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08/10/04 12:18 - ID#28733

Some tidbits...'re grandma dancing is an amazing video. I am so glad after providing entertainment for her through our videos for years now I can enjoy her video.

Happy Birthday Kacey!!! and TK!!! and SQB!!!

Don't forget the Terry/Mike birthday celebration on August 20th. Everyone needs to come and bring everyone they know.

During the thunderstorm last night I seriously thought Kenmore was being bombed. Like I looked out my window to make sure my neighbors houses were still there. Also included in this dream/reality was the Thompson's being attacked by an alien. It was one of those dreams that made me scream and wake up my entire family.

Why are the Golden Girls so great? I seriously laugh for the entire half hour everytime I watch them which is quite often.

Where's the hangout this Thursday, as I heard the Pink is done? And Keith, are me, jill and beast rockin hard with you this Thursday?

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08/09/04 02:08 - ID#28732

God is Always Eyesing

That was the slogan on a shirt me and Jill saw in Chinatown in Toronto yesterday. I love bad translations more than anything else in the world!!! We met Yo's boy schlomo (yes that is really what they call him even if the border patrol guard did not believe me). We went to Kosher King which was basically a kosher burger king thus more expensive but still tasty and Yosepha could eat there so that was good because she can never eat out in Buffalo. Then me and Jill went our own way and left them alone and we planned on a wondrous trip to H&M since they still don't have one in Buffalo and we get there and what happens.....THERE IS NO MEN'S DEPT in that one!! How insanely dissapointing that was but then we drove around the city and didn't know waht to do for the four or five hours we had but luckily we just happened across this area where the streets were all closed and it was like street vendors and performers and stuff. It was in Chinatown and Kaiser are I belive it was artsy and then Chinatwony. It was fun despite it raining. I bought a shirt.

I DON"T like seeing hanging dead animals in windows of butcher shops but you get that everywhere in Chinatown. WHy is there always a Little Italy and a Chinatown but not like a Germantown or Little Poland or if it is they are never as well kmnown. Weird. What makes Italians and CHinese so special well besides that I am Italian of course.

Also for some reason in Toronto they don't want you to leavfe and we could not find a way onto the Garden Expressway becuase everywhere said no left turns so it was impossible to get to where we had to get on so eventually we decided to just give ourselves the designation of CIT vehicle and decided to just start turning left wherver we pleased. It worked much better that way. People there also act like they've never seen a UTurn. WHat just cuz I almost plowed down an entire the familyi the rest of the people grab their loved ones and run for their life away from me. no need to be scared, I have yet to hit a person.
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08/08/04 10:51 - ID#28731

I realize

If it didn't happen then, when it seemed to have such a chance, then it probably will never happen. But I can deal with that. I can't keep wasting opportunities that come my way though. Gotta stop being scared.

Off to Toronto for a day of debauchery or shopping or both, we'll see. I mean I wouldn't put it past us to kill someone if they were trying to take the last item leftthat was really cheap that we wanted. I'll update when i reenter this land of ours.
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08/06/04 08:09 - ID#28730

Anything but Gray

So yesterday morning, the worst thing ever happened. I woke up like any other day, walked into the bathroom and then....what do i see....a gray hair sticking straight out of my head. This must be a dream, it can't be real I think as I pinch myself but alas it was the unfortunate reality. I'm not even at my 21 birthday and the gray is starting to come in. My mom went gray really young and I don't want that. I don't want to have a lifetime of having to dye my hair nor do I want the salt and pepper look at 23. Lets hope this was a one time crazy mistake in my hair follicles.
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08/03/04 03:14 - ID#28729

