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10/17/05 12:17 - ID#28899

Love's Not A 3Way Street

Hmm interesting fun weekend. Friday night had lots of fun at (e:lilho) and (e:tina)'s birthday party. It was lots of fun, sorry for the mess (e:lilho) but it was mainly (e:paul) and (e:hodown)'s fault. Impressed by the many talents of (e:peeps) such as one handed pushups, looking fabulous in yellow dresses, and being able to smoke copious amounts of things.

Then Saturday entailed a failure of a facilitation followed by about 7 hours of dire hunger waiting for everyone to agree on a place to eat. Finally getting to Cozumel which was quite tasty except for the bread the sandwich was on. It defienlty was not very good bread. But the drinks were tasty.

THen headed out to Marcella's and Left Bank for dancing. A guy at Marcella's was telling me he knows who I am and that I went to Kenmore West and work at Eckerd. I honestly have no idea who he is so that is scary. Or actually not scary but cool. I always like finding out about people who know me when I don't know them. It makes me feel like a celubutant.

Saturday night went from such high excitement to such low sadness in like twenty minutes at 3am in the morning but overall was still very fun. Time for me to stop liking the taken ones I guess.......but this one just seems to good and not really taken...I am thinking there was a misunderstanding because the info I got i think was wrong...i swear I have met them before and they were not the boyfriend...ahh but who knows!
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10/15/05 02:40 - ID#28898

Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costume time is coming and I am getting really nervous about what to be. I've really liked my costumes the last few years from Peter Pan to the wind up cymbal playing monkey to Captain Planet. I usually come up with an idea very last minute but this year I will be in Boston for the four or five days before the PMT's halloween party so I feel like I have to prepare early. What to be? What to be? I want something that is fun and just different enough that noone else will be it or has been it recently but I also don't want it to be obscure and have to be explained. CAPTAIN PLANET was perfect for this and I need something just as good. I also like it to involve very little clothing if possible haha. I don't know I have a couple ideas lined up but don't love any of them. I'm getting very nervous but I hope to see you all at the PMT's halloween party on Sat, Oct. 29.

Me and Jill had discussed being David Hasselhoff in a light up sequin tuxedo singing on the Berlin Wall as it is being knocked down. But alas I think that might fall into the obscure category.


Captain Planet looking fabulous and powerful last year


That's one drunken monkey

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10/13/05 12:23 - ID#28897

Worst Day of Work Everr


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY (e:TINA) and (e:SOUTHERNYANKEE) !!!! I'm sorry this is a belated birthday wish but hope your birthdays were fantastic!

OMG today was such a terrible day at work. It starts out, I get there at 8:30 and they never had checked in the drug order from the day before so that had to be done, followed by they also forgot to ring in the deliveries. Now that is no easy task to do the next day. On the day of the delviery you just unsusupend the transaction from the register and put the money in the drawer. At midnight the suspended transactions are cleared though so I had to look up everything that was bought by each delivery person and/or call them to find out what they got and rering everything. I also had to set up the Medicare Wednesday table and there was a big managers meeting at our store with all the big wigs so I had to make sure it looked extra amazing. Ok so that was a bad enough start besides the fact we have less help because they new company cut our hours....

Then I got to a Medicare meeting at the Lincoln Park Senior Center. It goes really well everyone seems to be happy with the presentation and I answer all the seniors question and am ready to end when the director of the center stands up and starts going on about "remember they are from a drug store and this new Medicare plan was developed by drug companies and HMO's for theri benefit and not for yours and etc etc etc" Umm ok awkward. So why did you invite me there to just tell everyone after my presentation that I was basically trying to scam them. She tried to clairfy a little and be like "oh i know he doesn't have anyting to gain but the drug companies etc" but once the crowd was riled up, it was too late. I had already explained it was voluntary and just tried to explain that while it isn't the best plan really it is better than the nothing that many people have. I don't know but it just made it go quite bad yet they still seemed kinda happy I was there. I don't know i juist think it was really crappy of the lady to do that at the end. At least she could have said that at the beggining or something.

