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08/05/07 12:54 - 81ºF - ID#40391

Bye Bye Mansion

So I'm leaving the mansion as (e:pmt) are coming back today. I actually will have to come back cuz I don't feel like carrying everything I brought down right now (yes I pack for liek a 2 month vacation when I was here 3 days, and my house is only like 10 minutes away, I can't help it, its the way I be, seriously like a suitcase and some extra bags of clothes and necesities like magazines) By the by there was quite an assortment of magazines in the mansion already , how heavenly, they were quite an array of topics I think they have been left by all the different people who have lived/passed through here. I definetely need to get an apartment soon, it is very nice to have one.

I think I am leaving the place the same way I came to it, except there are coals in the grill cuz what do you do with coal? I have no idea, do I pour it in the garbage? garden? Spekaing of gardens, not so sure it is sitll a "buffalo in bloom" garden , more a "crusty brown in buffalo" garden but i watered yesterday so hopefully it springs right back up to life.

There also must have been like flies that hatched in the ktichen ro something. SEriosly yesterday out of nowhere there all of a sudden were like 50 or more flies, most of them flew out the window when we opened it but there are still some. I took out the plants they seemed to be living on/coming from. THe weird par tis there is seriously no food in the ktichen for them to be eating. LIke i hadn't even used the ktichen cuz i ate out all the time and there was no dishes/nothing in the sink/garbage. Like what are htey all doing there. That is what makes me think they hatched somehwere inside. ANywho most are gone or trapped between the screen and window. I also closed off the ennitre room so they can't get into the rest of the house. HOpefully the problem is basically gone. Alright off to a cookout at my real house. Chadi
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08/03/07 01:01 - 84ºF - ID#40368

Please don't let me...

...drink lots of vodka ever again. I never have hangover no matter how much I drink, like very rarely do I have bad hangovers. I feel like crap today after drinking only lots of vodka last night instead of my usual rum. Maybe cuz we didn't eat after and I wasn't in my own bed attributed to it to but i feel like crap. Me and (e:beast) tried to go to lunch and I had to get out of the car and walk so I didn't throw up. I ate some lunch and now feel a little better but still quite bleeh
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08/01/07 09:31 - 85ºF - ID#40346

My Mommy

My dad is out of town for a few days so tonight me and my mom went out to dinner. We went to the Empire Grill on Hertel. I really like it, it is quite good. I love the calamari po boy sandwich which my mom got but this time I got a chicken,bacon,pesto type sandwich. It was muy delicioso. Then we shopped at Target. We both love clearance more than life itself. She was all I'll show you where the good clearance is, and I was all "i know where it is, I ain't no amateur" but alas she did no one corner of clearance men's items I never knew existed. She is truly a star at what she does. I never really hang out with my mom anymore, i mean i live with her but we never really hang out like we used to. It was pretty mom is great, i love her!
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07/30/07 11:36 - 75ºF - ID#40320

Hate It/ Mansion Sitting

I hate Eckered/Rite Aid more than ever. Prolly it has been the most stressful ever. I am not a manager/ nor in charge of anything, i don't want to make any decisions/be asked 1 bazillion questions. I want a raise. I want a new job?

On the good side I am mansion sitting for (e:pmt) all week so stop by for a weeklong fiesta.....ok fiesta or really just sitting around watching the R. Kelly trapped in the Closet video over and over waiting for the new episodes to debut.
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07/28/07 09:18 - 79ºF - ID#40287

Development:Elmwood's Makeover

I just read about the new ideas for Elmwood. At first I thought it was so crazy to make an indoor mall but I think it will be realy cool and just want the city needs. I heard they are going to knock down all the houses from like Forest to W. Delevan between Delaware and Richmond and build like an indoor covered but looks outdoor type of retail development. I think it will be really cool. I guess like all these store we don't have in Buffalo want to be part of it cuz it is supposed to be like the cutting edge of retail development ideas. It is gonna be like a whole city but indoors and without houses. I hear they are possibly getting like an H&M and Neiman Marcus and American Apparel and lots of stores we don't have here. I think they are gonna devote they said at least 15% to local buisnesses so like that is cool too so business can stay. This way like the residents can concentrate in other areas and that can be all business. I don't if like some of the historic homes they will keep but I heard the rest they are knocking down. I don't know how set in stone this is, i think it is just in the planning stages, but it sounds really cool.
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07/28/07 02:05 - 81ºF - ID#40277

Attacked by a Chotchkey

I think that is the right word. As anyone who knows me knows I love to collect random crap. So many knick nacks and pattywacks and what not. Like my room is chuck full of things that no longer have display space and all counter tops are covered in figurines and memorabilia and pictures etc....

