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01/17/07 10:34 - 20ºF - ID#37750

Is it really bad...

If I got a small SUV like the Toyota RAV4. Ok, i prolly won't get one but I think it would be fun to have one. I wish they were better on gas, though they are better than my old hunker of a car. I know I prolly won't want one but lately I just feel like getting a small SUV. I won't though, i'm sure I will just get some car.

Today was my first day of being back in school. I 'll update more on that later.
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01/16/07 06:54 - 17ºF - ID#37724

Music, Movies and Me

Went to the cheesecake factory the other day with (e:maureen).It was pretty good but not worth the 2 hour and 15 minute wait. There was some like lady rock/Sheryll Crowish version remix of Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode. It was so random to hear that while waiting at the cheesecake factory (by the wya we had to wait 20 more minutes than we were quoted). Anywho, that song made me think I haven't bought a cd in a while. And now you may be thinking , well noone does, we all download our music. But you see I haven't even done that. It is like music left my life. I still listen to the radio a lot and my cds and songs that I like but nothing has made me want to make the effort to go buy the cd or even enough effort to download the song. Not sure why....

...onto the Golden Globes. I love award shows , particularly the Golden Globes and OScars. I watched them with (e:jill) and they were pretty good but the after show was AMAZING. E! totally is pure crappy goodness. LIke the one Julianne Depandy I think, she was interviewing the winners after the show and she was defienetly getting drunk. Her entire interview with Alec Bladwin was about his hiar, and Merryl Streetp was competly about how cute her thank you list was. She then proceded to knock over the table holding Helen Mirren's Globes. Seriusly every commercial break they showed her like walking back to the bar.

The camerawork was kinda shotty too. THye kept cutting people out in mid interview but going nowhere like to a blank wall or hallway. And the "celebrititeis" they had consisted of people like Lance Bass and some random girl and Daryl Hanah. It was hilar. The other host guy was definetely high on some drug. It was so funny.

I tihnk the best line was the girl from hero when someone asked her what is it like to be at the Golden Globes and haveing everyone see you and take your picture and she responded "Maybe you didn't know, but I was at the Teen Choice Awards"....AS IF THEY ARE THE SAME THING!!!

oh wait no the best line was after the girl from Ugly Betty won for best actress the lady was like "how does it feel to win this knowing so many people didn't want you for that role and didn't tihnk you were right for that"

and the girl was like "um i didn't know that people didn't want me for that role. I had no idea really"

so the interviewer tired to be all cool "like uh yeah i thought i heard sometihng>..."
it was hilariously horrible
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01/13/07 01:33 - 31ºF - ID#37669

New Car...

I am going to look for a new car today. This is the first time I wasn't forced to get a new car cuz my old one completely pooped out. It is also the first time I am looking at a dealer and not just getting one for like $500 from somoeone who can't drive anymore or gets a new car. It is very nerve racking. My parents are looking for a new car too so we are gonna look together (perhaps get a buy one, get one free, haha)! I don't know. LIke my car I have now is dying slowly and I dno't want to have to be forced to find one right away or put anymore money into it so I guess it is time> It leaks everything and keeps having little parts break.

I need something roomy for my big legs and I drive a lot of people around a lot so I need it to hold a lot of people. And I want it to have good mileage. And power windows. Those are really my only necessities, oh and prolly air conditioning. And blue. I think i want blue or red. Wish me luck...
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01/11/07 10:52 - 43ºF - ID#37651

I saw Bobby

I saw Bobby today at the cheap show in Cheektowaga with (e:jill). It was really good and soo sad. I love sad movies. I really like when I cry at movies. I don't know why but I really like sad movies and this was one of them. Even though you kinda know where it is giong, it is still really sad and crymaking.
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01/10/07 11:17 - 22ºF - ID#37635

I Finally Did It

After some mishaps and misunderstanding I finally registered for Physics. I will be at UB North Campus (there are prlly few places i rather not be at) on MWF from 11-1150 and Thursday at 830. I meant to sign up for Tuesday but I messed up and now it is full. I have to go get my id, parking permit and my UB account on Friday. How am I supposed to find my way around. I gave myself an hour from when I leave work and have to get there on my first day is that enough time. My class is in Cooke121. Wish me luck...i am gonna feel really old and dumb. I haven't taken math/science class in like 5 years so Physics for Engineers should be real great!

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01/08/07 10:05 - 33ºF - ID#37596

Nothing Sadder...

..than a young person's funeral. (e:amanda)'s brother's funeral was today. It was soooo sad. I have never been to a young person's funeral before. It is so differently sad. Though I never really knew him, it was still incredibly sad. Seeing amanda and her family was heartbreaking. Her grandparents seemed soo distraugh. Who ever imagines burying their grandkids? I don't know how you ever recoup after something like that.
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01/06/07 12:43 - 54ºF - ID#37552


(e:amanda)'s brother andrew died today. He's only like 26. He has been sick for a while so it wasn't completely surprising but still utterly horrible. I can't even imagine what her and her family must be going through. He is her only sibling. I can't even imagine if (e:paul) died. It seriously leaves me speechless. I feel so bad for them. He has been sick for a while though so maybe it is better but still it is horrible. This doesn't really make sense but it just I don't know, I felt like writing about it but don't really know what to say.
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01/06/07 12:41 - 54ºF - ID#37551

Spot hot chocolate makes me...

sick. I completely forgot how sick it makes me. I remember now why I stopped drinking it. It makes me completely sick to my stomach in the worst way. And trust me I can deal with stomach aches but these are way worse!!!

We saw Children of Men tongiht. It was good but really draining. LIke I felt like I ran a marathon when I got out. Like so suspenseful but also emotionally drianing with so much ups and downs, well mostly downs. But it was really good. I kinda want to read the book becuase i wonder if there is more detail about what happened in the world to make it like it was. The movie leaves most of that out.
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01/02/07 02:14 - 40ºF - ID#37509

Sick For the New Year

So as yo ucan tell by the lack of pictures of me at this years party (and all of them fully dressed) I was not feeling so well this New Year's Eve. I got sick while at work (sore throat, shaking, cold sweating, headache, the works) I took a whole bunch of pills determined to party no matter what. After a few drinks though,the sickness returned and I laid down upstairs in the smoking room never to get up again til like 6am. I think I barely made it til 1am not sure really though. It was quite sad but I did enjoy myself until tha tpint.

I especially want to thank my (e:secretsanta) for an awesome gift. I love the scrapbooking stuff. I can't wait to start making one. I have seriuosly been wanting to start scrapbooking for a long time and now I have no excuse not to. I am gonna make a 2007 (e:stirp) scrapbook and will show my results at next years new years eve party.

New years day was a complete bust. I never got dressed or out of bed for the whole day cuz I was feeling so sick. Today I am somewhat better but luckily I only work inthe morning and night and had the afternoon off to take my dad to the docrtors for surgery and I could rest then>

HOpefully I will be better soon. And then I am ready to party it up super dupa style. Whose with mE?
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12/29/06 06:08 - 33ºF - ID#29092

need a break...

i seriously need a break from life and scheduled things. I just want a whole free day that I don't have to spend finding gifts, doing errands for my parents, and working. I seriously badly need a day that has nothing in it. JUst lay in bed and do nothing all day. I have not had a free day since like i don't even know. Not that like everything I have to do isn't fun. Like I like all the family things and things with my friends i enjoy but its just like every minute there is something that needs to be done or somehwere I have to be. I just want a day where noone even talks to me. I can't be everywhere at once and get everything done. I am stressed and stretched to the max!
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