So long Sades, its been a fun ride

So I never thought I liked my car. We call her Sades cuz it is short for Satan. She doesn't do many nice things like she rains on the inside, doesn't beep when i leave the lights on causing many dead batteries, has no cup holders, is too small for me and has tried to kill me on numerous occasions but tonight realizing it was my last night with that car it made me really sad. It was a ridiculous amount of sadness to the point where me and Jill sat in her driveway and tried to pick songs about how Sades felt about me getting rid of her and every song on the radio was sad and about how like we'll always be together or all the good times we've had and stuff. I actually started bawling. Jill has pictures to prove it unfortunately or fortunately so next time I don't so carelessly get rid of car. After I dropped Jill off I continued to drive around for about an hour just crying and listening to the radio. I'm gonna miss Sades more than I thought. We've been through a lot.....she never was mean....feisty maybe but never mean. She always got me where I was going whether it was for coffee or my random sudden decisions to go to a mall in rochester. She's helped us stalk so many people, and almost gotten us in so many near death accidents. She treated me well these last few years and I'm gonna miss her. Bye Sades, this entry isn't enough of a memory. I need something more...I'll think about what that can be. I think part of this ties in to the end of Sades is kind of like an end to an era in my life. We are all growing up and moving sad. WHy do I attach such value and emotions to inatimate objects? Sades, i'll always remember the good times...always. I think I'll need another entry devoted to memories of Sades cuz I never want to forget. This is tougher than leaving the Taurus cuz the Taurus was dead and so I didn't have a choice but Sades still works and I am just callously getting rid of her. I didn't think it would be so tough...sorry Sades...sorry
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08/02/04 02:03 - ID#28728

Summer Lovin..had me a blast

Today was such a fun summery day. I started my day relaxing and reading the paper and then sat on my porch writing my soap opera/tanning. I felt so writeresque. There I learned that our railing will fall very easily as I tried to use it to prop up the back of my chair but instead the chair just pushed the railing safe. Then I got an exciting call from Teres saying she wanted to go to the beach so me, teres, jill and maureen hit up Beaver Island which was nice. Well it actually isn't the nicest beach but it was just nice to be on a beach!!! The water and mounds of algae are kinda gross but Woohoo for my first beach trip even though it is now August. Then me and MK went to DQ tonight (the new brownie blizzard is not as good as it looks in the commercial). Then some real food at Gabrielle's Gate with PMT. ALl in all a good summery day...

Also I want to welcome Julie to the site!!!
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08/01/04 02:51 - ID#28727

In Search Of...

In search of friends who... to stay up past eight o'clock more than one night a week.
...leave their house other than when their b/f is in town
...actually want to hang out without being begged to
...don't cancel on plans all the time

I long for the days that I thought I hated last summer when it was a pain working plans out everynight because there were too many of us that wanted to go out everynight and we couldn't agree on things. I would much rather have that back than what is going on now where everyone just sleeps or just doesn't want to go out! Is it me? Have I lost the funness that used to make people want to hang out? I fear it is but I hope it isn't. It is funny how we always talk about it will be weird when we are older and don't hang out a lot and like will have to schedule each other in every once in a while, but aren't we basically already there? Maybe I am just really feeling the strain of losing my 24 hr. a day partner in crime. Everyone else has been fading for awhile but I always had that....until now. I need something new and invigorating in my life. It's not that like we never go out or anything, it just isn't the same, and we all now how much I hate change....
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07/30/04 01:32 - ID#28726

and the Cheese Stands Alone

I'm starting to feel like the cheese in the farmer in the dell but last night was kinda fun, I was in a weird mood. I don't know it was one of those nights when I just like expected so much and so much fun and so it couldn't live up to its hype in my head. It was still fun but maybe I should have went with Paul and Chris to switch up the scenery a bit but I didn't. It may have been fun. Then I decided to walk to Paul's from the Pink, it was farther than I remembered ....Chamille I'm glad I could help you survive the walk home. It's too bad I left earlier than you or we could have walked together. Boxerboi and Maureen and Yo what let downs for the no show last night....

I don't feel super well today but maybe eighties night at Off the Wall tonight?
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07/29/04 02:12 - ID#28725

Video Madness

Thanks to everyone who let us interview you last night at the Bidwell Park free concert. Sorry that some of them didn't work because Sarah did not have the microphone on. Everyone should check out the videos though to find out some local attitudes about elmwood and what is the best about it and what can be improved. I think the videos should be up in a couple of days.

Pink tomorrow....right? I think everyone is/should be there...
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07/27/04 01:16 - ID#28724

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

Wait is this summer or midfall? The weather outside is so not summery or good for my tan which has already almost completely faded from Florida...sad sad tanless mike....where is the sun?
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mike said to mike
Well really I did not bury the hatched in my mind I guess because now 5 years later, I just saw him ...

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Well 14 years later I have more grays but still solidly more pepper than salt so that's good at leas...

mike said to mike
Well 14 years later I have more grays but still solidly more pepper than salt so that's good at leas...