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08/18/07 11:00 - 63ºF - ID#40607

Oh Pfeiffer, I love ya!

We saw Hairspray and Stardust recently and I realized I really love Michelle Pfeiffer. I also saw her on Jay Leno the other day. She is just awesomely amzingly beautifully sexy! And fun! And bedazzical! (not really sure bedazzical is a word but it should be cuz it is exactly the word I want to use!) I know (e:libertad) feels the same way.

Without further ado, here she is:






P.S. This is for reals, not in a I love Holly Hunter kinda way, I really do love Michelle. Like I wanted her ugly witch to eat out Claire Danes heart so she could be pretty again even if that would have been bad for everyone else in Stardust!
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08/16/07 08:29 - 78ºF - ID#40582

I Got IT

SO I got my car last night and I love it! I relaly do love it! But last night the sun roof opened all the way. The guy at the store said it didn't open all the way and it was a moon roof but last night it clearly fully opened and in the book it says it is a sunroof. BUT>.....Today it doesn't open, it just raises up a little like a moon roof. I would swear I was crazy if others didn't see it open last night but I know it did!!! And now it doesn't , that one day with a sun roof was the best thing ever...!!!
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08/14/07 09:56 - 70ºF - ID#40546

No Car For Me...

So today was supposed to be a really exciting day, I was gonna get my glasses, leaving work a half hour early to go get them, then clean out my old car and go get my new car!!! Well first my glasses...I don't really like them as much as I thought I did before. Now I kinda don't like them...maybe I have to get used to them. I have never had glasses or anything but still, I don't know, I wished I liked them more. I will post pictures soon!

Then as I am getting ready to go get my car I get a call from the dealer and it won't be ready to pick up today because the one part for the brakes that they are fixing, the wrong part came in. So it won't be ready til tomorow. See but I had the wake for my old car with (e:jill) and (e:mk) last night and I had cleaned him out alreayd. I don't like prolonging the goodbye. It is already hard enough without this extra wait time where he is an empty mere shell of his old self...I was so ready to have my sexy new glasses and go riding in my fancy new car....and now nothing....but it gets worse.

I have taken like no vacation time this summer and so this week I wanted to take Monday off and only work until 5 on tues-thurs. Because I work a heavily hour packed four day schedule that actually ends up being taking 20 hours off which is half my week. Wel lno I ended up having to work on Monday because this girl was moving and blah blah blah (but she bougth my lunch today and it was relaly yummy so maybe it was worth it) and then on wednesday we have like a pretty not goo dpharmacist so I agreed to work until 9 as long as Bonnie the intern also agreed to work til nine. well no she is only there til 6:30 and I am stuck there til nine with blehness. Whihc also means I can't pick up my car tomorrow cuz I am at work all day which means I won't get my car til tursday. This good week went down the crapper....though I am sure it will bget better soon. and I can debut my new car soon. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I HATE ECKERD RIGHT NOW!!! Ooops sorry i mean RiteAid. Like everyone else just says I am taking vacation and just does it and doesn't care if eveyrone lese gets screwed, I have been screwed soooo many times this summer cuz everyone asked off and so like noone was working except me. But i always give in, no more. I hate it!!!
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08/13/07 05:03 - 80ºF - ID#40518

My New Car

So I did it. I didn't look at as nearly as many cars as I had planned on and I went with a sorta luxury car instead of new small car but anywho as of 6pm tomorow night I am the proud owner of a 2003 Mitsubishi Diamante. I like it a lot I think. We got it at Paul Herman Cars on Hinman. We know at least like 10 people who have bought cars there and super recommended it. So far so good in my opinion too. We'll see how it works out. Here it is...

It seems to have lots of amenities, definetely a step up from all my old cars from people who were gettting rid of them. The mileage is kidna high but those cars seem to last pretyt long from my research. I'm gonna miss Frank though, I am trading him in. Good ol' Frank the Tank , he had me at hello. But now just like Taur and Sades before him, its time to pass him on.
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08/12/07 04:21 - 84ºF - ID#40495


Just wanted to say mine and (e:terry) annual b-day party (hmm i guess all bday parties are annual) is going to be Saturday September first at the (e:pmt) house. Everyone best be there or I will never talk to you that! ok maybe i will but I still think you should all mark it down now and come
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08/11/07 08:31 - 80ºF - ID#40489

Saving the Environment one straw...

at a time. I use a lot of straws. I just like drinking out of straws a lot instead of out of glasses. But that leads to a lot of trashy plastic in waste dumps so now I have come p with a solution, I have been using twizzlers as straws instead. I can eat them and even if i don't htye are biodegradable...score one! oh and they are tasty too!
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08/10/07 04:34 - 81ºF - ID#40478


So (e:beast)'s sister had another baby. Little Elli is super de duper cute!!! I am ready for someone to have babies. I think I will be a real good uncle , so (e:paul) when are the babies coming? Or at least my friends. Someone needs to start having some babies up in here!
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08/06/07 03:48 - 82ºF - ID#40410

"I Don't Think You Should Drive"she says

So I finally bit the bullett and went for the eye exam today. You people may remember I decided the time I said look at that huge log and (e:paul) pointed out"Mike that is a family of ducks".