But it doesn't end there...I get back to my store and it is insanely busy and i try to help out as much as possible but had to put together bags for my next meeting at 2 o'clock. I was nervous because that meeting was at a fancy senior apts in williamsville and thought it might be a tough crowd with tough questions. Anyway, I'm putting together the packages when the place calls and says I was supposed to be there at 1. I DEFINETELY WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE AT ONE! THey Definetely made the mistake but I packed up and tried to get there ASAP. Of course on the way out the door one of the district loss prevention managers stopped me and accused me of stealing. You see I bring cookies to these meetings and I had already written up that i was taking three bags with me and then grabbed them from the shelf on the way out. He waits til i get to my car and is like "hi i'm Tim Matthews and I am the loss prevention manager and I saw what you just did with those cookies" and I was like um they are for this stupid Medicare meeting I am going to and they are written up and he was all not believing and like oh yeah sure well i"ll have to chekc on that. And i was just liek fine check on it but I gotta go and left because I needed to get to that meeting. Why in the heck would I steal three bags of cookies and they were old people cookies like Pecan Sandies none the less. ANd how stupid does he think i am that I would just stop in front of him and some other managers, grab cookies off the shelf and try to get away with it. Mind you I was also carrying like a porjector and bags and labtop and everythign. Grrr corporate are so stupid but what really aggravates me is my district manager i guess went back to pharmacy to check and make srue I wasn't lying. That aggravated becasue ok maybe Tim Matthews has no idea who I am but he definetly knows me for the last six years and i have been working with him on this whole Medicare thing so the fact that he didn't' just tell Tim Matthews like "oh I'm sure he did, he knows what he is doing" but instead had to go and chekc on it. That aggravated me a lot. I think I am going to write a letter to coroporate. Luckily I was late for the meeting and had to go because I was about to bitch Tim Matthews out. Needless to say I got there for the meeting at like 1:45.

THe lady there said that she thought it was at 2 also and that the other director was wrong but at that point it didn't matter because everyone blamed me. ALso, on the phone the lady said there would be about 30 people, well i brought 55 giveaways and brochures just in case cuz I always bring extra, well I ran out with at least 15 or so people didn't get one. HOW RIDICULOUSLY OFF SHE WAS! I am sending more extra ones over tomorrow but still it looked bad. The people thankfully were very nice and many of them came up to talk to me personally after about their insurance and were very thankful I was there.

And then it was 3:30 when i finally got a chance to sit down and eat something for the first time since like 6 o'clock the night before. Grrrr..only one week til a much eneded vacation.
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10/11/05 10:03 - ID#28896

getting rid of clothes

So for anyone who knows me they know how crazy this is. I finally got rid of some of my clothes. I have an abundance of clothes many of which i never wear but feel like I could wear again at some point. Anywho I got rid of like 2 pairs of shorts, some hideous tshirts (one which paul claims is really a dress you just need to belt) and some sweaters. They are definetly some hidous items and some i had a hard time gettnig rid of. There is this blue sweater with a yellow stripe that wasl ike my favorite sweater when i bought it like 8 years ago and have always fought getting rid of it even thoguh i never wear it. I finally did and I am already feeling the post partum depression. Anyway, getting rid of all these clothes (well ike 12 items) makes me need to go shopping. Shopping spree anyone?
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10/08/05 12:58 - 44ºF - ID#28895

Jen's Marriage

One of my best friends Jen has been living in Tennessee with her boyfriend who is in the army. They have been engaged for a few months and were planning a wedding for when he gets back from Iraq in a year. I see her for the first time in months yesterday and she tells me they decided to get married before he left. That is craziness! Now one of my bestest friends is married! How adult like. Too bad he is in Iraq now for a year. THey will have a real ceremony when he gets back but it made sense to get married now I guess because this way she can be contacted and get information about how he is doing. Fiancees aren't allowed that privilege from the military I guess, only wives. Still my friend being married equals insanity. We were prom dates for senior prom, now she is married and I ...well I .... well I . . .

