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08/07/10 05:27 - 73.ºF - ID#52390

My Car Got Keyed

Holy heck! so it has been a while since i have written. BUt last night I went out with (e:libertad), (e:paul) and (e:terry) and we went to Illusions. A newer dance club here in Buffalo NY. I think that place is fun, probably my favorite dancy place in Buffalo and nice but there was one particular Aubrey there that I cannot stand. HE is so full of himself and such a prick but at least it was kinda hilarious when he got on stage dropped trou and bent over for a tranny who seemed not interested in the least. Aubrey begging for some tranny loving really made him a little less hateable. Anywho that is not really the point of the story but it sorta plays into it. So I realized this morning that my car got keyed on the driver side door kinda badly and someone put gum in my locks. Luckily I can use the power locks. but the keying is pretty bad. It is really bothering me a lot.

First it is like was this someone doing it to me in particular and then who was it? Like I don't really have any enemies or people that hate me, especially ones that would know where I was last night. I am not 100% sure if it happened at Illussions or on west ferry but i'm pretty sure it was in the parking lot at Illusions cuz it also looked like a drink was spilled on my car!

It is super bothering me trying to figure out who would have done it. I guess it could be totally random and prolly is but it seems so vicious like to also put gum in the locks. It seemed personal. Maybe someone thought it was someone elses car? I cannot unrelate it in my mind from the pretentious prick Aubrey who was there who I cannot stand, who thinks he can do whatever he wants. It def was not him cuz he really could care less and wouldn't know my car anyway but in my head I cannot separate the two events and it is just making me angrier!

BUt really who would key a car just randomly? That is so mean and rude. Like it is gonna be expensive to fix prolly and that just sucks. Just randomly for no reason people go around keying cars? that seems so wrong but I think I prefer that to the idea that it is someone out to get me! whO COULD it be? I'm not saying everyone loves me but I think there are very few people out there who would want to harm my car. This is really driving me insane and ruining my whole weekend!

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06/12/10 10:37 - 75ºF - ID#51860

Happy 30th Dave

Happy Birthday Davey!!!

A couple of friends wanted to wish you a happy bday also.




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06/11/10 11:41 - 67ºF - ID#51857

Emo Boy throws a dove at my face

Ok this is one of the best things ever. It is Total Eclpise of the heart redubbed with words that say what is going on in the song. It is hilar..i love it. Its really well done. I pull my feathered hair whenever i see floating cloth.

Which one of you preppies put gold dust in my fencing mask?
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06/04/10 11:59 - 69ºF - ID#51797


Party tonight at the 24 to celebrate (e:libertad) and (e:brit)'s 30th! Its the dirty 30 yall so you got to celebrate it! Also it would be better if everyone was together in this time of mourning over Rue McClanahan! So come on out and join us at the 24.....

there's even a special guest from our nation's capital


and these


so come celebrate them


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05/19/10 06:55 - 65ºF - ID#51682

This IS Why You're fat

So this is my new 2nd favorite blog but i think it should be titled:
This all looks freakin! delicious!


this looks good, i love mozz sticks


this one prolly not so much


It's called a sweaty cowboy: fried spam, peanut butter, bacon and cheddar cheese all in a twinkie. I think i would prolly prefer a real sweaty cowboy to this

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05/13/10 05:40 - 58ºF - ID#51551

Cinco De Dog-o

Here are some of my favorite dogs celebrating cinco de Mayo in miniature sombreros!






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05/04/10 12:34 - 56ºF - ID#51499


I haven't written anything in a couple of weeks and feel like i have a backlog of journals I wanna write but for now I will just say I cannot freakin wait to be in Florida for a week starting wednesday with (e:libertad)! I can't to be in the sun and on the (hopefully not covered in oil) beach. And at DISNEY! And to see his mom and their cute dog Lenny (and the other animals). I just dread the flight,,,,ugh...get me one of those star trek travel and dissappear tihngs, that would be so much bette!
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04/15/10 11:24 - 57ºF - ID#51404

"you're such a meth"

that is my new favorite saying
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03/20/10 05:51 - 42ºF - ID#51232

My Saved Text Messages

So as some of you know I am a pack rat, i even save text messages. NOt all of them cuz it only lets me keep so many but I have about 60 in this phone that I have saved. Some I save cuz they are funny or others because they will remind me of a certain time. I was just thiking about how I do that with each phone and then I get a new phone and lose them all so I am gonna type them out here for memories sake and some are kinda funny. I will change/leave out the names for protection of the innocent...some prolly make no sense to an outsider, this is more for my record

My last year in saved text messages:

oh. well pauly needs to be saved.

actually the power went out so they're having him tonight, its free cover and open bar ... wanna go?

get here soon ....please!!!! I can only entertain for so long!!!!

haha, I am not kissing an estrip stranger.

santa came last night while you were sleeping.

got this last night....FWD: what is "the bliss"



did j. travolta kill his son and then cremate the body to hide the evidence.

awe i loove mike too.

FWD: the creepos are eating at target. do you think i should join them?

You need to come see my dad in the Kavinoky. John Warren is hilar.

are u watching the golden globes tonight? I saw some red carpet nes and thought of you : )

with a tub of pop and a trough of popcorn

"i thought not"

rite aid really does kill dreams, doesn't it?

happy inauguration day! sorry I missed you this weekend. I was pretty busy, went to the bar where u slapped the cowboy. ttyl

we watched american idol and the inagural party all night.

we can use the funeral home...perf

we are at the corner!!!

Sag awards prewshow- holly hunter lookin hot in pink

cool cool cool cool

we should find neg99

I just said excuse me to kelly clarkson in a hallway under the castle

i like jen

you were young and in love

they liked u mikey! they really liked u!

haha classy. like a glorified elwaseems

and yes I love when sporty people get fat too

holy shit! I keep forgetting to tell you...he had 3 nipples

do something they can't brush your luscious locks

i heart target

cause their cankles won't allow for complete footwear?

she's crude & insulting & a little bit miley cirus

and anyone else might find that if they were filming a movie and in the opening they wanted to show that the character was sadly alone...

shush girl i said shut your lips do the helen keller and talk with your hips

i'm still pretty drunk at this point in my life fyi

For who you are - it has o regard to who u like--OK SO HERE I AM having this serious text thing and DOOFUS has to ask me for nail clippers

seriously, i'm gonna kill him someday and its just gonna be OK, its gonna be worth it, i'm gonna go to the big house and be locked up for the rest of my life but it will be worth it

lenny went looking for you when i got home

this reminded me of you and the ub paper

hahah me too! hahah f*in braided poop cum braid

I"ma ll about the hot slot action today!!!

don't forget body glitter, i totally will not go with you if you don't sport body glitter

if only we were mafia

I know. I admire your restraint

tasty children of god...tiny little chewy chocolate jesuses

um...tom cruise, katies holmes and suri.yup! so i'm pretty sure you just died but if not maybe i'll talk to you soon.

should i go in?

every year! we just have to act liek it. love you miguel!

you too. i'll miss my littler terrorist

record complete. well i left out a few that are too personal

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03/19/10 05:53 - 49ºF - ID#51221

Car Finding Sillynessness

So i pretty much always park in the same spot every day at work. And the other day wheN I lef (and i have to admit it was a stressful day but still) I walked to where I ususally park and tried to unlock my doors and it wouldn't unlock. And i tried and tried for a few minutes getting really frustrated before realizing....

I had parked in a different spot that day and my car is blue and hatchback and this was a little red sporty car. Yes it took me like 5 minutes during which it did not even click it was not my car b/c I am so automatic just walk to my spot...i'm not proud but it is kinda funny don't'cha think?
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