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06/22/04 03:32 - ID#28688

UB Library

I'm at the UB library with Maureen and Teres who are actually doing research but I have nothing to do and thus am on estrip. It says I am only supposed to use the computer for research so hopefully I don't get arrested by the library police. This library is huge and scares and overwhelms me. Too many places to get lost.

Jill we tried to go see you at work but after a million mile scavenger hunt to the athletic business office they said you had already left. And it was only 1:45. Someone was skipping out early.....

That's all for now although I may get bored and update again in a few minutes.

Sidenote: Franco's pizza on Kenmore Ave. has a nice buffet for lunch from 11-2 that includes all kinds of pizza, wings, chicken fingers, salad, soup, breadsticks and more. For like 5.94 I believe. It was a good deal. Oh and macaroni and cheese too!! Try it out.
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06/21/04 11:27 - ID#28687

Matt's Deleted Entry

You can't delete entries and leave me eternally wondering about what you had written. It is like on instant messanger when it says your friend is typing but then it dissappears and they never had sent anything and so you always have to wonder , what are they deleting and deciding not to send me? What if it was the most important thing just freaks me out and leaves me wondering forver...
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06/20/04 06:54 - ID#28686

Get Together at Pauls

Went to Paul's last night and saw some (e:people) and it was fun. I discovered gold schlagger (sp?) and hypnotic (I think that was the name) are very tasty but going to sleep at at 5:30 and then being woke up at 9 for going to church for Father's Day feeling like you are going to throw up is not tasty. I don't hate my brother, possibly because of the shared bacon this morning, but I still think he shouldn't have told anyone I think of them as a celebrity. Actually it's not really a big deal and I was just in a sorta bad mood last night for part of the night sorta related to the celebrity incident but not totally and so thought I was madder about that then I really was if that makes sense. Just woke up a little while ago after napping after Father's Day festivities and think I am going to head down to the Artvoice festival. Maybe I'll see some of you there...

Oh and I'm glad to see their is interest in the dodgeball team. I will try to find out more info about where/when/costs soon and post it.

I kinda want a sidekick now but think I would become an addict.
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06/19/04 01:29 - ID#28685 Dodgeball Team

So me and teres and jill were thinking of starting a dodgeball team. They have a league in Western New York. I am still looking into it and trying to get info so I am not sure how much it costs or where it is, although I think they do have a league at the YMCA. Anyone else interested in joining us? We could start an dodgeball team. Possibly involving tshirts...
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06/18/04 12:41 - ID#28684

Car Rockin

So last night after going to the Pink and Jim's Steakout with my brother, Terry, Matt, Chris and seeing some other's I go to get in my car parked being the Towne restaurant and in the car parked next to mine there were two people having sex. Like definetely having sex or well on their way just like in a parking lot where there were other cars and stuff. It was not like an abandoned place where there were no other cars. I think the girl saw me when she came up for some air but just kept on going. It was odd...
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06/17/04 01:10 - ID#28683

Mmm Brodo and Stuff

Went to Brodo today again and it was still very tasty. I had this soup with stuff in it like italian sausage and chicken and peppers and yumminess. I most definetely recommend it although it furthered mine and Jill's looking like a coupleness. An old bitter couple at that.

On a different note I am starting to think maybe now is the time for me to maybe just maybe start dare I say it...looking for a relationship... who knows... I guess people do it but I am pretty content in my self-centered world never really looking for more..but times they are a changing. Could it be that I can no longer be satisfied only by hardcore friendships, hmm hardcore is a weird word to use for my best friendships but I mean I was always like eh I just like having all my friends, I don't' want anything else. It's not that I don't still love my friends and their greatness nor do I want to stop expecting to hang out with every single one of them everyday but maybe I need something else too. Is that possible Maybe....

That's more than I generally liek to share in an online journal but I'm just in that kind of mood.
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06/17/04 12:58 - ID#28682

Soyeon's Nigeria Letter

Soyeon ignore that it is like the biggest scam going on right now. They used to do it through the mail and now they do it online. It is a huge scam.
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06/16/04 02:50 - ID#28681

Yummy Mocha Jet Cafe Substitute

Sorry that I carry on about this drink but it is so good. After eating a ridiculous amount of food at work today I went to Coffee & and they were still out of Mocha Jet Cafes but luckily Dave thought of creatively adding some ingredients to the vanilla flavored Jet Cafe and I would have to say it came out stellar and possibly better than the original though I am not really ready to commit to that idea. Let's just say it was great. Thank god for great nice amazing workers who know what I like!

On another note I have a wife beater styled back sunburn. While doing work in the garden the other day I guess my back burned but has the stripes from the wife beater sleeves (if they are considered sleeves). It is an oh so classy look. Not nearly as bad as the complete zigzags though from the roll on sunscreen two summers ago that gave me that great neon red and pasty white patter that I had for the entire summer.
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06/15/04 11:49 - ID#28680

A Ride for Robin

Robin I can give you a ride if you need a ride to the airport today. I realize this is kind of a late post so I don't know if you already found a ride but I just read your journal now. E-mail or call my brother (Paul) and he can call me cuz I don't want to post my phone number in here.
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06/14/04 12:44 - ID#28679

Franz Ferdinand

Bought the Franz Ferdinand cd last week and it is so very good and enjoyable. Its so fun and so just enjoyable, i can't think of another word. And it has a song called Michael and that's my name and I like things with my name and it makes me want someone to tell me:
"Michael you're dancing like a beautiful dance whore"

Happy Birthday Comedicqueen, I hope it is better than your other ones.
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