Well trying to close my dresser drawer the other day which was overstuffed with tshirts and wouldn't close , does one freakin heavy bird figurine wearing a fishing cap and an I love elephants bracelet from the buffalo zoo as a lifepreserver fall and hit me right in the back of the skull. It hurt so bad. I was 100% sure I was gonna have a concussion. Luckily I did not but it really hurts. By the by you must think well at least it was like a really memorable thing to have and so it was worht the pain. Well this particular fiugring I bought at like the odd's and ends type store (RIP Odd's and Ends I will miss you forever) at the Main Place Mall. I bought it cuz i was killing time waitng to meet (e:mk) for lunch and it was only 74 cents which i thought was such a ridiculous cheap price for a bird in a fishing hat figurine. And once I get something in my hands it beocmes a cherished memory forever......... that i can never part with.........even after it tries to kill me
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07/27/07 11:27 - 70ºF - ID#40267

Glasses M' Lasses

So I finally made an appointment to get glasses, August 6 is the day. How crazy. But super random is today on Will and Grace it is about Karen finally deciding to get glasses but then refusing. It was just really fun that it was on today...the day I decided I want to see....

Ok the day I decided I wanted to see was the other day at Canal Fest when I said , look at that huge log and (e:paul) pointed out it was a family of ducks....I guess my vision is a little worse than I had thought/realized
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07/24/07 10:07 - 72ºF - ID#40241

Load My Fries YOU PEACH

So like I love loaded fries. You know it, I know it, my thoroughly clogged arteries know it. I like my fries covered in cheese and bacon and then dipped in ranch or sour cream if there is no ranch to be found. Anywho, at the Kenmor Days I was in line like 20 minutes and then the fireworks started and so I never got my loaded fries so at canalfest I was really excited for them....I ordered the $8 bucket of loaded fries....i was sweating from anticipation for that great been in the sun all day in a small cart run my carnies kinda flavor you can only get at carnivals in North Tonawanda....but what DO I GET? WHAT DO I GET? ...they are covered in bean chili and cheese sauce. Excuse me that sounds like a classic defintion of a chili cheese fry to me, not A LOADED FRY!!!
What a waste of $ 8 and waht a sad , sad disspointing day and then when we were done it was too late at night for anywhere that has loaded fries cuz it was a sunday....why oh why have you forsaken me! SO cuz of this I am currently hating North Tonawanda/City of Tonawanda/Carnies
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07/23/07 09:53 - 65ºF - ID#40224

Iraq Star

For some reason whenever I hear that song Party Like A Rock Star, you know the rap one that just goes Party like a Rock, Party like a rock star over and over. Anyway for some reason whenever I hear it I think Party Like Iraq Star for some reason and i am thouroughly entertained every time....just thought you'd like that tad bit from my crazy mind.

P.S. my stupid ho coworker who slept with her fiancee, ex b/f and his brother all this weekend and now thinks she is pregnant because they didn't use condoms cuz the guys all said they are allergic to them...she quit today! It feels so good to never have to hear her whiny voice again.
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07/22/07 01:18 - 66ºF - ID#40204

Craziest Man At Spot

So me and (e:jill) are sitting enjoying our teas outside of spot tonight when (e:diana) and her b/f matt come and join us and we are all chatting and catching up just lovely when this dirtiesh man in a basketball uniform comes and sits down next to me and starts being crazy....first he just looks at Jill and is like WHERE DID YOU COME FROM? from a 1960's catalog. He then proceded to tell her she is Jane Fonda's worst nightmare, that everyone that looks like her is dead,....oh wait and then he said how in 2000 he rode his bike to LA for the democratic convention and hillary clinton wasn't there....but Jill was cuz she is just like her. I believe he ended it by telling her she also slept with Mrs. Bush (though he didn't speicfy if he meant Laura or Barbara). He then started screaming at diana's boyfriend that he is some football players brother Rotherberger or something. This guy was seriosly crazy but seriosly funny , like alughing hysterically out loud the whole time but eventually decided we had to leave cuz it was weird... then we meet up with (e:libertad) and he tells us this story about a guy who came up to him on the porch and was like "you look like captain morgan" and just kept staring and goin on.....SAME GUY!!!

So be on the lookout , he is tall, dirty, in his 20's and in a basketball unifrom, i say try and be around him for a little whlie cuz he is hilar but it is prolly better if you are not alone in a dark alley with him!
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