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04/26/06 12:00 - 38ºF - ID#28979

Jenny's Bday and Life Dining

So today was one my best friend's Jen's 23rd birthday and so we were going out for dinner and decided to Dine out for life. I guess these restauarants donate money to some aids organization. We went to JP Bullbeathers and they donate 30% of your dinner cost to the charity. I think that is pretty cool. Me and my friend's birthdays have become so tame and less flashy and crazy from what they once were. I hope to revive the crazy old past wild days with my birthday in August. I better start planning now!!

Sidenote: i am losing my patience at work and am starting to be mean to customers> I told a lady all her problems were her fault basically and that she could take her prescriptons elsewhere and would still vahe the same problems. This would be ok in itself if Michele wasn't coming back and wasn't taking back her servicer stars which people have totally noticed how many i have and will notice when i lose them. And with the being mean..uh oh...what if i am no longer evyerone's favorite...i can't handle that.
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04/23/06 02:54 - 49ºF - ID#28978

Sidewalk Chalking

So me and (e:jill) went out and did so much sidewalk chalk advertising last night. They were really good ones too (ok some were bad, some had mispellings but overall they were good) And then I wake up tihs morning and it is all rainy meaning they are all gone. I hope some people saw them last night before they were washed away. We did talk to quite a few people while we were out though aobut the site which was good. Hopefuly there will be some new peeps in here soon. Did anyone see the ads before they washed away?
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04/21/06 11:52 - 65ºF - ID#28977

Good food and sitings

I haven't posted or kept up on reading the journals in a while and I still seem to have nothing to say except today I ate lots of good food. me and (e:amanda) went to the Juicery downtown and I had a tasty super veggie and tuna salad. Then we walked around downtown and I got starbursts which are my favorite candy or at least high on the list. AND THEY WERE ON SALE! What a deal. Then tonight I went to my mom's cousin and we always have so much good food there. We had baked ziti, meatballs, sausage with peppers, some like slow roast beef thing, and all these veggies and then tiramisu and mini cheesecakes for dessert. It was all so tasty..

OMG my cousin's little kid who is 2.5 years old talks like a 10 year old. It is insane. For some reason he took a liking to me tonight and wouldn't talk to anyone but me but seriously told me everything that has happened in his life. He told me about everythign he has seen such as Joseph and the AmazIng Dreamcoat, The Rockettes, Lion King, and Sponge Bob. He usses such big words like character and stuff too. IT was really insane how much he knows and can talk about for being 2.5 years old. Except someteims he refuese to use starting s's. SO he kept saying Kunk Pray is bad and I had no idea what he was talking about til his mom tolld me aobut he starting S thing.

Oh and the whole point of my post in the begiging. Today while walking down elmowod I saw (e:libertad), and then I saw (e:ladycroft) and (e:jenks). It was such the esighting day. It is always fun to run into people on the street. Hooray to summer and being outside and seeing people.
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04/14/06 12:33 - 46ºF - ID#28976

Cuteify my user pic

In the chat I was just reading that (e:paul) wrote:

paul 00:21 it takes online images and cutes them into userpics

Haha that struck me as funny. I want something that takes my image and "cutes"
it into a userpic. Though sometimes it seems some people have already found that magic and their image has been quite cuteified.
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04/11/06 11:27 - ID#28975

Bumper Sticker Fund Raiser

So to order the magnetic bumper stickers of our dreams we need $50 more dollars. That would get us 250 premium magnetic bumper stickers to distribute and help this site grow. If 50 people donate just 1 dollar each (you can do it easily through paypal) then we can finally have what we really want...magnetic bumper stickers....donate now so we can get them asap! Your donation guarantees not only a bumper sticker but also automatic entry to heaven...don't worry i worked it out with those "abovee" and they ok'd this offer.
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04/10/06 12:35 - 34ºF - ID#28974

