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03/16/04 12:01 - ID#28617

Slideshow Insanity

First, I'd like to say I like all these new updates, especially the last ten updaters thing that says who updated most recently. It's good to see who updated yesterday but I didn't read and there star was gone cuz it is a new day.

Right now I am watching the slideshow/video montage I made for me and my friends after highschool and it is really good. Not like in a tooting my own horn since I made it kind of way (ok that too!) but like I mean I haven't watched it in a while and it was fun seeing it again. Yes it is a two hour behemoth of a video, but how could I pack all our years of fun into anything less?
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03/13/04 04:57 - ID#28616

It's Up To You To Make It Happen

Do you ever think like everything is working against your goal and you just think maybe it is time to give up but then you get another chance. But then you waste that chance and just are like eh there'll be another chance. Well I do that all the time and I think it is definetely time I start to realize there may not be another chance and need to start just going for what I want.
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03/10/04 01:55 - ID#28615

Spring Break Fever

Two more days of classes and then SPRING BREAK!!! Thank god for undedicated teachers who cancel classes on the Friday before spring break, making it come that much sooner. Not that I am going anywhere exciting in particular but just being off of school is exciting and Jll's birthday, and Maureen will be home and St. Patrick's Day and who knows what else. Too much excitement for one boy.
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03/09/04 04:08 - ID#28614

It's 3:05 AM ?

So I thought I could be the first person to have a star today as it is only 3:05 AM but lo and behold I get here and four other people already have stars. Well I am trying to do two homework assignments that are due tomorrow and of course I am procrastinating to the fullest. I finsihed like a rough copy of my paper on Reyataz the HIV drug but now I need to write an opening sequence for my movie and describe my character's locale. Rigth now my movie for scriptwriting belongs in the crapper. It is like just a bad idea infused with extremely worse ideas. There is something about the class that just makes me produce my worst creative work ever. Eh, at least I'll pass. She can't fail me for bad ideas. Ok that's all for now, its back to work I go.
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03/07/04 05:20 - ID#28613

Roomates/Apartment Happenings

So I really really need to move out of my house. Each day there is more arguing and/or I become more like a 50 year old and so it is really becoming an emergency. Jill and I were going to get an apartment this summer but now she is most likely shipping off to Sri Lanka instead. (Wow that totally doesn't sound real but she really is planning to study abroad there). I also had a prospect for an apartment in January but I cannot wait that long and frankly I don't trust that that would actually happen especially since what is going on recently as in I don't really actually talk to the person anymore.

So it looks like I may need to get a single apartment but I am not really sure I can afford that but it really is time for me to move out. So if anyone knows of cheap single apartments (preferably around elmwood) or people looking for a roomate (or no prolly I actually don't want to live with someone I don't know or well maybe) let me know.
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03/05/04 01:50 - ID#28612

Gay or Jesus?

I was reading Details magazine the other day when me and Jill read every magazine and took every quiz at Wegmans and thye had an articles entitled Gay or Jesus. It has a picture of a jesus-sorta looking man and talks about what he is wearing and I thought number 7 was hilarious......Leather Bands: Accentuates slender wrist on bedpost or crucifix.

It just seems so wrong but so funny. Maybe you have to see it to appreciate it.
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03/03/04 01:31 - ID#28611

Buddhist Corrections and Talkin Loud

Ok first off I've heard that many people thought I typed lama sutra by mistake and meant kama sutra. No I was not at a sex party and the book they study is called something sutra and I just don't remember what it is but I"m pretty sure it started with an L. When I find out I will post it here.

So today I was reminded how I talk really loud sometimes and all the strangers around can hear/listen to what I'm saying. Well if it is that easy to get people to listen to you, I think that's great and that it really makes it seem easy to get your word out. Too bad I am usually talking about one of my friend's relationships or a celebrity or some gossip like that instead of something useful. Although what I'm talking about is usually more entertaining than any political/social message I can think of.
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03/02/04 01:01 - ID#28610

Two Cheers for Good Weather

Can I just say how nice the last two days have been? Today I wore a tshirt and no coat, how great is that? TOO GREAT!!! It can never get cold again. Hooray for Global Warming.

And now I am watching Golden Girls instead of studying for my midterm tomrrow. It's been too long since I"ve seen them. I used to watch them numerous times a day but I seriulsy haven't seen them in weeks. It's good to have them back in my life for the night.

This whole draft thing I have been reading about in other people's journals freaks me out. I could never be in the army. I would truly be a hinderance though not a helper. I doubt they are in dire need of the skills I possess, namely slideshow making and 90's tv trivia. Hmm maybe I can outwit the enemy with Full House facts...maybe.
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03/01/04 02:10 - ID#28609

Oscar Fun and Zoo Tidings

Well today was the Oscars, one of my favorite days of the year. And while I skipped the usual 12 hours of preshow I watch I did watch the actual show. I was afraid I didn't care as much this year but once they started I realized I cared as much as ever. I am such a sucker for gold statues and movie montages. They really make my day, especially the montages. I was glad Sean Penn won, he was good in Mystic River. I feel bad for any movie that was in any category other than acting as they were basically shut out by Lord of the Rings. Thank God for the Oscars otherwise I would have actually studied for my huge anthropology test tomorrow, now we wouldn't want that to happen, would we?

We went to the zoo today which is kinda sad actually but I like to see some animals but they looked sad, especially the three girafees confined to a cage the size of my room and the birds that could not fly. The rhinos were hidden and so we didn't get to see them and they were one of my favorite animals so that was sad.

On a happier note it was really warm out well for Buffalo in February at least and it is supposed to be warmer tomorrow. Woohoo!!!

We also went to the Anchor Bar for the first time. It was pretty good but a little expense but I guess you have to pay if you want the original.
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02/28/04 05:11 - ID#28608

Buddhism Meeting

So last night me and Teres went with Dave to a Buddhist meeting. He told us about it when we talked to him one time at Coffee & (he works there) and we wanted to see it. It was pretty neat. I felt bad cuz we were late because I thought the meeting was at 7:30 and so got out of work at 7 but the meeting was really at 7, and I couldn't ask to get out earlier cuz i was allowed to get to work like 2hours late and leave like an hour early so I couldn't ask for more, so we were late. But luckily Dave went with us so it wasn't totally embarassing being strangers walking in late. It was at a person's house but there were a lot of people there (maybe 35 actually i havve no clue) and we got there at the end of their prayers and then they have like a discussion thing where a few people talk about different parts of the book they study which I think was called something like the lama sutra? I'm not sure exactly. It was interesting and everyone was really nice but I 'm not sure it is my thing. They then introduced all the new people to the group which there were quite a few, and Dave introduced me as Mark but I didn't know if I should say something so I didn't but then he was like oh i meant Mike, which was good cuz I wasn't sure if I should have just pretended my name was Mark from then on (ala the Hilary fiasco with Jill and Greg) Teres is going to go again but I am not sure I am. I feel like such a faker cuz everyone else seems so into it, but we'll see. I'm glad I went once at least. Then at Dave's apartment he had the book The Lottery which is like my favorite made for tv movie ever about htis town where they stone like one person a year for good luck even like the children stone their mom if it is her turn. It is crazy but I had never seen that it was a book/short story before so that was weird.

I'm really ready to get an apartment and can't wait to get one now. Pretty soon hopefully, hopefully this summer if it all works out. I guess I could get one by myself if I had to, we'll see.
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