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07/15/04 12:33 - ID#28718

She only lays on top of me.....

So we went to see Napolean Dynamite today and it was hilarious. I seriously laughed for the entirety of the movie. I think just about anyone could appreciate the greatness of the movie and especially the casting.

Even more entertaining was the preshow (since we were there an hour early, and thank god for that cuz there was already a line). The like man in his 50's behind us went on for about 40 minutes about his cats and their personalities. At one point saying "the only time she lays on top of me is when she's hungry". I think this may have gave Jill a scary glimpse into her future. This was the same quite large man that said "oh i could get a baby popcorn because I like popcorn but who could eat more than that". I'm not sure if that was a personal attack on our huge bucket of popcorn but I took it as that.

So I'm all packed for Florida, and I probably packed too much for a five day trip (like 20 shirts, 3 pairs of sunglasses, an entire medicine cabinet, etc.) but it all fit in a suitcase and a back pack so I'm ready to go. I also listened to all my favorite songs on my computer that I won't have with me for the next five days. That will be tough but I can't burn them on cd becuase I do not have a cd burner, well one that works at least. So tata all, and I can't wait to catch up with you on Tuesday.

Oh one more thing, me and Jill were like wow we are going on separate trips and will both be away for like five days and won't see each other as she is going to NYC the same time I am in florida. First this may be good to create our we are not a couple image although neither of us will be in the b-lo so that won't really help. But secondly we were like what if we forget we are friends. What if our friendship is completley contingent on being around each other all the time and over the next five days we change so drastically that we forget who each other are. And then like a year down the line we happen to see each other somewhere, probably a coffee shop and are like "wait do I know you from somewhere?" anmd exchange awkward glances as if we had never been 24 hour a day hang out partners. That is until we hear Comb-Over strumming his guitar and singing his songs and then we unite in blissful coffee greatness. SOrry I'm missing his concert tomorrow Jill, I know he is our hero, but I hope you see him at least, and enjoy him for the both of us.......
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07/14/04 01:07 - ID#28717

Spending the Day Getting Ready for Flori

So much to do, so little timke. Need to buy magazines and stuff to protect me from the sun. Need to pack. I think I pack much like a fifty year old lady as I have ever healthcare need you could possibly think of ever needing packed for my five day trip. Thank you Wegmans for having cheap fun saver cameras....woohoo Florida...I can't wait for fun in the sun, especially on this particularly dreary buffalo day.
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07/13/04 01:20 - ID#28716

In response to Jesse

I don't think that aides necessarily need to be held publicly accountable for who they work for and outed. I think it is just one issue of many and they could support the person they work for on other what they consider more important issues. I think it would be hard to find someone who completely agress on every issue with the congressman/woman they work for and this issue should be no different. But at the same time I wonder if something that affects them so personally such as this issue, like how could they support someone who is trying to keep something from them and take away their rights.

I know many people say it is not really a big issue, and I agree that it is used to take away attention from other issues. But lets face it, our society is completely run by the idea of marriage. Like ever since you are little in everything you see and hear the message is you will find that perfect prince/princess and live happily ever after. The ultimate goal for every parent often seems to be for their kids to get married and their willing to put up thousands of dollars for the celebration. Every movie and television series ends with the wedding. To say one group of people can not have this thing that is so ubiquitous (mrs. christie vocab. word probably used incorrectly) just seems like that is a major issue. I don't know.
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07/13/04 01:08 - ID#28715

Movie Mania

MK your movie totally caught like slap bracelets in the early nineties. I was Grease but I couldn't post the picture here. So far is everyone a different movie? How many movies can there be? That is crazy, maybe that is what makes this site so intersting, so many different people, so many different movies.
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07/13/04 02:03 - ID#28714

Taste of Buffalo

Yummy Yummy in my Tummy. So i basically went to the Taste of Buffalo twice in like 3 hours but the second time I didn't eat nearly as much, so that's ok, right? Hmm some of my favorites were fried tortellini and a portobello mushroom salad. How many of you have ever just eaten salsa with a spoon? Cuz according to the Tops booth that was a good idea, but I think the lack of a nacho made it very unappetizing. I spilled a tuna kabob on my shirt in a cool m-like zorro-like zigzag. And Chamille told me I should name my soap opera M and have that squiggle be the symbol and then can have this cool opening. Or make it my signature. Both great ideas!

This biggest dissappointment ever though was the lack of bacon wrapped shrimp which really make the entire event for me. Actually there was an overall shortage of bacon products but I htink I hit them all (which was only 2). A wine slushy party ensued at PMTs afterwards and I think I had a few too many for my own good or sanity. Silly drinks make me say silly things.

