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11/07/05 12:38 - 48ºF - ID#28908

Blind Date: Uncensored

So I wish this post was about a crazy blind date I went on and you could have the behind the scenes uncensored look at it but alas it is about the video me, (e:jill) and jen rented tonight. We rented Blind Date: Uncnesored: Dates from Hell and Freaks and Weirdos. Frankly, it was dissappointing. You don't know how long we have waited to rent it because it is always out of stock. It was really a let down. I would say most of the situations were really no worse or crazier than the ones that make it on tv. Actually I had seen some of the footage on tv. That is ridiculous. Basically it was just the same as tv with a few f words thrown in. I'm not saying it wasn't entertaining just not nearly as good as I had hoped.

Today I had to run an Eckerd booth for a health fair at the JCC on Delaware in Buffalo. Our intern Bonnie went with me thank god because otherwise it would have been terribly awfully boring. I believe from 9-2 we had about umm like 30 people tops and mostly those were people from the other booths who were also bored and wandered over to us. Thankfully me and Bonnie can entertain ourselves but it still dragged by sooo slow. I can't wait for all this Medicare stuff to be over. Unfortunately some lady asked for our information cuz she is running a few health fairs in the next couple months and wants us there. I JUST WANT IT TO BE OVER!!!

P.S. Ladycroft I am not mad at you. Ditto for you Paul. I was just mad last night and overly tired!!
P.P.S. Paul, I don't really hope that you die, no matter what I texted you yesterday
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11/05/05 01:07 - 63ºF - ID#28907

Out On The Town

Last night me and a few (e:strip)pers, namely (e:tina), (e:lilho), (e:terry), (e:flacidness) went out to Soundlab to hear some DJ. It was 13 bucks and like all he did was play songs that are not even that uncommon straight out. Like no mixing or doing whatever it is that DJ's do. It was a lot of fun but not worth $13. Maybe $5 but it was still fun. We saw (e:rachel) there which is always a good time! Then after an argument about who is most in desperate need of a date, we went to Essex St. Pub. The hotness that is (e:tina) and (e:lilho) were adored by many men and left men drooling in their tracks. It must be hard for them to be so IRRESISTABLE! It would be better if i had a picture here for everyone to adore but alas I have none....maybe I'll find one of them and post it later. I on the other hand realized I am attracted to almost noone which I forsee in a problem in me trying to date...
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11/01/05 08:01 - 50ºF - ID#28906

Roll Bounce

First of all , I haven't written since the Halloween party so here is my update on that. It was a lot of fun. I think the jello shots i made really spiced things up even if the cherry ones tasted like cough syrup. I know spiced things up/made me people vomit is a thin line but I think we mostly stayed on the right side of that line. Too bad they ran out so fast ( i guess that is what happens whne me and and Paul have like 10 each at the beginning).

I wasn't thrilled with my costume. I liked it but it didn't come out as good as I had hoped. I enjoyed everyone else who was dressed up, particularly (e:ladycroft)'s flashlight arm.

Of course we all know I don't really know how fun the party was until my pictures are developed. Though judging from others peoples pictures I did nothing that embarassing. How crazy would that be if I didn't embarass myself in any way? My camera battery died after only 16 pics so I have to finsih the roll still as I have the old fashioned non-digital type of machine!

Last night me and Jill went to see ROllBounce. Ok we didn't expect much from it, not nearly as much as the 40 year old man who went to see it alone must have expected. ANywho, it was so bad. I thought ti was going to be about rollerskating dynamos and fun routines but ended up being very dramatic. I blame Nick Cannon. Drumline was the same way, remember (e:mk). We thought it would be fun and have fun cheerleaders and marching bands ala Bring It On but instead it was filled with slow moving drama. You know what me and (e:jill) could not stop thinking about during ROll Bounce, that some movies, make that many movies get rejected and never get made....yet shomehow RollBounce made it through the cracks...ahh lil bowow
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10/27/05 08:29 - 42ºF - ID#28905

Halloween Crunchtime...Furry Undies

Halloween party is in two days and I don't know what to be. My latest idea is a Fraggle, I think his name is Gobo, he is the lead and more adventurous one, he is like orange. I don't know if I love that idea though even though anything that involves furry underwear can't be that bad. Any suggestions, or like or dislike on that? My other ideas are

1. the Fraggle
2. a palmtree
3. Alvin the chipmunk
4. an archangel
5. a centaur
6. the guy from Operation
7. Robin from Batman

