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11/01/12 11:12 - ID#56867

Halloween Time

The Jello jiggler shots are in the fridge, my costume is a pile of glittery fabric on the floor still waiting to be put together...that's right it's almost halloween Party Time! I think it is one of my favorite parties of the year! Always lots of people and lots of costumes and lots of fun! Hopefully my costume comes out better thant he troll last year,even I can admit that was a low point in my homemade costume repertoire...haha. Hope to see you all and see some new faces there tomorrow

um yeah...definitely a low point...I must redeem myself!
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10/16/12 11:14 - ID#56832

Bills Tickets for sale

Hey everyone. I have two tickets to the Bills game this Sunday versus the Titans and I'm not going to be going so I am trying to sell them. They are section 138 row 13. Original price is $150 for the pair and I am trying to sell them for $110 or the best offer I get. Anyone interested let me know.
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10/04/12 09:47 - ID#56810

My Interesting Walk

So when I got home from work today I decided I wanted to go on a walk. I love fall nights and walking around on fallish weather nights though tonight was actually a little warmer than fall night I think. Anywhoser I started my walk down Elmwood and go to around HIghland and there was this truck from trying to back out of a driveway. Traffic stopped to let it back out but accidentally (well I'm assuming accidentally) the truck hit the gas and smashed into the car parked across the street. I know how much it sucks to get hit by a car when you are not there as that happened to my car almost in the exact same spot about 5 years ago. I was about a block away but I saw a few people go over and the truck pulled over so I assumed they were going to leave a note and as I was much farther from where it happened I continued my walk but then I looked back and the truck drove and the people walked away but I never saw anyone leave a note. So I had to get some paper but by the time I got some paper to write a note and went back the car that got hit was gone. The car was a black SUVish maybe crossover type care and it's liscense plate was FRZ 3968 . If you know whose car this is contact me so I can give them the info on the truck that hit them.

As many of you know this is the second time I have seen a hit and run and last time it ended up being a very appreciative local mayor's car. I jsut know how much it would have sucked if there were no witnesses for when my car got hit when i wasn't there .I would have been totally screwed if it werent' for the good samaritans that got their info.

Any who so after that I continue on my walk towards downtown Spot. Oddly enough the walk towards downtown is way more active on a Thursday at like 7 than on the weekends. Or maybe that's not odd, I don't know. ANywho , as I am about to walk into spot a german or maybe swedish or something couple stops me and asks where all the movie theaters are. They said they saw this was the movie theater district but didn't see any movie theaters. I explained that it was the theater not the movie theater district but could at least direct them to the Market Arcade. Once again, I was thinking how desolate and scary downtown Buffalo must often seem for travelers visiting our city. I am often the only person around to give them any info on the desolate streets.

So I go into Spot and get my coffee and Mary Alice Demler from Channel 2 news was there. I always love alittle local celeb sighting so that was nice.

Then in my usual odd self I decided I should follow the couple to make sure they find the theater but I follow them at a safe distance for the few blocks because I didn't want them to think I was following them and extra creepy but had they turned around and seen my stalkingly following them from a distance that would probably be scarier than had I just said let me walk you there. So they made it there, but let me say, when it is dark out that part of Main Street is kinda creepy , even with the TGIF's that is open and the movie theater it is reallyd ark and kinda creepy.

Then I started my walk back and while walking down elmwood by Utica I saw one of my old customers from Eckerd who I hadn't seen since I left for Independent Health so it was nice to catch up with them and then finish my walk home. All in all a very eventful fall walking night.

And P.S. and unrelated I decided to watch Glee tonight which I almost hardly ever watch and it happens to be a terribly sad and depressing episode , what a not great time to tune in except you all know I really secretly or not so secretly because I write about it a lot love depressing tv shows and movie moments.
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10/04/12 09:34 - ID#56809

FRZ3968 license plate

If FRZ3968 is your license plate or you know whose car that is , it was a black crossover or maybe suvish type car let me know. I saw a truck hit it and then possible drive away on Elmwood near Lexington today. I didn't get the license plate from the truck but it was a business truck so I know where it was from. I had no paper to leave a note and when I came back your car was gone already.
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10/02/12 10:52 - ID#56802

The New Normal

I keep wanting to love the tv show The New Normal which I dno't know why i want to love , it just seems like it would be something I like. But i just like it , I definitely don't' love it. It has some funny moments and like Ellen Barkin's character says some really funny things but it is almost too much. Like just is too ridiculously offensive, I love offensive people as much as the next person but something about it seems like too much. I do love the little girl on it though. The episode where she was the lady from Grey Gardens for like the whole episode was hilarious! She is really good but the rest, I don't know, I can take it or leave it.
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09/16/12 06:54 - ID#56768

TimeWarner Cable

So we had a deal for a year on Timewarner cable and internet where it was $90 a month total for the cable and internet. That ran out this month and the bill went up to $144 a month. That is way too much in my opinion and I looked it up and directtv is like 39.99 for the same cable package per month but that doesn't include internet. Plus timewarner currently has deals for like $90 for it all for new customers. So I called hoping they would give me a deal.

