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07/14/07 12:12 - 74ºF - ID#40103


So some of you may have read my last post about her new show. But after some new information has come to light I have found that I love Holly Hunter!She's really grown on me in the last few days! I know if she is involved in this new show it has to be good. And hasn't TNT always done only quality programming? I mean it used to stand for The Nashville Network, that has to be good right? Holly is beautiful. Holly is graceful. Holly is a modern day Sophia Loren basically. If she is gonna be involved in something on tv instead of her flourishing movie career , I mean it must be something good as far as I'm concerned. I love her! I love the show! I love the line in the commercial where they see the cow with jesus spots and say "holy cow". I just love it all!! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!!!
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07/13/07 08:34 - 69ºF - ID#40100

Oh, To Wear Prada like the Devil

For some reason all day today all I could tihnk about was the Devil Wears Prada. I busted out the soundtrack this afternoon and enjoyed it and then lo and behold I am switching through the channels and what is on...but guessed it...the Devil Wears Prada....oh the gods of fashion movies work in mysterious ways
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07/09/07 11:13 - 76ºF - ID#40027

Holly Hunter is Dangerous

In the commercials for the new TNT commercials for the new show like Saving Grace or somehitng starring HOlly Hunter...everything about these commercials is ridiculous. It tries to seem so impotnat and ground breaking. First the part about how it is Academy award winning Holly Hunter's first small screen I think that says more about the sad state of Holly Hutner's career than the goodness of the show.

And then the clincher in the commercial she calls the show "DANGEROUS"...i'm thinking nothing on tv, starring holly hunter and the nerdy daughter on Just Shoot Me ...that contains the line "Holy Cow" after seeing a cow with spots that look like dangerous...but maybe I am very wrong...maybe it is very dangerous indeed
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07/08/07 11:20 - 77ºF - ID#40018

Bridge Blotter

So today we went to Crystal Beach. If you know me and my friends , if we say we are leaving at lets say 10am, that usually means we leave Kenmore at about 1pm at the earliest. This is after trips to numerous stores for snacks and subs and magazines. Well today we did reals good and we got the stuff the day before mainly and got a pizza which we froze instead of waiting for subs and it all was going swimmingly minus (e:maureen) seeing (e:beast) mom naked a little bit. We seriously left by like 1030 and soo we get over the border with very little problem and it was rainy but we figured it would clear up as it waas supposed to be 90 degrees and sunny today. LIke I was kinda not wanting to go because I thought it would be too hot.

So anywho we get there, and it is coldish and rainy but we figured we would stick it out and wait for the sunniness and we got it ....for like 20 minutes...alternating with cold rain..and wind.....oh and getting pooped on by ecoli infested seagulls......classy.....

So we eventually after about like 6 hours give up and leave we are on the way back and see HOLY HECK the bridge was so backed up like all the way down garrison rd. It was gonna take forever...luckily we had ample snacks left...oh did I forget to mention we had at least i hink 5 coolers filled iwth food along with numreous bags of chips, raisins and other candies for 4 people. So we were lucky we were not going to starve. WE seirouly took forever to get to the bridge.

HERE IS MY RANT: There were so many people tyring to like zoom over in the next lane and then try to cut if they didn't know everyone else was waiting for like 2 hours...I hate people that do that...We tried to prevent anyone from doing that but some stupid loser in front of us was lettin gthem teres started honking profusely and screaming. It wsa ridiculous that these people were cutting.

AND THEN THE CAKE TOPPER...this motorcyclists just zooms and cuts and zooms around....i tried t oreach my hand out and knock him over,.... and teres honked and screamed.....we were getting aggravated after being in the car for like an hour and having have moved I would say three car lengths and this mofo on a cycle was cutting. This lady pedestrian started yelling at us for scaring th emotorcycler and we starte dyelling at her cuz he was cutting. And she was telling us we have to learn about merging. No there was plenty of mergin but cutting over from tenon turning laning after zooming ahead of 100 cars is NOT MERGING! That stupid whore I wanted to throw my pixie sticks at her dumbness!!! So we are causing a scene at this point and all the cars on the little turny part before the bridge now think we are crazy....luckily we didn't get pulled over at customs...especially after i screamed that the guyard looked like a terrorist!.?! .............

seriuosly once we ogt on the bridge it started going fast they had seirulsy every lane including the truck lnaes over to cars was rather exciting the whole ordeal ...including the jumping in and out of the car to get new supplies from the trunk...oh yeah and it ended with teres almost going the wrong way after the bridge....oh and

we had a great idea...we had all these snakcs...we should have sold tem to the other cars sold them for like 3 dollars per chip and 1 dollar per sip of pop...extra if they want us to deliver it to their car...we had a captive market..we should have taken advatage

