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07/08/04 01:47 - ID#28706

The Bugs Are Winning

Well the bugs are definetely winning the battle for this apartment. A few flies were trapped by the fly paper but not many and there are just lots of bugs or just more than I am used to. And the freshwater fish tank is starting to look a little not so good.

I went for a walk tonight with Jill, MK and Chamille tonight and it was fun and refreshing. We walked some streets off of Allen that I had never been to before and there were some really neat houses around there.

Welcome Chriddy, I'm glad you finally started a journal and Anne if you read this just try and see if you can sign in and post even though you did not get a confirmation email.

Me and Teres need to find a place to stay in Tampa considering we are leaving in one week from tomorrow. I am starting to get a little nervous but we most likely will make our plans tomorrow. Speaking of which tomorrow and Friday I have off so I hope to see some people and have some fun. Is it wrong to start drinking alone at like 11 AM when i wake up? We'll see what happens but I'm ready for the two days off.

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07/06/04 11:40 - ID#28705

Sometimes the simplest things are best

Last night after work (which was surprisingly enjoyable) I stopped by my parents to help them with something on their computer and then came back here to the apartment. It is so nice being able to leave there, like not that I hate it there, I enjoy it but it is nice to be there and then be able to leave. I think this little one week of having an apartment is going to make me get one for good, I'm not sure.

Chris stopped by last night for a little while which was nice. I like having people just be able to stop by. Unexpected visitors can be good but they can also be bad I suppose. After he left I ran to Wegmans with Teres and JIll to pick up some grocery essentials like bagels, goldfish, pretzels, strawberries and a few other things. Then when I got home I crashed and fell asleep immideiately. I was going to read a little bit but instead fell asleep within about two minutes and woke up this morning around 830 or 9 but stayed in an awake/not awake existince and didn't actually get up and out of bed til 10. It was nice, I needed it due to the lack of sleep lately.

All in all I had a good day. Work, Chris, Wegmans all were part of the relaxing day I needed. Sometimes the simplest things with the right people can be the best.
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07/06/04 11:26 - ID#28704


HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA!!! (well belated birthday since it was yesterday. I'm pretty sure you read this. I hope you had an amazing birthday yesterday.
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07/05/04 02:00 - ID#28703

Fourth Of July

So we missed the fireworks or maybe they were canceled, I'm not sure but we did play a hot game of DanceDance Revolution in which we all were pretty sucky except Matt was kinda good, for his first time especially. Then me, Di and Jill played Mario Kart although we didn't actually know how to use the controller and for most of the time did not know which character was ours or which direction we should have been heading.

I felt like such a senior citizen kicking my friends out now at 1am cuz I have to go to sleep cuz I am tired and am working in the morning, but after tomorrow a sweet sweet day off on Tuesday. Can't Wait. Can't Hardly Wait is totally my favorite movie.

I kinda miss not having seen fireworks for possibly the first fourth of July in my life...but there's always next year.
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07/04/04 08:31 - ID#28702

Happy Fourth!

Wellit is raining outside but Jill and possibly Di and Matt and maybe others are coming over to the apartment and then we are going to decide about the firework situation. We might just hang out here and try to watch them from the roof...if they aren't canceled that is. We'll see... anyone feel free to stop by if you want to join us. Happy Fourth of July!
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07/04/04 02:59 - ID#28701

Where's the Baby?

First off Happy Birthday Anne Maloy (a soon to be estrip member) even if your sister chose to leave town during it!!! I hope its great and you sister smells!

Went to the Rufus/Ben Folds/Guster concert today with Jill and it was lots of fun and Ben Folds was really good, the other people we just heard from a distance but didn't watch cuz we were sick of standing. Saw some epeeps like Rachel. We ran into Amanda and we were on our cell phones trying to locate each other and after a few minutes I realized she had been standing right in front of me but facing the other way so while we were looking for each other we were really like only 2 inches apart. Craziness. Amanda's friend had the funniest story about how her friend's little brother was a preme and really small and so they kept him in a doll carriage at first and his older sister who was two or three hid him one day behind the piano and she couldn't really talk yet and so they kept being like "where's the baby?" and she would just look and shrug. HAHA it is funnier in person I think.

MMM Cole's has tasty food. I definetely recommned it. I had chicken in the grass sandwich and it was amaze.

This weekend didn't turn out to be quite what I expected although I'm not sure exactly what I expected but I didn't see the people/person I planned on seeing. oh well.

Working again tomorrow 9-12 but then July 4 festivities will ensue. Hope everyone has a good one!!! Maybe I"ll see some of you around.
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07/03/04 12:08 - ID#28700

Movin on Up

So I just officially moved into Paul/Terry/Matt's apartment and will be here until July 11 when they return from vaca. I have very many reptilian and fish animals to take care of and hope I do a good job. I loved coming in with all the notes plastered everywhere on what I need to do. Hopefully nothing dies.

Last night was fun, I ended up seeing Teres/Jill/Christy/Polish boys at Frizzy's and then they came back to Pink with us. On the walk I tried to get my brother to give me a piggy back ride and he did but he said I was the fattest person ever that he tried to give one to. Thanks Paul....

Not sure what's going on tonight, everyone's out of town/on dates. I have to work 9-4 tomorrow and it is going to be sucky. I'm sure I"ll be late since I have to go from out here instead of like a block away like my real house is. We'll see. . . alright I think I am going to go take a walk now in my new temporary neighborhood (not that I don't do that everyday)
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07/02/04 12:50 - ID#28699

Left All Alone

All my friends have left me for boys...Teres/Jill/Christy are out meeting some polish boys at Goodbar (I didn't want to intrude on their triple date) Jen is preparing for leaving early in the morning for her boyfriend's place in New Jersey and MK is doing the same and leaving in the AM for her boyfriend in Albany. Di is with Matt I'm sure and Yosepha well well she is visiting her sister and her sister is married so that is a boy. I hope this isn't the beginning of the end. Well I'm off to the Pink with my brother and other epeeps. Maybe I'll see some of you out tonight. I am slightly nervous because I am wearing a possibly too small pastellyish neonish orange tshirt that can easily be ridiculed. We'll see.

Props to Paul for the calendar feature. I think it is a really good addition.
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06/30/04 01:46 - ID#28698

Dance With Me Michael

I vowed the other day to have more realistic crushes, not that you can really control something like that. But like focus more on people I have a chance with or something although my friends think (and I agree) that I automatically think I don't have a chance with anyone once I have a crush on them so it is more my mind that needs to be realistic, not the people I crush on. Hmm that sorta makes sense I think. I don't know I just assume generally if I like someone they could not possibly like me back cuz they are too good. I also have a thing for wanting people that are not single, maybe it is like a safety net for myself because then it's really like not anything I could do anything about. I don't know. Haha the word crush is so sixth grade.

On another note,wow MK that was a whopper of an old journal entry of mine you linked to. Did anyone read them when they were that long? I love that the side note was like 5,000 words by itself. Today was my Nonna's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NONNA (not that she reads this).

I went out to lunch with MK downtown today and let me tell you do not get the smashed potato with chicken and cheese at the Hoagie Brothers in the Main Place Mall food court. It is disgusting!!! With a capital D. I guess I could have just capitalized the D. whatev. I was gonna have a turkey club but they were out of bacon. Maybe that was god's way of telling me I need to cut back on my fried pork fat intake. Who knows?
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06/28/04 01:06 - ID#28697


Jill and Teres enjoying their drinks at Coffee &. They finally have mocha jet cafes again. Woohoo
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