Anywho so I went to Buffalo Eye Center and the doctor was like Dr. Bagarozzi or something, Dr. Gulati is the main doctor and he is the new doctor. I really liked him. He seemed very nice and caring. I definitely recommend him.The technician that first did my beginning tests was like "you've never had glasses". I was like no. And she was like , I don' think you should be driving. And was like why? Am I drunk ? It is only like 9 in the morning, and then I realized she meant cuz I can't see. Eh, i've never had a problem. So then in the eye exam with the doctor I got so nervous that I would give the wrong answer like which part was clearer and so afraid of getting the wrong prescriptioin because I did not know how to answer. I think I was shaking. he was very accomodating and made it easy and was liek "don't worry I double check and everything so if you say one time is clearer and it isn't , it isn't going to ruin everything" I kept making him go back and check things again like I oculdn't remember what I thought was clearer. So that is all done and my prescription is for -1.5 in one eye and -1 in the other eye, which seems not to bad compared to my friends. He said I only need it for driving and stuff and hsouldn't wear them all day cuz my near sight is fine.

So then we go on to the optician shop that is in the same place. OMG they had so many pairs of glasses, it was insane. How do I even begin to decide. The guy came to help me but I just said I needed to look around. I was 100% SURE I would pick a pair that would end up being girl glasses so I asked him and he said many are unisex but like generally it is very clear if they are not unisex. So I walk around for at least an hour trying on at least 50 pairs and could not decide. I deicded I needed to bring someone with me. So an hour later me and (e:amanda) head over to Buffalo Eye Center and start again. I treid on like every pair again and we would narrow it down to like 3 and then I would deicde I needed to walk the whole place again and narrow it down to a different three and so on.

Eventually we got it down to the final five and it was so hard becuase they were all similar but a little different. I finally went with the Gucci ones that I liked the most I think. It was funny cuz was like I was like oh they are only $249 as opposed to $149 which was another pair I kinda liked but not as much but that is $100 which is a lot but like in context of looking at so many pairs some that had crystals that cost like $800 it seemed like not that much. Plus it was Gucci so yeah. They really were t hebest ones though me and amanda decided. Then I decided to get the glare free lenses and the extra scratch resistant ones. I didn't get the ones that tint in the sun cuz he said it deosn't work in the car and that is when I mostly need them. So I gues I Wil lprolly have to get sunglass ones at some point too. I don' tknow, maybe I'll get the clips that go over it.

Overall with the eye exam my share was only $180 dollasrs and my insurance paid like $250 or something like that so that seemed like a good deal to me!!!!!!!!! I tihnk i will look smart in glasses, some people don't look good in glasses but I think I kinda do. I think I will like having them. I cna't wait 7-10 days and then I can see again!

It was so crazy when the doctor showed me what it will be like when I wear the glasses, it was like a whole new world!!! YEAH SEEING! I LIKE TO SEE!

Everyone will get to see them soon! I can't wait to debut them! Oh i forgot I also like that on th band around my ear, they have like a red stripe over the top. My whole life I have liked things with red trim or small stripes, like my favoirte jeans for some reason always have red thread on the pocket yarn and stuff, it is veyr starnge, but that makes me like tem even more. The guy who sold them to me seemed a little questioning if they were the right choice but the lady worker came over and said she loved them.

I definelty recommned BUffalo Eye Center, it was realy good and helpful and nice and has a great selection. I went there because my brother knows Maria Galla, the owner. I tink she was there and I said like hello but I didn't sya I know her cuz I wasn't 100% sure it was her, and I didn't know what to say!
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08/05/07 12:54 - 81ºF - ID#40391

Bye Bye Mansion

So I'm leaving the mansion as (e:pmt) are coming back today. I actually will have to come back cuz I don't feel like carrying everything I brought down right now (yes I pack for liek a 2 month vacation when I was here 3 days, and my house is only like 10 minutes away, I can't help it, its the way I be, seriously like a suitcase and some extra bags of clothes and necesities like magazines) By the by there was quite an assortment of magazines in the mansion already , how heavenly, they were quite an array of topics I think they have been left by all the different people who have lived/passed through here. I definetely need to get an apartment soon, it is very nice to have one.

I think I am leaving the place the same way I came to it, except there are coals in the grill cuz what do you do with coal? I have no idea, do I pour it in the garbage? garden? Spekaing of gardens, not so sure it is sitll a "buffalo in bloom" garden , more a "crusty brown in buffalo" garden but i watered yesterday so hopefully it springs right back up to life.

There also must have been like flies that hatched in the ktichen ro something. SEriosly yesterday out of nowhere there all of a sudden were like 50 or more flies, most of them flew out the window when we opened it but there are still some. I took out the plants they seemed to be living on/coming from. THe weird par tis there is seriously no food in the ktichen for them to be eating. LIke i hadn't even used the ktichen cuz i ate out all the time and there was no dishes/nothing in the sink/garbage. Like what are htey all doing there. That is what makes me think they hatched somehwere inside. ANywho most are gone or trapped between the screen and window. I also closed off the ennitre room so they can't get into the rest of the house. HOpefully the problem is basically gone. Alright off to a cookout at my real house. Chadi
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08/03/07 01:01 - 84ºF - ID#40368

Please don't let me...

...drink lots of vodka ever again. I never have hangover no matter how much I drink, like very rarely do I have bad hangovers. I feel like crap today after drinking only lots of vodka last night instead of my usual rum. Maybe cuz we didn't eat after and I wasn't in my own bed attributed to it to but i feel like crap. Me and (e:beast) tried to go to lunch and I had to get out of the car and walk so I didn't throw up. I ate some lunch and now feel a little better but still quite bleeh
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paul said to ladycroft
Nice to "see" you. I let the CPR ads stay because at least it was something lol...

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ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...