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07/04/04 02:59 - ID#28701

Where's the Baby?

First off Happy Birthday Anne Maloy (a soon to be estrip member) even if your sister chose to leave town during it!!! I hope its great and you sister smells!

Went to the Rufus/Ben Folds/Guster concert today with Jill and it was lots of fun and Ben Folds was really good, the other people we just heard from a distance but didn't watch cuz we were sick of standing. Saw some epeeps like Rachel. We ran into Amanda and we were on our cell phones trying to locate each other and after a few minutes I realized she had been standing right in front of me but facing the other way so while we were looking for each other we were really like only 2 inches apart. Craziness. Amanda's friend had the funniest story about how her friend's little brother was a preme and really small and so they kept him in a doll carriage at first and his older sister who was two or three hid him one day behind the piano and she couldn't really talk yet and so they kept being like "where's the baby?" and she would just look and shrug. HAHA it is funnier in person I think.

MMM Cole's has tasty food. I definetely recommned it. I had chicken in the grass sandwich and it was amaze.

This weekend didn't turn out to be quite what I expected although I'm not sure exactly what I expected but I didn't see the people/person I planned on seeing. oh well.

Working again tomorrow 9-12 but then July 4 festivities will ensue. Hope everyone has a good one!!! Maybe I"ll see some of you around.
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07/03/04 12:08 - ID#28700

Movin on Up

So I just officially moved into Paul/Terry/Matt's apartment and will be here until July 11 when they return from vaca. I have very many reptilian and fish animals to take care of and hope I do a good job. I loved coming in with all the notes plastered everywhere on what I need to do. Hopefully nothing dies.

Last night was fun, I ended up seeing Teres/Jill/Christy/Polish boys at Frizzy's and then they came back to Pink with us. On the walk I tried to get my brother to give me a piggy back ride and he did but he said I was the fattest person ever that he tried to give one to. Thanks Paul....

Not sure what's going on tonight, everyone's out of town/on dates. I have to work 9-4 tomorrow and it is going to be sucky. I'm sure I"ll be late since I have to go from out here instead of like a block away like my real house is. We'll see. . . alright I think I am going to go take a walk now in my new temporary neighborhood (not that I don't do that everyday)
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07/02/04 12:50 - ID#28699

Left All Alone

All my friends have left me for boys...Teres/Jill/Christy are out meeting some polish boys at Goodbar (I didn't want to intrude on their triple date) Jen is preparing for leaving early in the morning for her boyfriend's place in New Jersey and MK is doing the same and leaving in the AM for her boyfriend in Albany. Di is with Matt I'm sure and Yosepha well well she is visiting her sister and her sister is married so that is a boy. I hope this isn't the beginning of the end. Well I'm off to the Pink with my brother and other epeeps. Maybe I'll see some of you out tonight. I am slightly nervous because I am wearing a possibly too small pastellyish neonish orange tshirt that can easily be ridiculed. We'll see.

Props to Paul for the calendar feature. I think it is a really good addition.
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06/30/04 01:46 - ID#28698

Dance With Me Michael

I vowed the other day to have more realistic crushes, not that you can really control something like that. But like focus more on people I have a chance with or something although my friends think (and I agree) that I automatically think I don't have a chance with anyone once I have a crush on them so it is more my mind that needs to be realistic, not the people I crush on. Hmm that sorta makes sense I think. I don't know I just assume generally if I like someone they could not possibly like me back cuz they are too good. I also have a thing for wanting people that are not single, maybe it is like a safety net for myself because then it's really like not anything I could do anything about. I don't know. Haha the word crush is so sixth grade.

On another note,wow MK that was a whopper of an old journal entry of mine you linked to. Did anyone read them when they were that long? I love that the side note was like 5,000 words by itself. Today was my Nonna's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NONNA (not that she reads this).

I went out to lunch with MK downtown today and let me tell you do not get the smashed potato with chicken and cheese at the Hoagie Brothers in the Main Place Mall food court. It is disgusting!!! With a capital D. I guess I could have just capitalized the D. whatev. I was gonna have a turkey club but they were out of bacon. Maybe that was god's way of telling me I need to cut back on my fried pork fat intake. Who knows?
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06/28/04 01:06 - ID#28697


Jill and Teres enjoying their drinks at Coffee &. They finally have mocha jet cafes again. Woohoo
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06/27/04 04:01 - ID#28696

Last NIght's Fun

Tried to go and see Fahrenheit 9/11 last night but the 7pm was sold out and there was already a huge line for the 9:30. Insanity. So we went to Pizza Hut instead and I took my first pictures using the borrowed sidekick. Then we went to Spot.

Thanks Chris for showing me how to use all the fun features of the sidekick. He joined us at Spot and then I could fully enjoy the sidekick and emailing in journals with pictures. After that we went home but I stopped here at the estrip headquarters first cuz I wasn't really feeling like going home and I to mine and her surprise Emily was here still. So we chatted a little and then I went home and played hours of video poker. I am offically a non-owning but addicted sidekick user.
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06/27/04 03:39 - ID#28695

Fun at Spot

Herels Di and Matt enjoying people magazine after a heated debate over the olsen twins versus trista from the bachelor

Missing Image ;(

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06/27/04 03:39 - ID#28694

Yosepha is Michael Moore

Have you ever seen them in the same room at the same time?

Missing Image ;(

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06/29/04 02:23 - ID#28693

Goo Goo Dolls Haircut

So walking down Elmwood tongiht, what do me, yosepha, and jill see but Robbie from the Goo Goo Dolls in the hair salon next to Merlins getting his hair dyed. There were seriously like 7 people in there working on it. Jill took some pictures so they better be posted in her jouranl soon...or else.

Teres, Tao of Steve is also a band that plays one of my favorite songs which is the theme from Scrubs...random.

Saw Farhenheit 9/11 tonight. It was good, maybe it will make people hate Bush but I think only people that already do will go see it. I just have some problem with Michael Moore. I liked him more (hahah more and Moore) in his Roger and Me days about Flint, Michigan. He seems too big now. LIke how can be complain about large companies while he is making millions for sure off of this. I don't see him donating the money or giving it back to his hometown to help people. Well we'll see maybe he will. Who knows!
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06/26/04 01:28 - ID#28692

Prom at the Co-op and book tidings

Went to the prom at the coop house last night and let me just say that house is amazing, from the grand staircase to the bowling alley countertops it is just so totally amazing. The prom was lots of fun even if I did leave early around 230(my silly stomach never wants me to leave my house and does everything in its power to prevent me from staying out). All in all a good night.

I was reading a book called the Informers by the guy who wrote American Psycho and like the first few chapters were pretty normal about crazy drugged up entertainment people in Los Angeles sort of thing and then all of a sudden a chapter was about vampires who eat people they pick up at bars, the next chapter was about these 20-somethings that tie a boy up in their tub, I believe rape him and then kill him with a switchblade and then the last chapter was about two poeople in a zoo and he admits he is an alien whose people are going to destroy earth in the 24th century. Very odd indeed. It was like um "whoa where did this come from". But considering he wrote American Psycho, I guess you got to expect some of that craziness.
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