The Taste of Buffalo also gave me a nice farmers tan just in time for Florida. Me and Teres leave for Florida in two days and it is weird because I don't feel like I'm leaving and it is so soon. I hope it will be fun but the weather predicts rain for most of the trip, but the weatherpeople are wrong a lot right?
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07/11/04 01:52 - ID#28713

So Little Time

Ok, PMT came home a day early and so I am back living at home. I definetely need to get an apartment....soon. It is just so pleasant and nice to not hear screaming and arguing all day long and be forced to do things whenever it is convenient for others all day long. I don't know, I probably won't knowing my lack of motivation but I really want one.

Lately I have been getting crushes like they are going out of style. It is in a very fifth grade kind of why, like I jsut found out cooties aren't real or something. I don't know it is odd but fun...add another one to the list.
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07/10/04 02:02 - ID#28712

Dance Party

First off the fireworks were not in Kenmore tonight, I believe they are tomorrow now instead.

Secondly, I know that last night I threatened everyone that if they didn't go to the dance party at the Mohawk I would kick them off the site, but low and behold I did not end up going. I don't know I was just in a bad mood today kinda and you know how sometimes when you are not happy you just need to be more unhappy before it can better. I was not in the mood to see everyone having fun and hooking up and being hit on. I think the extreme pleasure of others would have just made me angrier. Which was today the official "walk with your b/f/g/f and kiss as soon as Mike walks by you day"? Cuz it felt like it. I think the idea that one of my friends is getting married in like two months and I haven't had a serious date in almost forever is part of what is bothering me lately. I don't want to end up being 80 and alone. Before for years none of my friends really dated that much or that seriously, but now its all changing fast and I am falling fast behind the learning curve and will soon be left behind in their fast paced coupled off world. Like seriuosly everyone just began to pair off with everyone they meet and I am silly old Mike who doesn't. I know it is partially my own fault as I don't try very hard but it doesn't make it feel any better.

I also need to learn when to take a hint I think. I don't know why I keep trying and trying. (e:Maureen) was talking about it the other day how she doesn't understand why some people keep trying and trying to contact her when she obviously puts in no effort. And I think some people enjoy the challenge of getting through to those people. Or some people just have that kind of personality that you just want to be around even if it involves being rejected many a times. Not like in a stalkerish way but in a ok I have to realize they don't want to talk to me/be better friends kinda way and stop bugging them. But sometimes it ends up being worth it. I don't know I am babbling, maybe more on this later.
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07/09/04 09:33 - ID#28711

Fireworks in Kenmore

Heading over to Jill's parents house to watch the fireworks for Kenmore Days from their roof. I hope they can live up to last years where the coverband played songs such as It's Raining Men, She Bangs, and Man I feel Like A Woman including people in the audience along with them. I believe It's Raining Men was the big finale to the show with fourteen year old boys singing. Interesting it was. I hope they keep the same performers this year, for much more entertainment.

I hope they don't try to make it all classy just because the Vietnam Wall Memorial is in Kenmore coinciding with the carnival. Cuz that is the classy kind of place we are. They thought "oh what does our carnival featuring greasy foods and kiddie rides need?" and someone probably jokingly said "we need a traveling war veterans memorial to put in next to the game where you have to pop the balloons for posters, we have some free space there anyway" and crazily enough someone picked up on it and now the memorial is part of the carnival although tastefully separated by about 30 feet.
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07/08/04 11:28 - ID#28710

One last Update

Raspbery vodka and winde blenders tonight at the apartment (567) stop by!!! OK I have officially updated about 7 billion times today. So some peeps are heading over to the apartment, namely (e:jill) and (e:teres) (beast) and possbily some diana, matt, maureen, and andrew, and some others, anyone who wants to but we'll see. Maybe we'll head down to the Pink since it appears that is the official Thursday night estrip hangout lately. We'll see what happens... a lot of pressure. Fun things happen at this house but can they happen without the PMT?
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07/08/04 07:20 - ID#28709

Vodka and Ice Tea

So I returned the beer bottles that were left here and got about 12 dollars for it (that's a lot of bottles) so with that money I decided to treat myself to a bottle of raspberry vodka. So very tasty Now I'm sitting here drinking it mixed with iced tea wishing it was sunny out and I could lay out on the porch and read. I should probably share as I shouldn't drink the whole 1.75 L myself right? I think me, (E:jill), (e:teres) are going out tonight, maybe the pink?
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