All comments/ideas are greatly welcomed and ecouraged...
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10/26/05 07:09 - 45ºF - ID#28904

Forgetting how to Make Friends

I think I don't remember how to make friends anymore. I think the last really good friend I've made was (e:amanda) in freshman year of college chemistry class. I don't know. It's not like I haven't made some new aquaintances but I just don't think I can make good friends anymore. How do you lose such a skill? I think I used to be good at it? Starting to feel like I don't belong anywhere in particular. My friends are split up all over now and getting married and off with their practically fiancees. Yet somehow this doesn't make me as sad as I would think. I'm still quite happy. I don't know, but I would like to remember how to make good friends. I think I just clam up around new people now. That never used to happen. I used to be very free talker even around strangers but not so much anymore. What happneed? I wish I knew..
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10/25/05 06:52 - 43ºF - ID#28903

Follow Through

I have realized I am such a talker with no follow through. As many of you know I should be in Boston right now but am instead sitting in Buffalo still. This is because I never decided to book a plane ticket and then it was too expensive and I deicded I didn't want to drive. This is just the latest in many examples of when I plan on doing something but never actually do it. So I am booking my ticket for Boston for December right now so it can't fall through. I don't know, it is a combination of procrastination and laziness I think that always ruin my follow thru. Eh hopefully this changes soon.

Sidenote: I hate all the clothes that are out right now for some reason. I really want to buy new clothes but can't find anything I want. What I really want is a full zipper front black sweater. Can I find out that fits good? No of course not!
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10/23/05 02:20 - 43ºF - ID#28902


So Desiderio's that used to be on Chippewa and Franklin I believe or maybe it was Pearl is now on Broadway in Lancaster. Let me tell you that is a bit of a drive from the estrip but it was actually quite fun. There was a Beatle's coverband that had numerous entertaining costume changes. They were actually pretty good too. Coverbands in general though kinda scare me. Like I feel like the people believe that they are the people they are pretending to be. Like I wondered if the "beatles" ever took off their wigs and stopped talking in phony accents. Eh, I guess whatever floats their boats is fine!

What was even more entertaining than the band was the bartender. I believe his name was Steve and he had so many fun bartending tricks. For instance he poured like six drinks at once at all different levels and stuff, it was crazy cool. He also did all this flipping bottles and catching them on the top of his hand and I believe there was something involving fire. Quite entertaining! I highly recommend going there just for that. Needless to say I spent way too much money the last two days between that night and going to Geneva to see my friends football game yesterday and going out there. But hey that's what vacation time from work is about right?

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10/21/05 01:44 - 53ºF - ID#28901

Who'd this boy touch?


I've heard this boy has touched a few (e:strip) girls....
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10/19/05 12:06 - ID#28900

2 More Days

48 hours until I am on a 10 day vacation from Eckerd! I am so freakin excited I can't wait. So many things planned to do and so much fun to be had. Still haven't bought my plane ticket for Boston yet cuz I am stupid and will end up paying a ridiculous amount. (maureen call me if you read this but I left you a message too)! YEAH! I NEED A VACATION SO BAD!
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10/17/05 12:17 - ID#28899

Love's Not A 3Way Street

Hmm interesting fun weekend. Friday night had lots of fun at (e:lilho) and (e:tina)'s birthday party. It was lots of fun, sorry for the mess (e:lilho) but it was mainly (e:paul) and (e:hodown)'s fault. Impressed by the many talents of (e:peeps) such as one handed pushups, looking fabulous in yellow dresses, and being able to smoke copious amounts of things.

Then Saturday entailed a failure of a facilitation followed by about 7 hours of dire hunger waiting for everyone to agree on a place to eat. Finally getting to Cozumel which was quite tasty except for the bread the sandwich was on. It defienlty was not very good bread. But the drinks were tasty.

THen headed out to Marcella's and Left Bank for dancing. A guy at Marcella's was telling me he knows who I am and that I went to Kenmore West and work at Eckerd. I honestly have no idea who he is so that is scary. Or actually not scary but cool. I always like finding out about people who know me when I don't know them. It makes me feel like a celubutant.

Saturday night went from such high excitement to such low sadness in like twenty minutes at 3am in the morning but overall was still very fun. Time for me to stop liking the taken ones I guess.......but this one just seems to good and not really taken...I am thinking there was a misunderstanding because the info I got i think was wrong...i swear I have met them before and they were not the boyfriend...ahh but who knows!
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