a cannoli which were HUGE!!!

-we rented Bride and Prejudice which is a great movie and watched all the extra feautres.


-we tried to go to China Fair houseware extravaganza but it was closed. IT was still pretty impressive just to look at from the outside.

-we went to Chirstophers for brucnh and itw as muy tasty.

-we packed my suitcase which was a travesty. It took all morning. WE had to gather everything which I had spread throughout Maureen's apartment. And then pack it. And then take it all out cuz it wouldn't all fit. Then repack it. We just made it. I threw some stuff out to make it work. I hope it is under 50 pounds but I doubt it.

FYI: NEVER eat 10,000 pistachios, 47 bags of chips with dip, 100 candy bars, 50 packs of skittles and starburst and a butload of other unnecessarys with 12 pitchers of red stuff. Unnecessary. We are both nearly 50 lbs heavier after these 5 days. I might break the T on the ride home cuz I am so fat!

See y'all soon. Don't forget if you want more check out (e:maureen)'s pictorial version which is coming soon!
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11/10/06 08:17 - 42ºF - ID#29065

so much junk food

I will update on Salem and the rest of Boston later but right now I feel soo sick from all the junk food I have eaten the last two days. At least 20 mini resse cups and milky ways and snickers, a bag of pistachios, chips with dip, skittles galore, more starbursts than I have ever seen in my life. We just sit here eating it all and chasing it down with the red stuff drink that I love....well if we can get our fat asses off the couch we are heading out to a drag show tonight perhaps. Hopefully we don't vomit!

don't let me forget to write about the most awkward lunch ever where we ended up having to leave the restaurant...
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11/09/06 10:10 - 52ºF - ID#29064

B-Lo Day 1

Right now I am in (e:maureen)'s apartment while she is at school. This vacation is all about relaxing and just having fun. Last time we did they hyper powered see everything so this time is more laid back. Last night we ordered in Chinese food and watched like 2hours of Laguna Beach.
The flight was not great. First we were delayed in Buffalo for like a half hour. And then waitedin the plane in Buffalo waiting to depart for another kinda long period of time which hardly ever happens in B-lo. Then there was a lot of turbulence. I felt so much pressure in my head and ears which I don't usually get. Like my body just has to feel bad in some way, like i wasn't really sick to my stomach and didn't vomit (yeah me!) so instead I got really bad pressure in my head. I still couldn't hear for like 2 hours after i got off the plane and it was weird cuz I didn't realize and just thought everything in BOston was really silent at first. The pressure reminded me of when my family went to South Carolina and (e:paul) thought his eyeball was going to fall out because of the pressure and asked the stewardess for a cup of water to catch it in. It was hilarious. At the same time I was vomitting. The old lady next to me kept trying to get up whne she wasn't allowed and they asked my mom to try and keep an eye on her. Needless to say it was an interesting flight. That was the first time my family ever flew together somewhere.
Today we are going to supposedly one of the best burger places in America called Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage. It is supposed to be really good. Then off to some museum where they have glass flowers that look like real flowers. It sounds cool. Then maybe some shopping and lazying around. I can't wait to buy some clothes and stuff. THough where I will fit it, noone knows. My suitcase is packed to the max. Maybe I will have to buy another suitcase to carry stuffI buy home. WE'll see...ok i'll keep on updating maybe. HOpe the b-lo is good!
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11/07/06 11:47 - 49ºF - ID#29063

So Long B-lo, for a bit

in 12 hours I leave for a 5 day vacation in Boston with (e:maureen). What i need really bad is a vacation from work so it will be nice. But i will miss everyone here. How silly, it is only 5 days, but I don't leave a lot. I can't wait to do all the things we missed last time I was in Boston. Oh wait< i don't believe we missed a thing cuz we jam packed that vacation. At least we will see Salem and who knows what else this time....oh yeah the DUCK TOUR! I Can't wait for that. What I can wait for is dying in a plane crash though now with terrorists I am not nearly afraid of crashing as I am beiong hijacked. So thats' good right? At least in a hijacking you have a chance of winning. Who can't fight off a buttload of terrorists with Purell, Visine eye drops, sunglasses, a book on style and how the French made pop culture, and a couple magazines. Cuz that is what I have in my carryon, and i thin kthat might just be weapon enough to succeed against hijackers.
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