Me and (e:jill) need input here. I think me and (e:jill) are gonna throw her a little wedding party to celebrate. But do you think that is a good idea or will it make her sad because he is not here? What are your ideas? Thanks
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10/05/05 04:37 - 72ºF - ID#28894

Worky Worky Worky

Ok, I think i am getting sick of giving so much to stupid Eckerd and feeling no appreciation in return. I work so much and do so much for them and never get anything back. Ok, yes, maybe i get paid more than some of the other people but not by much and I never get any perks for all the extra I do. I can never get time off when i want it. I ended up going in twice during a three day vacation I treid to take because peopel called in and they needed someone. Then on Monday I put in a like 13.5 hour day (830am to 10pm) because it was inventory the next day and we were so not ready. But i can't actually work any overtime anymore cuz coprportae is clmaping down on like wages so they had to cut the extra hours out from soemwhere else, so i asked if i could not come in on Friday since i am working only 5 hrs that day but my boss said no. Instead she like took two hours off of thrudsy, an hour of off tomorow and like an hour off of Friday. That won't feel like anything! How stupid! THe other pharmacist even tried to get her to let me but she woulnd't! I also have so much vacation i have to take soon. And now even wsooner because one girl is going to be on materntiy leave by like mid to late november. Yet there is no time to take because we are short on people. I am just gonna have to be like dude i am tkaing this vacation if you like it or not. I relaly would like to get oct 21-30 off and then i would still need like another 12 hours to take some other time. But at least that owuld take care of most of it. They want me to take like a day here or there but it is not going to happen cuz i will die soon if i don't get more of a breka from that place!! GRRR!!
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10/02/05 01:49 - 55ºF - ID#28893

Just Like Heaven

Me, (e:jill) and Yosepha went to see Just Like Heaven tonight. It is the movie where she is a ghost and he moves into her apartment and the girl is Reese Witherspoon and the guy is Mark Ruffalo. Anyway, I thought it was pretty good, but I am always a sucker for sappy romantic comedyesque movies. It also made me a little nervous though. What if something happens to me, like I could totally get in a car accident or get some disease and I die young and never really fell in love or had a relationship. And what if I am not lucky enough to have a ghost come and haunt me and fall in love with me. Then waht? I don't know why it is affecting me so much but really I am getting nervous that like I will die and not do all these things I want to do. That's it, it's time to get out there and get some stuff done before it's too late!
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09/30/05 07:35 - 60ºF - ID#28892

My fall from DARE Stardom

As you all may know, I was like a DARE posterchild in my day. LIke literally. I got to perform my anti-drunk driving skit at health fairs and stuff and I got to do readings of my What DARE Means to Me Speech at DARE graduation. So going through my old school stuff I found my DARE workbook from fifth grade which included all the DARE awards I won and the essays I wrote for DARE. Anyway I realized what one DARE skill I have done terribly wrong. I may know 30,000 ways to say NO to DRUGS but I had forgotten the number one rule: stay away from people doing drugs, don't associate with situations where you may be tempted. Hmm I think that would mean I would have to drop all my friends and certainly just about all the (e:strip)pers. Hmm I think I am around people doing a drug almost 100% of the time. Sooooo needless to say I guess I am not the DARE superstar I always claimed to be. How sad!
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09/29/05 06:46 - 54ºF - ID#28891


Me and (e:amanda) were discussing how clueless we are about STD's at lunch today.(P.S. Super Veggies from the Juicery are super tasty!) Are some for life? Well I know like AIDS and herpes are for life but are other ones? OR are they curable? And either way, we think we are still a little leary of anyone that has had even a curable one? Right, we should be, right?
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09/28/05 08:11 - 70ºF - ID#28890

First Iraq War (circa 1990)Journal Entry

So going thorugh my old school papers and stuff I found a journal entry from February 28, 1990 (i think 1990, i was in 2nd grade)

Today is Erin and Melissa's birthday. Erin and Melissa both got a magic nursery baby for their birthday. typeHeretypeHereLast night the war ended. I'm very gald. Last night I went to cub scouts. Tomorow is half a day. ON Saturday my brother will have a sleep out for the homeless. On Sunday is the spaghetti for my brother's scouts. Happy Birthday Erin!

Haha, the end of the war got second billing to magic nursery baby. And was quietly slipped in between birthdays and half-days. I guess it is not so different now as I have pretty much avoided anything about Iraq and instead talk about celebrities and drinking. Maybe my priorities are a little out of whack!

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