Well the first guy was like oh yeah I think I can really help you out. And his first offer was $180 but included a home phone. So that would be $90 extra for a home phone I don't need but somehow he was trying to convnice me I was saving $36. Then I tried to see if there were no home phone packages and he said the best he could do was like $135. So then I said I wanted to know how much it would be for just my internet and he was like we have a great deal that is like $80 but you get double the internet speed you had before. And i was like ok well as I said I just want the internet I have now ( he has already asked and i had already told himI have no interest in faster internet) So he finally told me it would be just $55 for just internet but had to transfer me to someone else to downgrade my service and get rid of cable.

So I talk to the downgrading specialist who says he has a great deal that the other guy must have missed that keeps my rates the same as tehy are now. So I said the same like the will still be $90. And he said no they would be $117 but you get all the saem stuff. So that is not the same rate? It made me feel so crazy. How can you say I have a dealt hat is the same rate that just isn't the same rate but is instead like over $20 more. It is just ridiculous! So I was like that is the best youc an do and mentioned direct tv and stuff and he said that was the best so I said I just want to cancel my cable.....and they told me it will shut off 9/19.

Well I really don't know if I can live without cable and now I am starting to freak out but I really didn't want these jerks to have my business. they are so scammy with their like different plans that all are random and shady ways of explaining them. Ugh, and i really have few option because there is no fios in the city. And there is the possibiltiy of direct tv but that is a satellite I think so my landlords would probably have to agree to allow that. I don't know, I am just so aggravated with the scamines of the virtual monopoly that is Time Warner...

...but if you know me I lvoe my tv and can't imagine like without it. What will I talk aboutr?>
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09/08/12 10:10 - ID#56744 pmobl

my bike

If I had a bike that looked like this I would probably ride it all time.

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09/04/12 03:24 - ID#56732

For Paul: Gelato

While in Toronto I think you said you wish Buffalo had something like this and now it does...

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09/03/12 11:29 - ID#56731

My Birthday Recap

So this weekend I turned the big 29...that's right I am one year (now a few days short of one year) from being the big 3-0! So by this time next year I am going to be at my peak fitness in every way. Anyway this post is about this year.

So I took Friday off of work to go to Toronto with (e:libertand), (e:paul) and (e:terry). I slept in, woke up and read the paper and dawdled around the house. Then Dave got home from work and I opened my presents from him. My real present was the trip but I did get candies and a magazine and a great card and I loved it. Then we went to leave for Toronto suprisingly close to our 12:30 planned leaving time except then we decided we should eat first.

We went to Ashkar juice bar on elmwood and I had a tuna wrap which was pretty delicious and it came with a salad with beans it and that was pretty good too. Except theyput onion in it even though I said no onion but it was actually good but I just wasn't in an oniony mood. So after lunch we had to go back to my apartment because we forgot some things. And then we were finally off. Crossing the brdige on the way there was pretty easy breezy lemon squeezy. I get so nervous about bridge crossings and all the questions but it really wasn't bad. I always get nervous and have in the past said things like:

-I don't know if the other people in my car carry weapons
-yeah I have drugs..but they're just antibiotics, do those count and other ridiculous things

Anywho so then we were on our way to Toronto , traffic wasn't too bad, in the direction leaving Toronto it was super backed up I swear for like the whole ride traffic in the opposite direction was terrible. I was getting nervouse there was a zombie attack or something in Toronto and everyone was fleeing just as we were entering. Turns out that was not the case.

So we get to our hotel and check in and it was quite nice. We then left to go to a game store so Terry could get some games. There were about 100 cats in the tiny game store so me , paul and dave waited outside. Of course I got drawn into the souvenir shop next door but actuallyonly Paul ended up buying anything. He got a racoon tail which he proceded to wear for the rest of the trip.

We then did some shopping at the Eaton Cetner but I didn't buy anything so then we headed to dinner at the Asian Bowl. It was super delicioso. And i had some mai tais which I had never had and are really delicious and refreshing drinks. This was the first place I noticed the bahtrooms were down a flight of stairs in the basement. Pretty much everywhere we went the bathrooms were down a flight of stairs in the basement. Not sure why.

Our waitress was super nice and awesome and friendly but she did not want us to leave for some reason. Like seriously we could not get the bill. It took forever.

After dinner we decided to go to Remingtons which is a strip club. Um it was sad. I don't know if it was just this one because I have never been to one before but really it just seems sad. The customers seem sad , the dancers seem sad, it all seems sad. Maybe if it was more party atmosphere but it definitely wasn't while we were there and I could not wait to leave!

We went back to the hotel and freshened up and then we headed out for the night and that will be part 2 because I am tired of typing right now.
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08/25/12 02:50 - ID#56708 pmobl


the happy couple

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