My Two Cents about the Colon

As someone who has been around (e:strip) almost since its inception I just wanted to add my two cents about the colon. I definetely think it is a necessary part of the name. It just is like something that has been here all along and really the (e:) is almost a symbol for the site all on its own. I definetley prefer it being in the logo and the bumper stickers. It also forces the pronunciation of (e:) strip. Otherwise people could read it as estrip like how you would pronounce estate or estrace or estrogen and estrip would make no sense. So I think the colon must stay. I don't love the final design(the org seems unnecessary and makes things no clearer I blieve) but I do and always will love the colon.
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04/08/06 01:05 - 34ºF - ID#28973

E:strip Bumper Stickers Fries and Da Dip

So I gave up french frie and potato chips for letn and boy am i missing them right about now. I want some TC Jr's french fries with blue cheese so bad right now. Just one more week to go, I can't wait!!! Though I have saved so much money because without french fries I don't' even feel like ordering food anymore and so I have eaten out a lot less. SO that is good I guess.

Do you remember the song Da Dip from like mayb e8 years ago. IT went soemthing like You put yoru hand up on my hip when I dip , you did, we dip. I think it had something to do with Georgia Peaches too or something. Anyway it was a great song and my friend Drea lvoed it and I haven't talkeds to her in way to long , like since christams.

More importantly: Bumper Stickers! I am in charge of them and I want feedback on what design everyone likes best and how you feel about stickers vs. magnetic ones. ALso any ideas of local places where they can be made. THere are plenty of online sites but we rather use a local place if feasible. Plus,. don't forget to send in your donations, to fund this new (e:strip) endeavor!!1
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04/03/06 09:38 - 43ºF - ID#28972

Overheard in New York

I am reading a book called Overheard in New York which just has all these snipets of conversations that the author has overheard in new york city. It is hilarious. As a people watcher/conversation listener, I love it. Here are a couple funny examples I think:

A woman on a cell phone:
uh huh....yeah....yeah..uh huh...the one you thought was underwear...yeah...uh huh

In an elevator:
Record company slave: Good morning!
Record Company owner: You okay? I weren't here yesterday.
slave: yeah, i girlfriend's cousin died in a car accident over the weekend and-
owner: You got a girlfriend, really?

An office in midtownn:
employee: I bring my beer in the shower with me and I put it on the ledge so it doesn't get wet. Sometimes I also have a couple of shots in the kitchen.

in an elevator:
girl #1: Oh my God! I was so drunk this weekend, and now my legs are coverd in bruises. theylook terrible, you have no idea. I don't evne know how I got them.
girl #2: Ha-ha! I love when thatphappens. I love drunk bruises!

Guy#1: She stuck her lollipop in my mouth! nd she has herpes! ((e:lilho) remind you of a certain night at hardware?)
Guy #2: She has herpes?

in a post office on cell phone:
gay man on cell: ...and we don't want any fat German ladies in the house.

Girl: oh my god! And then all you'd have to do is puke on her and we'd all be even.

Ok so they didn't seem as funny them retyping them, but reading the book is fun. These were just some ones I found real quick, I will try and mark them as I read along in the rest of the book.
Girl: Well, everyone has herpes

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03/30/06 11:44 - 49ºF - ID#28971

No Raise for the Wicked

So according to Eckerd I have gotten too many raises and so I do not get my yearly raise I was supposed to get in February. Um I make $9.00 an hour after 6 years, doing everything they have ever asked. Leading their whole Medicare Outreach program and what not. Like my district manager and everyone thinks I should get it and are fighting wiht corporate right now but how ridiculous. A new hire starts at like 7.50 I think now so I am 1.50 ahead of someone with no skills after 6 ridiculous. If they don't give me this raise I need to get back at them bad...and not in just a quit at a bad time kinda way...something worse...i have a few ideas...any have suggestions?
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03/27/06 07:33 - 39ºF - ID#28970

Frizzy's Photo Fun

I haven't posted in a few days so I thought I would post what I think is our best photo booth picture at Frizzy's ever!!! I'll let you be the judge...

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