Oh and i ate like 50 dollars at least worth of food at the Taste on Saturday and it was delicious though unlike past years no one or two things really sticks out to me.... maybe i'll write about it mor elater
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07/06/07 08:42 - 72ºF - ID#39972

Moo point

I am watching Friends right now and sometimes it is hilarious. Joey just said something was a Moo point. and when they questioned it, he explained it was like a cow's opinion, it doesn't matter, it's MOO!
I found this hilarious for some reason.
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07/04/07 07:39 - 65ºF - ID#39915

Happy 4th

I love the fourth of July! I love fireworks. We go see the ones in Riverside cuz they are by Teres's house though they are not the best ones I don't think. So far they have no been canceled due to rain and now it seems to have stopped so I hope they are ok. I used to like the ones by my grandma's house more but they don't have them anymore. My real favorites are the Kenmore Days ones at Mang Park. THey are like super long and super good and super tacky. They have strange ones like you have never seen before. I think it was lats year that some accidentally went off like 3 hours early and everyone thought kenmore was blowing up, i think someone got injured. Oh there aslo is usually some really crazy cover band/karaoke before hand that always entertains.
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06/30/07 12:32 - 72ºF - ID#39864

Oh The Class and the Sass

Last night I went to Sample with some people from work because I was told they have an amazing honey lavendar martini that is like aromatherapy for your mouth! It clearly was not the amazingness I had heard it claimed to be. I guess it was a different bartender and not that it was bad but it was not the amazingness I had heard it was supposed to be. Later we went to Mother's and sat on the patio. It was really nice out there. Their patio is really nice and when one of us dropped a glass and broke it and it was a full drink they gave her a new one for free. That was nice! At Mother's we got in a little fightishness with a guy who like owns/maanges/works at or just feels passionately about Sample and we told him the martinis were not th same and not as recommendable and he was trying to syaing all if you want the same thing all the time then go to a chain restaurant bar. Um , like we get that it is gonna be kinda different depending on who makes it and not always be the same but honestly I guess it didn't have like any of even the same sort of lflavor. It tasted like grapefruti martini with no hint of honeyh or lavendar or really, that seems like a problem. Anywho , I think Sample needs a new layout. I don't love the set up there. I think it is way busier than they expected it would be or something and the bar area is not large neough. the waiters and stuff seem to have a hard time getting around all the people just at the bar and stuff.

I'm sure I left people some interesting voice mails and text messages last a night in the life of my Eckerd friends.
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06/27/07 02:37 - 85ºF - ID#39828

Finals, Finals, Finals

So I had my lab practical today which I tihnk is the way harder part of the final. Basically they can ask us any little thing from any little part of the semester they could have asked and then had you compare that to any of the millions of other species we looked at for 1 minute. Anywho that part is over and I tihnk the lowest I oculd have got was a 50 (out of 100) but hopeeuflly i did at least a little better. I can lose 52 points between the lab practical and final. If i raelly lost 50 points that only gives me 2 points free to lose tomorow out of 200 on the final. LUckily the tests are easier than the lab part really. But 2 poitns isn't very much. Or they oculd always curve but he said prolly not but i'm hoping peoploe did real bad. Eh i should be studying an dnot typing so so long peeps
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06/24/07 01:31 - 63ºF - ID#39791

Scary Mansions

So I am sleeping over at the (e:pmt)'s mansion while they are out of town. Too bad everyuone is busy and so I am here a lone now and it is scary. I am barracading myself in the upstairs den and just hoping noone can get in. If someone breaks in the house I just hope they can't make it into my "safe room"where I have me, the coputer, the tv and my phone and a ab roller....I am not meant to be on my own...i am too much of a scaredy cat

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06/23/07 11:58 - 65ºF - ID#39782

Wheel Of Fortune

If all goes as plans me and (e:jill) are going to try out for Wheel of Fortune today! How super duepr fun would that to be. It would be so awesome to be on there. I like it cuz you get the money you win even if you don't win , unlike ome other shwos where you just get crap second place gifts. Ok we prolly won't even get on but if we do that would freakin rock!!!! WIsh us luck...

P.S. I love the comment feature , I don't use it tons, bur i left tons of comments today and was glad it was there!
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paul said to ladycroft
Nice to "see" you. I let the CPR ads stay because at least it was something lol...

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ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...